Shihan Dr. Nasreen Karamat Sheikh

A staunch believer of “Be Humble in your Confidence yet Courageous in your Character”

 -by A.V.MuraliManohar

Thumpnail Dr.Nasreen karamAn Indian from Mumbai City Graduated in Bachelor of Commerce from NM College of Commerce and Economics stream with a Degree  in Travel and Tourism Management and one year of Business Management from University of Mumbai.

An inside out Mumbaikar she always believed in that “Impossible is Nothing” .She considers her Mom (Shahenaaz Khan) as her role model who taught her that “Positive thoughts are not enough there have to be positive feelings and positive actions too”. She got into Martial Arts training at the tender age of 9 years and until now kicking hard. Participated in several Zonal, Inter University, State, National  and International Karate and Judo Tournaments 1Bagged  17 Gold Medals 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal. Currently holding 3 Dan degree and Refree Level 1 under AIKF.

Being Fearless and Adventurous led her to take up the most daring Mountaineering and Glacier training in the Eastern Himalayas. She scaled 18000 feet above sea level and successfully completed her indoor outdoor climbing and Glacier training. She stood fifth in All India indoor climbing competition.

2“Change is the only thing that remains constant” once a stage artist, dance choreographer and a Singer from the Glamorous glittery stage her life took a 360 degree turn when she landed in Middle East.

Due to her immense working experience she was immediately absorbed by Al Futtaims project of Retail Industry and was offered a lucrative job in Kuwait, where she continued her second interesting phase of life.  Got married to a Pakistani (Tariq Mahmoud) and have children  Muhammad Ali Ibrahim and Amina.

3Knowledge Thirst and Community Service got her into Alternative Medicine and she successfully completed several courses from UK, Malaysia, India and finally specialized in Hijama (Cupping Therapy) after her Masters she finally got accepted and was conferred PhD in the year 2017.

Attended several Medical Conferences and Convention in Dubai and India representing Alternative Medicine especially Hijama to Medical Fraternity. Recipient of International Holisitic Ratna Award in March 2018 during World Congress on Traditional Medicine Conference in India.

4Recently also completed the much sought out Spanish Facial Reflexology course under Dr. Lone Sorenson.

Currently working for several Institutes and continues her Women and Children Empowerment programme of training in Physical Education, Martial Arts and Self Defence since last 5 years in Kuwait.

From last 2 years she is treating Special Needs children through Self Defence (Physio) to boost them physically, mentally and psychologically and through Holistic treatment through Hijama and Reflexology.

She joined Toastmasters 8 months back and has already bagged Triple Crown and completed her HPL with World Champion 2018 Ms. Ramona Smith and she is serving as VP Education.

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