Educationist, anchor:

Sculpt the future generations and connecting them to the past, present, and future

IFL Kuwait job news

Teaching moral values to children is her passion. She is very dedicated, optimistic person and feels it is her responsibility to sculpt the future generations by informing and connecting them to the past, present, and future as better individuals in society.
Her creativity and organizational skills are evident from the educational works of literature for theme based subjects that she has been writing and conducting for a range of students from age 5 to 15 years. During her 20 years of professional tenure, she has received many awards. Dedicated to her service since 2008, her fondness for the task as a teacher has never numbed.
Susan is an ace at the art of presenting and coordinating especially anchoring of stage events. Susan's enthusiasm for anchoring began at a tender age, since the time of her studies at Jesus and Mary College in Delhi. Her first significant appearance was in 2002 as Master of Ceremony of a stage show in Kuwait where well known celebrities were part of the programme. Her enthusiasm ensured that she was always a part of cultural events and stage shows in Kuwait. IFL Kuwait job news
She adores music and was in a college band as the drummer of the set. Susan is very friendly, and always brings positive influence on others associated with her. She possesses the knack of how to run a team. 
The art of multitasking

is a skill in some people and in the case of Susan it is a talent. She used to give voice overs for many company profiles and it is her dream to be able to pursue a career as a news reader. She used to balance her work life, her family life.