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Dr. Srilakshmi Hightec Agri

Dr. Srilakshmi. R is an farmer and founder of hitech agri Dr. Srilakshmi. R is an farmer and founder of hitech agri today Lntc specializes in crossandra, casuariana., gheechilli, and guava new variety, brinjal, etc. I involved in Lntc from a very young age and plays active part in agriculture, At the age of 6 I did my tissue culture with the help of my father padma shri awardee Dr. Vengadapathy reddiar.

  1. In 2013 a hybrid variety of chilli that emits ghee flavour using gamma irradiation the new variety is developed compared to local variety it gives ghee flavour.
  2. 2014 jammun fruit local varieties will be in small size and purple color my variety became apple shape.
  3. In 2016 normally apple grows in cooling and chill climate not in sub tropical area I proved it also grows in sub tropical climate it as in big achievements in my carrier.
  4. Normally local brinjal life span 6 month only it will die fusurium wilt and bacteria etc compare to this variety I introduce Brinjal grafting life span is 3 to 5 years it gives 5 to 6 tons.
  5. 2018 new varieties in guava local white varieties gives 3 tons per acre our varieties new varieties guava 10 tons in one acre this an first world record using mega micropropagation in guava.

Dr. Srilakshmi. R is an farmer and founder of hitech agri Achievements :

  1. 2002 felicitations by president of India hon'ble Dr Abdul kalam ji in rashtrapati bhavan.
  2. 2013 pasumai chudar award given by rajavelu minister.
  3. Young talent award given by minister rajuvelu in 2014
  4. Biggest Asia women's college felicitate in namakkal in 2015
  5. Outstanding achievement in field of agriculture mercury Channel award in 2018.
  6. Doctor of science given international peace University from Germany in 2018
  7. SSN college felicitate and awarded me in 2019.

Dr. Srilakshmi. R

No. 6 near perumal koil St koodapakkam

Pondicherry 605502

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