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At least KD100 million needed for the maintenance of roads



The Ministry of Public Works needs at least KD100 million for the maintenance of roads – twice the amount earmarked by the Engineering Sector in previous years.The deterioration of roads and highways necessitates the concerted efforts of all concerned authorities, especially in terms of allocating the budget since a huge amount is needed to complete the work in a timely manner. The ministries of Social Affairs, Labor and Finance had earlier agreed on KD150 million for a period three years, starting from the current fiscal year.

However, the contracts have yet to be implemented despite the fact that only one month is left in the current fiscal year.The signing of maintenance contracts usually takes several months, unless there is an emergency. This rings the alarm bell for citizens daily considering the deteriorating condition of roads which got worse due to the heavy rainfall crisis.-A.T.


Celebration starts-Kuwait all lit up




Lights adorn the country during February in honor of National and Liberation Day holidays. Streets, buildings, souqs, shops, cars and iconic towers are all bedazzled in bright and colorful lights, many of them in the red, white, green and black of the Kuwait flag. The Kuwait Towers and Liberation Tower are also lit, often with changing displays and many of Kuwait’s major buildings, institutions and homes will be host to beautiful light displays.-KUNA


29 people hurt in a fire in Mahboula building



At least 29 people were hurt in a fire reported in a Mahboula building yesterday, including 21 who were hospitalized with burns. The fire reportedly started in a laundry before the flames spread to an adjacent residential building, trapping 100 occupants inside. Firefighters rushed to the scene and evacuated the building before extinguishing the blaze. The victims, who are of Indian and Filipino nationalities, were taken to Adan, Mubarak and Farwaniya hospitals with injuries varying between burns and smoke inhalation. A firefighter also suffered from smoke inhalation and was hospitalized. An investigation was opened to determine the cause of the fire, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) said in a statement.-K.T.


A bridge towards Kuwait’s bright future-Sheikh Jaber Causeway



The Sheikh Jaber Causeway is one of the major infrastructural projects aimed at creating a bridge leading Kuwaitis toward a bridge future. The Sheikh Jaber Causeway, which is currently in its final stages, will link Kuwait City with Al-Subiya area and the future Madinat Al-Harir (Silk City) project over Kuwait Bay as part of the development plans kicked started some nine years ago. Through the ‘New Kuwait’ or Kuwait Vision 2035, a national initiative development aimed at transforming the country to a regional and international hub for business and commerce. The plan also focuses on diversifying the country’s resources to a non-oil based economy.

The Jaber Causeway – which stretches around 37.5 kilometers – will shorten the commuting time between Kuwait City and Subiya area to under 30 minutes, from around 90 minutes which is the time that it currently takes through the usual 104 kilometers of highways and roads. Work on Sheikh Jaber Causeway began on November 3, 2013. The bridge is divided into the 27-kilometers main-link at cost of around KD 738 million (around $2.3 billion). The main-link will connect between Kuwait City and Al-Subiya area, while the Doha link, a four-lane bridge road, will stretch at 4.7 kilometers towards Doha area, costing around KD 165.7 million ($545 million).

The development of the causeway coincided with establishment of an entity tasked with the development of Al-Hariri City in Subiya and Boubiyan Island as part of strategy linking Shuwaikh Port in Kuwait City with the northeastern region of the country. Recently, a high-level 35-member Chinese delegation – headed by Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China Ning Jizhe – visited the country and held discussions focusing on Kuwait’s development vision.

The visiting Chinese delegation expressed great desire to partake in the development of the Silk City project, indicating that China was working on its own Belt and Road development initiative. In regards to the Silk City project, the first phase will focus on establishing a commercial region in Mubarak seaport, a logistic zone, an international airport, a railway network carrying cargo and individuals, and city dedicated to small to medium enterprises. – KUNA


New law on early retirement to be implemented soon



The new “early retirement law”, which was approved by the government and the National Assembly, will be implemented after a decree is issued to amend the provisions of the articles that were amended in the current insurance law.In response to a question concerning the date of implementation of the law, the sources said the law will become effective after the decree is published in the official gazette and Public Institution for Social Security is notified. They indicated that the implementation procedures will be followed by opening the door for those wishing to retire provided they meet the specified conditions.-A.T.


Free Campaign




Beware of Fake Calls from unscrupulous individuals posing as Indian Embassy officials


It has been brought to the attention of the Embassy of India that unscrupulous individuals are telephoning Indian nationals, posing as Embassy officials, with a view to extracting money.

These individuals may also sometimes provide certain personal particulars to make their claims sound convincing.

All Indian nationals in Kuwait are hereby informed that the Embassy of India never requests for any such payments/money transfers, nor for your bank details, nor for money transfers through telephone calls or through unauthorized means, nor will ask for your banking credentials/credit card details etc.

Established processes and procedures are in place i.r.o. various services provided by the Embassy, which are clearly laid out on the Embassy’s official website.

All concerned are therefore requested to exercise caution and not to fall prey to any fraudulent attempts.



No more residency stickers required in passports of expatriates



As part of ongoing efforts to develop and modernize various interior ministry departments, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah issued a ministerial resolution cancelling the use of residency stickers on expats’ passports and including all the needed data on their civil IDs instead, said assistant undersecretary for residency affairs Maj Gen Talal Maarafi.

Speaking on the sidelines of the graduation ceremony of police cadets, Maarafi told Al-Qabas daily said the change will take effect soon after special arrangements with various foreign embassies and airlines in Kuwait. Maarafi added that the new measure, which will include residency visas and departure notifications, will help stop sponsors from holding expats’ passports and put an end to this problem for good. He said the measure will also consume fewer passport pages.-K.T.


Proposal to ban on non-degree holders over 60 years of age



The manpower authority is working on issuing a resolution banning the renewal of residency visas for expats holding pre-university or no degrees after the age of 60. In this regard, informed sources said some of the authority’s board members are for the proposal and believe that there is no use in keeping such expats in the country, while others are against it for humanitarian reasons, taking into account the decades they have spent in the country and their need to work.

The sources said that a new package of resolutions will be issued after the national holidays regulating work in the private labor market and government projects. The sources added that the new resolutions will help fight visa traffickers and fake companies that bring expat laborers into the country and abandon them to seek jobs in the local labor market.-K.T.



New case of human trafficking, manipulation and registration of domestic labor revealed



The details of a new case of human trafficking, manipulation and registration of domestic labor files have been revealed to ensure the protection of unskilled citizens as well as the exploitation of female workers.

The Home Employment Department affiliated to the Ministry of Interior has received more than 10 complaints last week from citizens who suddenly discovered the registration of domestic workers in their names.This was discovered when the complainants filed the request to bring domestic workers. After paying the required fees and determining the date of their arrival, the sponsor was surprised when the Domestic Employment Office contacted and said “the Ministry of Interior had refused the request because of a mistake in the seals or a lack of identity documents but in fact the maids had already arrived in the country and had been exploited by offering them to others.

Some citizens were surprised after the lapse of the legal period to stamp the residence permit, they had to pay fines for each day of delay and could not complete the procedures at the Ministry of Interior except pay what is required of them.The citizens who complained to the Ministry of Interior, under the leadership of Lt-Gen Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah, last week presented papers showing the registration of female workers from the Philippines in their file without their knowledge and that had resulted in fines.

The Interior Ministry has informed the victims of the need to file absconding report against domestic workers who are registered in their files without their knowledge, and to bring contracts signed between them and the recruitment and the receipt of fees payment in order to lift fines imposed on them and  follow-up case.However, a strange surprise and paradox arose. The officials of the Home Employment Department informed the affected citizens that the case will proceed naturally by reporting the worker as absconding and then pursuing it.-A.T.


Last year 58,000 new expats entered the workforce in Kuwait



Recent statistics issued by government bodies showed the total workforce in Kuwait till the end of last year increased by 66,000, including 8,562 citizens, 11,394 new domestic helpers and 47,000 expats working for the private sector. Statistics showed an upsurge in the number of expats working for private sector companies during the period of June to Dec 2018, and a drop of 987 in their number in government bodies.

Statistics also showed that the total number of expats working in Kuwait is 2.38 million, with 68 percent of them working in the private sector, 648,000 as domestic helpers and 123,000 in the public sector. In addition, statistics showed a rise in the number of citizens working for government bodies – an increase of 7,867 versus an increase of 695 Kuwaitis in the private sector.-K.T.


Saudi Crown Prince to visit India today



India  officially announced the programme for the visit of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence.

"At the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is paying his first State visit to India on 19 and February 20, 2019. He will be accompanied by a high-level delegation, including ministers, senior officials and leading Saudi businessmen," an announcement by the Ministry of External Affairs said.

During the forthcoming visit, the Crown Prince will call on the President and Vice President of India. He will hold bilateral talks with Modi on a wide range of issues of mutual interest. This visit follows a trip by Modi to Saudi Arabia in April 2016, during which the two countries agreed to elevate their strategic partnership.

"India and Saudi Arabia have historically enjoyed close and friendly relations anchored in mutually beneficial partnership and extensive people to people contacts. In recent years, there has been significant progress in bilateral cooperation in key areas of mutual interest, including energy security, trade, investment, infrastructure, defence and security," the announcement said.

Saudi-India bilateral trade was $27.48 billion during the year 2017-18, making Saudi Arabia India's fourth largest trading partner. Saudi Arabia contributes about 20 percent of India's crude requirements. Recently, Saudi ARAMCO in partnership with ADNOC entered into a joint venture for $44 billion worth Ratnagiri Refinery and Petro-Chemical project Ltd.

"About 2.7 million strong and vibrant Indian community forms the largest expatriate group in Saudi Arabia. Their positive and highly-appreciated contribution to the development of their host country has been an important anchor of bilateral engagement. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also facilitates Haj pilgrimage to over 175,000 Indians every year," the Ministry added.


Main reasons behind egg crisis in Kuwait



Amid the continuing series of lack of eggs at the main sale points, cooperative societies and markets in the country, officials of major egg companies unveiled the main reasons behind the aggravation of this crisis.These officials expect gradual settlement of the crisis starting from March in view of the plan to increase their production of eggs and stability of situation owing to the decision of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to stop the exportation of eggs.

These officials cited various factors leading to the aggravation of the crisis such as unstable weather conditions in 2018, poultries in the biggest production companies are passing through a transitional phase, and exportation of eggs to Saudi Arabia which suffered from lack of eggs due to the avian flu outbreak.Big quantities of local eggs were withdrawn from the Kuwaiti market – the closest to Saudi Arabia hence the high demand for eggs.

While the crisis of shortage of eggs in main outlets continues to escalate and despite the decision taken by Ministry of Commerce and Industry to stop exporting eggs amid objections raised by some cooperative societies, reliable sources assured that the egg crisis will soon end.

The Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies, with the cooperation of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, asked suppliers of eggs in Turkey to discuss the possibility of exporting eggs to Kuwait. The Imported Foods Department in Kuwait sent a letter to these suppliers with details of the required quantities, stressing that the price for importing should be in consideration of the selling price in various outlets in Kuwait, which should range from KD 1.050 to KD 1.100.The export process will begin immediately after reaching an agreement on the shipping method and completing other logistical processes. Furthermore, the sources indicated that the trend of egg-producing companies to export eggs to neighboring countries had caused the sharp shortage of eggs in the country.-A.T.


Family of 308 people hold forged Kuwaiti citizenship



Those holding forged Kuwaiti citizenship and those who got it using fake documents are being exposed one by one. The latest case involves 308 people belonging to the same tribe of Iraqi origins who hold forged citizenships, adding that residency detectives had been working on the case for a while and that four out of the five main suspects involved in it had died, while the fifth is currently in his sixties.

The case goes back to when a Kuwaiti – who was infertile – got married to an Iraqi woman who had four children from an earlier marriage to an Iraqi, noting that the citizen added them to his citizenship files as his own, and thus they got Kuwaiti citizenship, along with their children and grandchildren, and enjoyed all privileges granted to citizens.Residency detectives were tipped off concerning this major case a month ago, and accordingly a citizen in his sixties was arrested and confessed that his Iraqi mother had added him and his three Iraqi brothers to her Kuwaiti husband’s dossier, adding that all his brothers had died. However, further investigations showed that the total number of the four fake citizens’ children and grandchildren add up to 308, who have been enjoying citizen privileges for decades.-K.T.


To celebrate National day!



To celebrate National day!

Yes!!!! We are Back with our Tribute...

To celebrate the Twin occasions of National Day & Liberation Day of the State Of Kuwait, #UNIMONI in Association with Mujtaba Creations releasing Video Album on 21st Feb as a Tribute to the Leaders & People of Kuwait.



Bangladeshi who was deported tried to return to Kuwait by using different passport



A Bangladeshi man who was previously deported tried to return to Kuwait by using a passport that belongs to someone else. He confessed to buying the passport using all his savings. The man presented a passport to the officer, but he was referred to the forgery department, where he insisted the passport was his despite the difference in the picture. He later confessed he had bought the passport, because he cannot use his original passport after he was deported. He will be deported again.-K.T.


DGCA initiative to standardize the costs of flight tickets



Air Traffic Controller at Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) Raed Al-Taher affirmed about the agreement between DGCA, travel agencies and travel websites to standardize the costs of flight tickets, provided approval is obtained from the airlines. He stressed that this decision is aimed to serve the customers, and the relevant offices and companies, and is in response to the frequent complaints made in this regard.-A.T.


Vande Bharat Express starts its maiden commercial run today



A day after its inaugural run which was mired with technical snags, the Vande Bharat Express began commercial operations from New Delhi to Varanasi on Sunday. The centrally air-conditioned luxury train departed from New Delhi at 6 am and is scheduled to reach Varanasi at 2 pm. It will make the return journey on the same day departing from Varanasi at 3 pm and reaching Delhi at 11 pm.

Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted: “Vande Bharat Express left Delhi for Varanasi today morning on its first commercial run. Tickets sold out for the next two weeks already. Get yours today!”

Issuing a clarification on reports of the train breaking down on its way back from Varanasi on Saturday, the Railway Ministry on Saturday had tweeted: “There was an issue of communication between the last basic unit of 4 coaches and the rest of the train probably due to some external hit. Thereafter, safety features in the train applied brakes. The train was checked for faults and moved to Delhi.”


Ministry of Interior has denied rumors of reduction in traffic fines



The Ministry of Interior has denied on Friday reports that the ministry will lessen the value of traffic fines on the occasion of national holidays.The Public Relations and Security Information Department has denied rumors that have gone viral in some social media that on the occasion of the national holidays the traffic fines will be reduced calling the information baseless.The department said any decision taken by the ministry is preceded by a media campaign and stressed that the ministry doors are open to answer any queries around the clock.-A.T.


Kuwait condemned deadly attack in Kashmir



Kuwait on Friday condemned an explosion that targeted a military convoy in Indian part of Kashmir, leaving scores of personnel dead or wounded. A source at the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry rejected in a statement all forms of violence and terrorism, affirming the country’s stand on India’s side in facing such a criminal act. The source expressed condolences to families of the victims and wished the wounded quick recovery. Up to 40 personnel were killed in Thursday’s bombing attack. – KUNA


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