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Moli Vijaya Divakaran

Empowering children in how to identify lurking dangers, and how to avoid, defend, and protect oneself from dangers

Moli Vijaya DivakaranKnowledge is judged  worthy to the degree only if can be applied to the immediate solutions of societal challenges for a greater global good.

This vision statement of Moli Vijaya Divakaran’s  University where she is a Doctoral researcher has ever since guided her  every action in all the roles she plays.

She is a Lecturer in BoxHIll College and as a lecturer , she  asks her students what the goal of getting a degree should be? As a daughter, sister, wife, mother, speaker, researcher, and a social activist, bringing people and society together for a greater good has always been her approach.

Moli Vijaya Divakaran

Probably, this was instilled in her unknowingly by her late dad who she has  seen do simple goodness consistently; that his benefactors still talk about; be it a simple advice, a consoling talk, a small donation, or being a good listener. This quality has grown on her; she should admit, that she can no longer simply be a witness to sufferings around her .

This compassionate attitude further infused in her by watching her  sadguru Matha Amritanandamayi Devi, was instrumental in the birth of two humanitarian projects; in 2015 Amrita SPARSH(Special Needs Awareness Reach out to Support and Heal) which focuses on empowering parents of special needs children by providing educational workshops .

Moli Vijaya DivakaranAnd in 2017 Amrita HASTH (Humanitarian Activity Supporting the Homeless) which focuses on empowering women by teaching them knitting to keep them warm during the winter months of Delhi.

The unfortunate Nirbhaya episode, propelled her  and her husband in devising a workshop for school children on “Awareness against child abuse” where the focus is on empowering children in how to identify lurking dangers, and how to avoid, defend, and protect oneself from dangers.

Through various social organizations, associations, and schools, they  have imparted their workshop to many children in Kuwait. Recently, they  had an opportunity to conduct this workshop during 2018 International Youth Summit held in Kerala for about 2000 youth from almost 21 states in India and from countries abroad. Regular workshops on Leadership, critical thinking, ideal parenting, working with special needs, and professional counselling for youth and parents keep her grounded and busy.

Moli Vijaya DivakaranEnvironmental protection yet another passion  has taken her as far as Japan when in June 2018, Ryukoku University invited  to present her research findings on mitigating poor indoor air quality using specific plants.

In 2015, she got the opportunity to speak at the International Education Summit held in New Delhi on The Role of Education and Employment. A reminiscing yet humbling comment after her talk was from the then SriLankan Education Minister who said, “We need educators like you. Can I put you in my suitcase and take you to my university?”

With profound love and support from her  husband Divakaran; an IT strategist and their  two sons Suraj and Shivjith who are living and working in Canada, with deep gratitude for the abundance of good people in their life, trying to make every instant of this momentary sojourn in Kuwait and on this planet meaningful and helpful for a better world.

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