Kuwait Attraction

The major Kuwait attractions include a number of marvelous architectural wonders that have been maintained with a modern as well as traditional outlook.

Arabic style of architecture. In spite of the Gulf war and ensuing problems with Iraq, Kuwait has been successful in maintaining and furthering its cultural heritage.

Among the most prominent sightseeing destinations in Kuwait, the Kuwait Towers, the Liberation Tower, the Tareq Rajab Museum, the Kuwait Mosque, amusement parks, Liberation Monuments, Kuwait municipal gardens, Kuwait musical fountain, the Sadu house, Kuwait Zoological park, scientific center are some.

Some of the most important tourist attractions in Kuwait City are:

The Kuwait Towers: These are three towers, two of which double as entertainment spots as well as huge water reservoirs that supply the entire city of Kuwait with water.

The Liberation Tower: Offering a beautiful view of the Kuwait city, it is named so after the triumph in Gulf War over Iraq, these are the 5th highest telecommunication towers in the world and the highest in the middle-east region.

The Kuwait National Museum: This is a must visit place for tourists interested in Islamic art. The entire collection of the Sheikh Nasser Al-Sabah and Sheikha Hussa Al-Sabah is housed here in. Apart from this, there are rare Islamic manuscripts, books and a planetarium that is a sure hit with all museum lovers.