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United to serve…. United we serve….

IFL Kuwait 



P. Senthil Kumar M.S.,

Vice-President- Indian Frontliners EQUATE Petrochemicals, Kuwait

The Indian Frontliners, a service organization registered in Indian Embassy, Kuwait was started in 1997 by Writer N.C. Mohandoss with service minded people, to join hands for serving the needy people;  To do things that count - for others……

IFL consists of people from different walks of life, different parts of India and different economic sections.  Moreover, these services were rendered by the IFL members, who are the volunteers from different background such as Engineers, Doctors, Businessmen etc. and with different social and financial status.

IFL’s helping hands have reached out to wide  spectrum of the needy person in the society. IFL working directly and through other service organization, have provided relief and assistance in the field of Education, Health, Disaster Relief, Old-age care, Orphanage services, Animal Care & Community welfare etc..

Members of IFL team take part in campaigns such as tree planting organized by Kuwait Volunteering work.

In the past 21 years, IFL has been doing a tremendous work in providing tireless service to our society. It was the responsibility of each one of us to give back to the society , and to take care of the needy people. Members of IFL have united for this purpose and cause.

Every year IFL have  been conducting such program and releasing the book consisting of valuable articles about prominent Indians; through which IFL are able to mobilize the fund to help the needy people. We have been providing the financial help for more than 3.5 crore Indian Rupees so far with the support of our sponsors.

One of the biggest achievements by IFL Welfare wing was to suspend the execution of two Indians sentenced to death in Kuwait, with the help of Indian Embassy and then Ambassador Shri. Satish C. Mehta. By getting the information just before 3 days of execution, on behalf of Indian Frontliners, General Secretary Mr. K. Mathi, with the affected persons  relatives and friends coordinated with Indian Embassy for the above humble effort.

IFL has extended help mainly for the people in distress like stranded and sick workers/maids, poor in need of medical attention, families of persons died in Kuwait who does not have the proper knowledge / support  in the state of Kuwait where there are limited opportunities for the expatriates.

Some of the major activities of IFL to the Indian communities here in Kuwait are:

  • Helping to send the dead bodies back home of the less privileged individuals in Kuwait or conducting funerals in few cases in Kuwait itself; Coordinating with Indian embassy and Kuwait authorities in getting all the approval and formalities to send the deceased bodies.
  • Providing help for the people allegedly deceived by the sponsor or the agents to get the Embassy letters and proper documents for their repatriation back home.
  • Assisting the needy people to reach out to the proper Authorities to solve the residence and visa related issues.
  • Providing moral support to the sick people who are hospitalized here in the Kuwait hospitals without friends/relatives.
  • Provides the Financial support to the poor / sick  people to go back to India either mobilizing fund through the associations or with the support from the Indian Embassy.

IFL believes that everybody can be great; every contribution whether big or small , makes a big difference to the life of some person in need. Also, the Indian Frontliners are running a website to update the status around us to the people around the world.


“Live your life in such a way that you'll be remembered for your kindness, compassion, fairness, character, benevolence, and a force for good who had much respect for life, in general.”
                                                                                                                        - Kent


United to Serve; United we Serve… 


IFL-23rd   year

Indian Frontliners Books and Functions

FRONTLINERS Kuwait a non-profit social organization registered with Embassy of India, Kuwait has been in existence since 1997. It helps needy and less privileged people and participates in various voluntary works.

In the past 22 years of our existance  in Kuwait, many prominent personalities has presided over our Frontliners Functions as "Guest of honor ", We are proud to state that fund mobilised during these functions has been donated more than 3 crores  rupees  for various calamities funds, education for the poor, orphanage, Hospitals, NGO in our homeland as well as helping the disturbed and helpless workers in Kuwait in coordination with Indian Embassy .

The need to highlight the successes of Indians, to enumerate their efforts, the pitfalls and challenges met by them, their untiring effort to beat all odds and succeed, to encourage the upcoming generation … these and to help the needy people with the  proceeds, prompted  to start the  Indian FRONTLINERS  book. We are proud to say that so far, 22 volumes of Frontliners have been released.

Frontliners  books  were released by-

Part-1               Mr.P.Chidambaram                                                                                          ---     05-11-1998

Part-2               Sri. T.N.Seshan                                                                                                ---     12-12-1998

Part-3               Actor Sarath Kumar                                                                                        ---     21-07-1999

Part-4               Padmashree  K. Balachandar                                                                        ---     30-03-2000

Part-5               Director Mr. Vishu                                                                                           ---     08-02-2001

Part-6               Sri. Thirunaukarasar                                                                                       ---    21-02-2002

Part-7               Mrs.Menaka Gandhi                                                                                        ---    11-09-2003

Part-8               Director Bharathiraja                                                                                      ---     29-04-2004

Part-9               Actor Vikram                                                                                                    ---    10-02-2005

Part-10             Music Director M.S. Viswanathan                                                                  ---    27-04-2006

Part-11             India Tourism - Mr. Arun shourie MP.and Karti Chidambaram.                   ---    04-05-2007

Part-12            Mr. Shatrughan Sinha ( Former  central minister)                                        ---    11-04-2008

Part-13            Kiranbedi IPS                                                                                                   ---    10-04-2009

Part-14            Mr.Joginder Singh IPS (former CBI Director) & Ramesh Prabha                ---    30-04-2010

Part-15            Mr.D.R.Karthikeyan IPS (Former CBI Director )                                            ---    27-05-2011

Part-16            Mr.Gopalsamy (former chief election commissioner)& Mr.V.Ponraj           ---    04-05-2012


Part-17           Justice Dr.A.R.Lakshmanan   & Dr.seetharaman –CEO Doha bank              ---    03-05-2013   

Part-18           Dr.R.seetharaman(CEO Doha bank group),& Brigadior sushil bhasin         ---    23-05-2014        

Part-19           Director bhagyaraj & Mrs Poornima                                                                 ---    21-05-2015     

Part-20           Former Union Minister Salman kurshid, Rangarajan Pande, Sivanandan,IPS --05-05-2017    

Part-21           Indian Ambassador to  Kuwait Mr.Jeeva Sagar                                               ---   11-05-2018

Part-22           Mr. Karthikai Selvan & Ms. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar                                    ---   26-04-2019

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