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All citizens and Gulf citizens to print when they leave or enter the country-MoI



In a step that comes within the framework of the Ministry of Interior’s keenness to prevent any manipulation of exit and entry into the country, and after specific years of the start of applying the fingerprint system to expatriates, the Ministry of Interior has, within the past few days, followed a new procedure that obligates all citizens and Gulf citizens to print when they leave the country and they enter.

While a security source confirmed that any citizen or Gulf has a travel barrier or an obstacle preventing him from entering the country, he will be automatically prevented from traveling and seizing anyone who shows the fingerprint device that is required for any security authority. According to the activation of the fingerprint system, it will be necessary for all those who leave the country with a smile, stressing that once any traveler puts the left and right index finger all his movements and his security record are shown to the outlet employee, and thus the port employee is allowed to exit, enter or prevent .The implementation of the fingerprint system came after completing the database of the Ministry of Interior for all citizens and Gulf citizens.



Proposal for special license plates, which are recognized globally and the GCC countries



MP Osama Al-Shaheen has submitted a parliamentary proposal to the government for the provision of special license plates, which are recognized globally and the GCC countries in particular, for the vehicles used by senior citizens and people with disabilities.The MP explained that people with disabilities as well as senior citizens often face traffic-related difficulties when travelling to neighboring countries in their vehicles especially when they want to park in areas allocated for the elderly and the disabled. This problem can be solved if they have accredited number plates.He therefore recommends both Ministry of Social Affairs and Public Authority for Disabled Affairs to issue special license plates to those under their responsibility, and ensure that their validity is supported by the General Traffic Department of Ministry of Interior and approved in the neighboring GCC countries.-A.T.


65,888 travel ban and 78,000 arrest orders issued against Kuwaitis and expats



Recent statics as per Ministry of Justice revealed that arrest order against debtors were more then 78,000 in last 10 months of year 2019. It means 354 arrest warrants were issued per day.Travel ban issued were 65,888 against Kuwaitis and expats as per statistics. The sources further stated that 36,114 orders were issued to lift travel ban, where as 67,440 orders were issued to lift arrest of debtors.-A.T.


Film style robbery at Fintas



Police are looking for three unidentified persons for stealing 1,350 dinars from a Bangladeshi.According to the complainant he was driving in Fintas and another vehicle collided with his vehicle. He told the police he thought it was just an accident but was surprised when three men got out of the car, assaulted him and took the money from him. He told police although he does not know the men; it appears they were certain that he was carrying a large sum of money, because the crime was so well planned. He has given the Fintas police the description of the men and their vehicle.He also said the men must have followed him from a local bank branch.Police are looking for the suspects.-A.T.


Two months from the date of issuing work permits to transfer labor wages



Starting from the role of the General Authority for Manpower and in order to protect the rights of workers and regulate the labor market, the spokesperson for the Director of Public Relations and Information Department revealed that the General Authority for Manpower issued administrative instruction No. (26) for the year 2019 regarding granting employers a period of two months from the date of issuing work permits for the first time to approve the transfer of labor wages to local financial institutions for the employment imported from abroad.
The Labor Inspection Department is making sure of the employer's commitment to grant the worker his wages within the mentioned time limit by any means of proof.The issuance of this circular comes to ensure that the worker is granted his wages and in line with the requirements of the current stage of controlling the labor market.


Replacement for 2020/2021 will be implemented according to new standards



Informed sources said in exclusive statements to "Al-Anbaa" that the replacement for the fiscal year 2020/2021 will be implemented according to new standards, so that it includes old graduates from universities that are academically less than the universities mentioned in the Ministry of Higher Education's record after the introduction of an academic recognition system for some universities.The replacement is also implemented by graduates from recognized universities, but no equivalence was obtained for the certificates they hold.

The number of those who are laid off in implementation of the replacement decision will reach approximately 4000 employees, at the latest.It is known that the substitution begins from the first of April 2020 and continues to be implemented throughout the new fiscal year that ends on March 31, 2021, meaning that government agencies have the right to report the names covered by the replacement during any month of the mentioned fiscal year.


Recent fire that happened in the Shuwaikh Industrial Area is believed to be a case of arson



The fire that happened recently in the Shuwaikh Industrial Area which razed to the ground shops and stores on a vast area containing electric and electronic items worth thousands of dinars is believed to be a case of arson.According to a fire source CCTV footage from one of the cameras installed in the area shows a person intentionally setting fire to the store and did not leave the area until he saw the fire had engulfed the store and then left the area.This video has been handed over to the Ministry of the Interior, which has begun investigations and is confident of arresting the arsonist and know the reasons why he committed the crime.

However,the act of arson may have to do something with insurance, because it is common knowledge that companies sign insurance contracts, especially against fire, and in the event of loss of goods they demand compensation.It is evident from the video clip that it was recorded during the night when visibility is not clear, but the Ministry of the Interior has techniques that enable to clarify the image. It is noteworthy to mention the fire broke out past midnight in the early hours Thursday and the firefighting engines from 9 centers fought the fl ames for more than 11 hours.-A.T.


Website of Kuwait Embassy in Sri Lanka have been hacked



The local newspapers in Sri Lanka said nearly 10 websites including the website of Kuwait Embassy in Sri Lanka, have been hacked.The daily added, all websites end with ‘.lk’ and ‘.com’, and the concerned authority has sent warned all those who are affected by the hacking incident. The daily quoting the source said e-hacking is politically motivated and may have links to the terror attacks that hit Sri Lankan during last Easter Day.-A.T.


Armed robbery bid at a money exchange office in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh foiled



Two unknown individuals attempted to commit armed robbery at a money exchange office in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area.According to security sources, when the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received information from an employee of a money exchange shop that two masked and armed individuals – one carrying a rifle and the other a knife – were attempting to burgle the shop, Farwaniya securitymen rushed to the location.However, the suspects managed to escape prior to the arrival of the policemen. The employees informed securitymen that the suspects were masked and they seem to be of an Arabian nationality from their dialect, adding that the suspects were unable to steal anything.-A.T.


Unimoni launches online money transfer service in Kuwait



Unimoni launches online money transfer service in Kuwait

- Using Unimoni Kuwait’s mobile app and website, customers can now transfer money anytime anywhere at competitive exchange rates.  

Unimoni launches online money transfer service in KuwaitKuwait City, 08 December 2019: Unimoni Exchange WLL (“Unimoni Kuwait”), a renowned financial solutions provider and a Finablr company, today announced the launch of its online money transfer service as part of its digital offering in Kuwait. With the introduction of the new online service, customers can now send money using the Unimoni Kuwait mobile app or website at competitive exchange rates, seamlessly and securely from anywhere, anytime. 

Unimoni Kuwait’s mobile app, available on iOS and Android, comes with a user-friendly interface that includes features such as real-time transaction tracking, rate alert through email and SMS, voice command and secure login options using One Time Passwords (OTP), fingerprint or face recognition. Registered customers of Unimoni Kuwait can directly log in to the mobile app (Unimoni Kuwait) or website ( and send money straight away. New customers have to complete a simple one-time registration process, at any of the conveniently-located Unimoni Kuwait branches before using the online money transfer service.

unimoniCommenting on the launch, Pradeep Kumar, Group Chief Executive Officer of Unimoni, said, “Technology continues to seep into human lives to the extent that it adds convenience and provides greater control to individuals. As a group, we are focused on empowering people all over the world to fulfil their aspirations by providing them with cutting-edge financial products and services, delivered through omni-channel touchpoints. The launch of our online service in Kuwait is a significant milestone, one that enables us to elevate our customers’ money transfer experience to new highs through technology.”

Vivek Nair, Country Head of Unimoni Kuwait, said, "Technology-enabled services are making strong inroads into Kuwait, engaging more people through intuitive user experiences. Our new online money transfer service seeks to meet the evolving needs of customers, who prefer to have access to financial services anytime and from anywhere, as part of an enhanced user experience. We are grateful to the Central Bank of Kuwait and our well-wishers for their continued support in our endeavour to bring a wide portfolio of products to the market.”

Unimoni Kuwait operates through 12 retail outlets in the country and offers a range of money transfer and foreign currency exchange solutions for retail and corporate customers.



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For media queries, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Unimoni 

Unimoni is a renowned global provider of money transfer, foreign exchange and payments solutions. In Kuwait, we provide a range of money transfer and foreign exchange solutions for retail and corporate customers.

We facilitate the seamless movement of money across geographies, currencies and channels to enable our customers to achieve their financial ambitions. We offer multiple customer touch-points including retail stores, digital and mobile solutions and self-service kiosks, around the world.

At Unimoni, customer-centricity is at the heart of everything we do. Our investments in innovation and technology has enabled us to deliver exceptional customer experiences that combine convenience, speed and value. We strive to provide our customers with secure and simplified one-stop financial services and solutions attuned to their schedule and lifestyle.

Unimoni is part of Finablr, a global platform for Payments and Foreign Exchange solutions. With deep regulatory know-how, technology expertise and industry leading partnerships, Finablr companies provide a broad array of tailored and trusted financial solutions for consumers and businesses. With a global reach spanning 170+ countries, Finablr companies processed over 150 million transactions in 2018, managing nearly USD 115 billion for customers.

For more information, visit the Unimoni Kuwait website:

To download Unimoni Kuwait app, scan QR code




Possibility of New year holidays for four days



Jan 1, 2020, Wednesday, will be an official holiday on the occasion of the New Year 2020.The next Thursday, corresponding to Jan 2, will be considered a day of rest since it falls between two holidays (between Jan 1 and Friday, Jan 3).However, this requires a decision by the Council of Ministers, based on the Council’s adoption of previous decisions considering the day that falls between two holidays.The fourth day will be Saturday, Jan 4, as a day of rest for all workers in the government.-A.T.


Glucophage is safe to use despite warnings-- Diabetologist



Endocrinologist, diabetologist and head of Kuwait Diabetes Society Dr Waleed Al-Dhahi refuted recent warnings against using the diabetes drug metformin, denying that it is carcinogenic. Metformin is a standard medication during early stages of type 2 diabetes. It helps control high blood sugar and is marketed under a number of brand names, including Glucophage.

Dhahi said such reports will make diabetics around the world become skeptical about using metformin, which has been known as a safe medicine since the mid-1950s. He added the real issue is related to N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a known carcinogen in lab animals. “This substance is found in minimal safe amounts in many products including generic drugs. Many generic drugs for blood pressure and gastric acidity have been withdrawn for this reason, leaving only original branded drugs in use in Kuwait and the world,” he explained.

Dhahi pointed out that the US Food and Drug Administration and other healthcare regulators in Europe, Singapore and Poland are closely watching the percentage of this substance in generic metformin drugs and that none of them were so far found to include dangerous levels of NDMA, and thus the drug was not withdrawn because its benefits outdo its harm.

“Singapore only withdrew three generic metformin drugs after examining 46 and patients were allowed to continue using the remaining products,” Dhahi said, underlining that the warning does not apply to Glucophage from the original manufacturer. “The health ministry has stressed that the generic metformin drugs withdrawn in Singapore are not registered in Kuwait,” he added. Finally, Dhahi urged all patients not to stop using Glucophage and consult their doctors and correct references such the health ministry and Kuwait Diabetes Society for any related inquires.
The investigation is part of the US FDA’s broader push to investigate a range of drugs for the presence of NDMA, with heartburn drug Zantac being recalled this year for fear it contained NDMA. The FDA later added that levels of contamination in Zantac, also known as ranitidine, “are similar to the levels you would expect to be exposed to if you ate common foods like grilled or smoked meats”.-K.T.


Domestic workers hiring offices must renew their licenses at least one month before the expiry



The Public Authority for Manpower has requested the owners of domestic workers hiring offices to renew their licenses at least one month before the expiry.The owners of these offices must keep a copy of the contract signed with overseas domestic workers hiring offices duly authenticated by Kuwait Embassy in those countries and by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.-A.T.



33 beggars deported this year until end of November



Ministry of Interior and its various bodies are working on eradicating the phenomenon of begging by some individuals who take advantage of benevolent people to attain money illegally.They revealed that 33 male and female beggars were deported from the beginning of this year until end of November after they were arrested from various markets and cafés especially during the month of Ramadan.The tough actions are being taken in this regard, and anyone caught begging will be deported immediately after legal actions are taken against their sponsors (kafeels).If the individuals caught begging were brought to the country on visit visas issued by a company, a block will be placed on the file of that company.

If an individual with valid work visa under a company is caught begging, strict punishment will be taken against the company. If a woman of article 22 residency (family visa) is caught begging, she will be deported along with her entire family.-A.T.


HH Amir,Crown Prince and PM offer condolences to India over factory fire tragedy



His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah sent a cable of condolences Sunday to Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, expressing his sorrow over the factory fire tragedy in the Indian capital, which resulted in killing of 43 people and injuring around 50.His Highness the Amir also expressed hope for a speedy recovery to those injured.His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah sent similar cables to the indian leadership, marking the tragic incident.-KUNA


43 people were killed in a fire that broke out in Delhi’s Rani Jhansi road



Forty-three people were killed in a fire that swept through a paper factory operating from a residential area at Anaj Mandi on Delhi’s Rani Jhansi road early Sunday morning. Nearly 30 fire tenders were rushed to the spot after a call about the fire was received at 5:22 am.According to PTI, at least 50 people have been rescued so far and more are still feared trapped. The injured are being treated at Lok Nayak hospital.Most of the people affected were labourers sleeping inside when the fire broke out.The fire, which erupted due to a short-circuit, has been doused and rescue efforts are underway.


Pakistani has been taken into custody for impersonating a Kuwaiti



The Farwaniya police have taken into custody an unidentified Pakistani for impersonating a Kuwaiti. The Pakistani, who speaks the Kuwaiti dialect fluently, works for two lawyers and his job was to contact the police stations when a verdict in absentia is issued against Kuwaitis for their arrest.The Pakistani, according to his civil ID designation is supposed to be working for a contracting company and not as a representative in the field. When he went to the Farwaniya Police Station the officer in charge suspected him and asked him for his ID. Feeling trapped, the man pretended to have left it in his car in a vain attempt to escape.However, he was seized and when police checked his ID they discovered the truth. The man has been detained and referred for interrogation. In the meantime, the two lawyers who hired him will be summoned for interrogation.-A.T.


Real estate owners warned to comply with legal procedures and modify the status of their property



Kuwait Municipality has renewed its warning to real estate owners in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area to comply with legal procedures and modify the status of their property and return them to the plan approved by the municipality.They stressed that electricity will not be connected to any property until the regulatory agencies have completed the necessary check to ensure all violations are removed.

The committee has intensified its campaign on the area, covering Block 5, Street 55 where the supervisory bodies of Farwaniya Municipality Branch, in cooperation with the Public Authority for Manpower and the Ministry of Interior implemented a comprehensive campaign a couple of days ago, which resulted in the permanent closure of many shops and removal of a variety of violating canopies and roadblocks, in addition to a set of warnings against real estate in violation of building regulations.Department of Public Hygiene lifted 36 trail of waste and 15 trail of used tires to the reservation site. Add to the confiscation of 2 lorries of vegetables and fruits from informal markets, and detection of butchers who have since been sent to concerned authorities for legal action.-A.T.


Each Kuwaiti family can have only two drivers



A circular has been issued to all departments of residence affairs in all governorates to allow each Kuwaiti family only two drivers.The approval for a third driver requires a no-objection certificate from the Assistant Undersecretary of Residence Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major-General Talal Ma’arafior from the Director-General of General Department of Residence Affairs Brigadier AbdulQader Shaba’an.The new instructions comes in the framework of Kuwait’s attempt to modify the demographic structure of the country and reduce the number of employees under Article 20 (domestic) in addition to easing the pressure on roads.-A.T.


Kuwaitis holding Master’s and PhD certificates has increased to 4,633



A recent government statistics show that the number of Kuwaitis holding Master’s and PhD certificates has increased to 4,633 between June 2018 and June 2019.The statistics show this number includes 2,466 holders of Masters Degree and 2,167 are holders of PhD.According to the statistics, 66 percent of the holders of Masters Degree in the Kuwaiti labor market are expatriates and 1,812 of them have hold the PhD.

The statistics also showed that the number of highly qualified Kuwaiti employees is 118,000 compared to 144,000 expatriates.According to the statistics, the number of expatriates working in the public sector has declined by 4,086 and now reads 120,000.On the other hand, the number of Kuwaitis in the public sector increased by 12,511 for a total of 340,000.Concerning the private sector, the total number of expatriates 1.613 million compared to 63,867 Kuwaitis.-A.T.


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