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Multifaceted personality  in compering, acting,classical dance, choreography, social work and so on


RajasreePremRajasreePrem is a foremost exponent in the field of Indian Cultural Dances and promoting its aura in the Kuwait community.

She hailed as a very creative artist who brings depth, intensity and naturalness to her work. Being a resident in Kuwait, her passion has driven her to her homeland to host and endorse the richness of various dance forms

Rajasree’s expertise has been shaped and nurtured by various renowned Gurus ,Sridevi Kalashetra, Kalamadalam Sulochana and MuraleedharanChruvypu.  Her talents started to take shape from a very young age of 4 and never had to look back from then.

RajasreePremThis multifaceted personality has been able to radiate her vibrancy in the field of compering, acting, choreography, social work and so on. Among all her different careers dancing has remained her first love.

Being a very strong and ambitious personality, she has strived relentlessly to take the art forward to the next generation. She is the Director of Prathiba School of Dance started in 2008 which is a major step of realization of her dreams. This pioneer institute has been a home to hundreds of young talents all over Kuwait.

Now it outshines as one and only dance school affiliated to a University – The Pracheen Kala Kedra, with University exams being conducted regularly. As a strong team they glowed on over 500 stages.


RajasreePremA series of stage shows Mayooram was a huge success in the years 2013, 2016 and 2018. These accomplishments have given credit to further stage shows like Dussehra and many such shows. The artistic center of Guruvayoor in Kerala also witnessed “Natayaprayanam “over the last two years, giving rise to innovative compositions by Rajashree. Her growing energy along with dedication is to reflect in the upcoming 3 mega shows scheduled in 2019.

She is a pioneer in imparting her immense knowledge to others by conducting workshops and giving lectures. She is a staunch supporter of women empowerment and created many opportunities to both working and homemaker women to be exposed to the dancing arena and pursue their interest.

Having been a very busy professional till 2013, Rajasree then took her decision to pursue her heart’s desire to be a full time classical dancer and choreographer.

RajasreePremAchievements and laurels have always followed her from childhood. She has been a constant winner in Bharatanatyam,Kuchupudi ,Ottanthullal and other folk dances from primary , high school levels to MG University.

Recently she was awarded as a recognized and proven classical dancer by the World MalayaleeFederation (WMF) Kuwait Chapter.These honors have always proved a beginning point of further achievements and more hard work for Rajasree.

Rajasree hails from an artistically inclined family and thus receives sincere support  from her dear ones. Parental guidance from her father K. Raghunandana Menon and mother K. Kumuda Devi has been pivotal in her dancing career.

As a successful house wife and mother Raji has her husband PremKumar , son Rohan Prem and daughter Prathiba Prem as motivating sources in this journey. Prathiba is also an upcoming talent in the field of music and dance trained by an able mother. Brother Kishore is a renowned singer in Kuwait. Raji’s sister RakhiAjith has been one of her most ardent fan and staunch supporter.

Today as she progresses towards the 11th year, it is with immense gratitude she holds the Prathiba fraternity close to her heart, comprising of her dear students, coordinators and parents. .

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