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Jleeb area to be razed & total reclamation is planned--residents facing eviction



Official sources said the situation in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh has received major attention amid an expanded push for a comprehensive redevelopment plan as soon as possible. They said the project’s implementation will not wait for the completion of planned labor cities, and practical steps will be taken to evict residents.

The committee dealing with the situation includes seven government agencies – the Municipality, the interior, electricity and water and public works ministries, and the manpower, environment and food authorities. The Cabinet has asked for quick action and finding a deep-rooted solution to the chaotic situation in Jleeb, considering its proximity to the airport and Shadadiya university.

Sources said among the solutions is a total reclamation of the area and rebuilding it from scratch, either for citizens’ housing or transforming the entire area into a commercial district with malls, entertainment and hotel projects due to its strategic location, adding the Cabinet will discuss both proposals.

The sources said razing the area and rebuilding it will be through the private sector via BOT projects or offering it for investment. Sources said the committee decided that the area’s reclamation is inevitable, considering its residents number more than 300,000, who face the highest rates of crime in the country.-K.T.


Recruitment of foreign workers is according to the needs of the local market-Minister



Minister of State for Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel yesterday said the recruitment of foreign workers to the country is based on labor contracts and according to the needs of the local market. “Figures circulated recently in the media about the entry of large numbers of the Egyptian community monthly to the country are incorrect,” Aqeel told reporters at the headquarters of the General Secretariat for Planning.

She stressed statistics show the real monthly rate of entry of this community to Kuwait is between 1,400 and 2,200 people per month in the private sector. Aqeel noted the total work permits for Egyptian workers issued in 2018 amounted to 62,000, while 23,000 were canceled in 2018, pointing out that Egyptians who entered the government sector last year amounted to 577 workers, mostly teachers.

Regarding the implantation of the new national labor percentages in the private sector, Aqeel affirmed that the postponement of the application of the new decision was due to technical reasons, and work is underway to reclassify work and amend regulations in cooperation with the ministry of commerce and industry. Aqeel stressed the readiness of the bodies affiliated to her ministry to achieve more during the coming period, whether with regards to the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development or the General Authority for Manpower and other bodies. – KUNA 


Pilot of a Gulf airline fainted before making emergency landing



An unidentified pilot of a Gulf airline was rushed to the Farwaniya Hospital, when he fainted before making emergency landing at the Kuwait International Airport.The plane left for its destination with the help of another pilot. However, the pilot, whose identity has not been disclosed, is said to have left the hospital after receiving the treatment. The flight was on its way from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam with 300 passengers.-A.T.


His Highness the Amir has recovered from a setback and is in good health now



His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has recovered from a setback and is in good health now, Deputy Minister of Amiri Diwan confirmed Sunday. Mohammad Dhaifallah Sharar said results of medical examinations of His Highness the Amir underwent were positive. Sharar prayed to Allah the Almighty to bestow well being upon His Highness the Amir.-KUNA.


Humidity is set to increase in the coming days



Veteran Kuwaiti meteorologist Essa Ramadan said humidity is set to increase in the coming days before and after the appearance of the Suhail star (Canopus) due to the weak Indian seasonal low pressure. Land and sea breezes will have an effect in the afternoon and evening, and coastal humidity will rise.

Ramadan noted that climate change is clear, with the advancement of seasons from two to three weeks clear in recent years. Furthermore, Ramadan indicated that neither Suhail nor anything else can control the weather, “so we must adapt and get ready for the weather by changing the infrastructure and increasing agriculture”.-A.T


Former Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is in critical condition



Former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, who has been put on life support at the AIIMS hospital, is in a critical condition, hospital sources said on Saturday.

Jaitley has been put on extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), which is used for patients whose lungs and heart are incapable of operating on their own.

Several political leaders came to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to meet the senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader.

Jaitley was admitted to AIIMS on August 9 after he complained of uneasiness and weakness. Owing to his health condition, Jaitley had opted out of contesting the elections this year as well as taking up a ministerial role.


Firefighters put out a fire at an apartment block in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh



Firefighters put out a fire at an apartment block, which includes several garages, a gas cylinder store room and residential units, in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh with no injuries reported. In spite of arriving at the scene within five minutes, firefighters faced the danger of further explosions due to the presence of car oils, tires and gas cylinders in a residential area, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate said.

It noted that the building’s owners would be held liable and would face severe measures for using residential units in contrary to their intended purpose presenting a high risk to occupants and firefighters.-K.T.


Dumping garbage,reckless driving being monitored in Sheikh Jaber Causeway



Acting Ministry of Interior Undersecretary Lieutenant General Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawaf, Director General of Rescue Police Major General Abdulaziz Al-Hajri and a number of senior officers visited Sheikh Jaber Causeway recently.

In a press statement, the ministry revealed that Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawaf inspected the patrols and surveillance cameras for monitoring traffic movement on the causeway. He also visited the control room linked to the surveillance cameras.During the visit, he issued a directive to firmly deal with those committing violations, especially those dumping garbage to protect Kuwait Bay. He also instructed the concerned authorities to strictly deal with reckless drivers and respond to calls promptly. He then praised the efforts exerted by securitymen to ensure the safety of those plying through the causeway.-A.T.


Kuwait Airways ranked eighth in punctuality among 175 international airlines



Kuwait Airways ranked eighth in punctuality among 175 international airlines, according to a report by the British aviation company (OAG), which is specialized in checking the productive performance of the civil aviation sectors. “We are honored by the latest report issued by the world’s most credible agencies in evaluating the performance of airports and airlines in the world,” Chairman of Kuwait Airways Board of Directors, Yousef Al-Jassem, said in a press release.

Jassem pointed out that the results of the report showed that the rate of the punctuality of Kuwait Airways was 88 percent in July. He noted that being the eighth place among the 175 major international airlines affirms the good application of time-bound policies adopted by the board of directors and implemented by the executive management efficiently and professionally.

Jassem stressed the company’s endeavor to achieve more, to acquire the satisfaction of its customers in various fields, and to complete its leading role in the field of civil aviation at both Arab and international levels. Kuwait Airways was established in 1953 as a private company under the name of ‘Kuwait National Airlines Limited.’ The government of Kuwait acquired 100 percent ownership in 1962 and has about 40 destinations worldwide. – KUNA


Ministry is addressing the problems of expatriates for online health insurance payment



The Ministry of Health is keen on addressing the problems of some expatriates who want to pay their health insurance online for renewal of visa or those entering the country for the first time, as the manual payment system was cancelled effective July 28.

Expatriates whose residency permits are valid for more than three months, those with newborns (new birth certificate), those with new passports, those whose passports’ validity was extended, children of expatriates who reached 17 or 18 years old, and those who changed their names in their passports are among those facing problems.The ministry is working towards the completion of transactions for these expatriates through the temporary manual payment system.

The online system was launched towards the end of January, indicating that more than one million online payments have been completed as of July.The health insurance centers will close officially on Sunday, disclosing the ministry used these centers for 14 days.-A.T.


Call to impose fees on beach goers



There have been calls from a group of activists to impose fees on public utilities, such as beaches, in order to regulate access to them and maintain cleanliness.

They justified their calls by saying since these facilities are free of charge, people who make use of them do not bother to clean the place after using it and as a result, the places, especially the beaches are littered with garbage and food leftovers.As an example, the activists cited overcrowding during the Eid holidays where families took to the beaches to spend time and beat the high temperatures.-A.T.



Police tow away Pakistani revelers’ cars in Salmiya on 14th Aug night



As Pakistanis gathered by a residential block of Salmiya on Wednesday night to mark their Independence Day, Kuwait police halted their revelry by towing their cars away.

In what has become an annual affair, a large group of Pakistani celebrants took to the streets to commemorate their country’s independence from colonial rule on Aug 14, 1947, with an exuberant display of revved up car engines, daredevil stunts, shrill chanting and misplaced mayhem.The raucous show, however, was dampened at around 9 pm when a swarm of police cars surrounded the epicentre of activity and started to promptly haul vehicles involved in the disruption, bringing great relief to residents living in the surrounding buildings.

Residents commended the resolve of the police officers who stayed until midnight, booking cars and clearing out the area. “We are very thankful that the cops showed up and put an end to all the chaos. This isn’t the place to be spinning cars,” one resident shared.“I don’t know why they choose to gather at this particular point. None of them reside in our building so it is not okay for them to hijack our parking lots, restrict our access to it while making so much noise and disturbing our peace. There must be a better place, away from residential areas, for them to have their fun. Can they not think of better cultural or community events to celebrate a national holiday?”, another resident commented.

Businesses in the neighbourhood are also adversely affected by the blaring horns and blasting music, traffic congestion and unavoidable altercations that come concomitant with the crowds and confusion.“They have been doing this every year because until now they have gotten away with it. They expected the usual cat and mouse chase with the cops but this time their actions were met with dire consequences. It is important as an expatriate community living away from our homes that we remember where we come from and celebrate our identity, but we must appreciate our freedom in a way that is peaceful and considerate to our neighbours,” an onlooker stated.-A.T.


Citybus has created an app that helps bus riders in Kuwait



Riding a bus in Kuwait can be exhausting – waiting under the sun for ages wondering when the bus will arrive or what is the number of the bus that will go to your destination! Taking the wrong bus will make you spend hours and more money to reach the place you want to go.

But people of Kuwait will not struggle anymore, because Citybus has created an application on iOS and Android to help people learn about its bus routes, time of arrival and nearest bus station. You can even type where you want to go and it will show you the nearest stop, which bus to take and how long your trip will be.

This seemed too good to be true – since Kuwait is not known for this kind of technology or bus system. The app is super useful, and although it sometimes freezes and does not show how to reach faraway destinations, it is a great step for Kuwait. Hopefully, one day such apps will help tourists reach places of interest.-K.T.


Indian stabbed thrice, left to die- travel ban issued against four Asians



Police are looking four unidentified persons for stabbing an unidentified Indian in the chest, back and face and leaving him to die in a pool of blood.The incident was reported to the police by an unidentified Kuwaiti who happened to see the victim lying in a pool of blood, fighting for his life.

Acting on information personnel from the Emergency Medical Services affiliated to the Ministry of Health rushed to the scene of the crime and took the man to the intensive care unit of a hospital.The victim has given to the police the names of four Asians who allegedly attacked him. The security authorities have issued a travel ban against them.-A.T.


Indian Embassy Kuwait celebrates Independence Day

Indian Embassy Kuwait celebrates Independence Day

The 73rd Independence Day of India was celebrated today in Kuwait at the Embassy premises by unfurling of the National Flag by Ambassador Shri Jeeva Sagar. This was followed by singing of the National Anthem and reading out of the address to the Nation of the Hon’ble President of India by the Ambassador. Several patriotic songs were sung on this happy occasion.

IDAY 2019 01 IDAY 2019 00

The Independence Day event started with garlanding of Mahatma Gandhi Statue by Ambassador of India followed by the unfurling of the Indian National Flag and singing of National Anthem of India. Ambassador read out the Hon’ble President’s message to the Nation and also addressed the gathering.

President commended the successful General Elections held in India recently, which is the largest democratic exercise in the world, and called upon the people to stand by the government in order to take advantage of various reforms and development efforts by the Government of India.

IDAY 2019 03D

Ambassador of India requested the Indian community in Kuwait to continue to keep up its good name as a law-abiding community, and to maintain the trust and confidence of the leadership, the government and people of the friendly country of Kuwait.

The event was followed by the colourful presentation of Indian patriotic songs by the members of Indian Community in Kuwait.

Thousands of Indian nationals from all walks of life participated in the Independence Day function with great joy and enthusiasm.

IDAY 2019 03C

Many Indian restaurants in Kuwait offered free breakfasts and refreshments to the crowd who gathered at the Embassy. Popular newspapers in Kuwait released special supplement to mark India’s Independence Day.

IDAY 2019 3A

The special supplement released by Indian Frontliners can be read at https://www.iflkuwait.com/images/IFLIndependenceDay2019_1.pdf

 Photos by: Anwar, Mathi, Durai, Chelladurai, Kuwait Social Media & Murugan 


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Independence Day 2019-- PM announces creation of Chief of Defence Staff




In his first Independence Day address in NDA’s second term, Prime Minister Narendra Moditouched upon the achievements of his newly formed government in less than 10 weeks of coming to power — abrogation of Article 370, Article 35A, the passing of triple talaq Bill among others. He also said the decision to repeal Article 370 was a step towards fulfilling Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s dream.

What could not happen in 70 years happened in less than 70 days. The development of Jammu and Kashmir now depends on us. The spirit of ‘One nation, one Constitution’ is now a reality. Discussions should now be held on one nation one election.” He also slammed the Opposition for politicising the scrapping of special status to Jammu and Kashmir. “Politics comes and goes but steps in the interest of the nation are paramount. If Article 370 was so important and life-changing, why was it not made permanent.”

PM Modi announced that India will have a Chief of Defence Staff- CDS. "Our forces are India's pride. To further sharpen coordination between the forces, I want to announce a major decision from the Red Fort: India will have a Chief of Defence Staff- CDS. This is going to make the forces even more effective."

PM Modi also announced the launch of Jal Jeevan Mission to bring piped water to households and resolved to spend more than Rs 3.5 lakh crore in coming years. He also asked citizens to join the Jal Ministry in water conservation. In his speech, he also remembered the lives lost in the massive floods across multiple parts of India. He also paid homage to the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters in the struggle for independence.

Dressed in a white kurta-pyjama and a colourful turban, PM Modi was received by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at Red Fort. He then inspected Guard of Honour and unfurled tricolour. Before coming to Red Fort, he paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat.



Kuwait will not see rain during August even though more clouds will be visible overhead in the coming days



With the ‘rain clouds’ showing up overhead, there is much talk about rain opportunities, but some meteorologists confirmed that Kuwait will not see rain during August, while others say it is difficult to predict rain, but certainly more clouds will be visible overhead in the coming days.

Advisor to the Ministry of Information for Meteorological Affairs Issa Ramadan told the talking about rain just by looking at the skies over Kuwait over the next two days does not mean Kuwait will see rain in August.At the same time, he said, “perhaps those who talk about the rain are talking about the star Suhail, which will appear later this month and there will be a drop in temperatures. As for astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun,the clouds were seen Wednesday in different parts of Kuwait, and it is not certain that these clouds will bring rain.-A.T.


Police impersonator kidnap five Indian women



Securitymen are looking for a police impersonator for kidnapping five Indian women, driving them to a deserted place in Jahra and attempting to rape one of them.The five women were riding in a taxi and the suspect driving in a civilian vehicle flashed his ‘military ID’ told the women they are violators of the law and ordered them to get in his car pretending to take them to a police station.The man then drove them to Jahra and started molesting them. He then chose one of them and began removing her clothes. At this point the women shouted for help and managed to escape from him and went to the main road and hitchhiked their way to the Abu Halifa Police Station and filed a complaint against the impersonator.-A.T.


CSC lifted the ban on the recruitment of non-Kuwaitis to fill up 193 medical posts



The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has lifted the ban on the recruitment of non-Kuwaitis to fill up 193 medical posts in the Ministry of Health.These vacant medical posts include 42 doctors, five pharmacists, 13 technicians and 133 nurses. The CSC had earlier issued a directive not to fill up these positions until the end of the specified period.-A.T.


Kuwait Indian Ambassador's message for Independence Day

Message of H.E. Mr. K. Jeeva Sagar, Ambassador of India to Kuwait

On the Occasion of the 72nd Anniversary of India’s Independence

            On this very special and joyous occasion of the 72nd Anniversary of Independence of India, it is my honour and privilege to extend Warm Greetings and Best Wishes to my fellow countrymen and women in Kuwait. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation and profound gratitude to all well-wishers and friends of India in Kuwait, particularly to the leadership, the people and the Government of Kuwait, for their steadfast commitment to the close and friendly relations between India and Kuwait. I would like to reiterate that Government of India reciprocates this commitment and is keen to further strengthen and expand this mutually enriching relationship. Strong, multi-faceted bilateral relations between our two friendly countries are rooted in history and nurtured by  civilizational linkages and people-to-people affinities. Presence of a large number of Indians in this friendly, peace-loving and vibrant nation of Kuwait is a testimony to the enduring spirit of cooperation and understanding that exists between the two countries and its peoples. I am quite confident that my dear Indian citizens in Kuwait will continue to uphold high ideals, values and standards here in Kuwait, abide by its laws and regulations and exert their utmost efforts in contributing towards the economic development of this friendly host country of Kuwait.

            This year, we complete 72 years of our Independence. It is not just another anniversary year, it is another significant milestone in the process of nation building, given the extraordinary circumstances in which we achieved our freedom. Through painstaking efforts of millions of people and selfless sacrifices by several leaders over decades, we have forged a robust nation with strong and vibrant democratic traditions. India of today is a nation that inspires other nations across the world, and is now widely seen as a beacon of stability and prosperity in increasingly uncertain times. This success of ours is not a result of an accident of history. Ours is a story of triumph of our collective human spirit  – of hope, of devotion, of hard work, of dedication to not only the well-being of the people of our nation but also to the larger cause of humanity; this is the pledge we (and our forefathers) made to ourselves long years ago. My dear fellow citizens, we must not rest on our laurels but continue to move ahead together in a determined way in this glorious journey of ours and with greater intensity and speed to redeem our pledge.

            Despite the pulls and pressures from various quarters, our democracy continues to thrive and amaze. Just a few months ago, we celebrated our democracy and further deepened its roots by organizing the largest electoral exercise in the world. Voter turnout at the recent general elections in India was the highest in its recorded history; which is another testimony to the success of our strong democratic systems and institutions. For this continued success, we owe a great deal to our founding fathers for the most prized national inheritance in the form of a single, monumental document - the Indian Constitution. Our Constitution, which is widely acclaimed as one of the finest in the world, is an expression of the principles and values we have committed ourselves to; an eternal fountain of wisdom and guidance; a fundamental source of the law of the land and the power of its people; and an encapsulation of the essence of our nationhood.

            Rapid technological changes are reshaping today’s world at a pace hitherto unseen in human history, thereby challenging the conventional societal notions. In these uncertain times, we, the People of India, have the historic responsibility to shape the vision of an India for the future, of a New India that adapts to the needs of the time but remains wedded to the roots of our Constitution – which guarantees a pluralistic and inclusive society and celebrates our diversity in its myriad splendid forms.

            Friends, this year, we saw yet another historic first with the successful launch of a Mission to Moon (Chandrayaan 2). This is a reinforcement of the technological strides made by India not only in the field of Space science but in every other scientific domain. This should hold us in good stead for assuming a leadership position in many other new age industries like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, Big Data, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality and Robotics. Indians all over the world can rightly take pride in our achievements that span each and every sector and dimension. Amidst global slowdown, India continues to remain one of the fastest growing major economies in the world making commendable progress in all areas of development. Our economy, which is already the sixth largest in the world (3rd largest on purchasing power basis basis), has now reached approximately US$2.7 trillion in size and is well on its way to reach US$3.0 trillion in the current year, and it is well within our reach to cross the US$ 5 trillion mark in a few years.

            To fasten the pace of development, our government is continuing to undertake many structural reforms. Whilst rolling out several transformational reforms in the economy, the Government has also ensured welfare of the common citizens by continued investments in physical and social infrastructure, provision of public utilities, extension of social safety measures, financial inclusion and job creation in small and medium firms. To top it all, we are doing it in an environmentally sustainable manner. In fact, India has taken the lead in terms of its commitment towards a greener sustainable feature by co-founding the International Solar Alliance (ISA), a global alliance of more than 120 countries for development and promotion of solar energy.

            ISA is a prime example of how India’s external policy is oriented towards greater good of the world; our commitment to a better and a harmonious world stems from our age old belief in the idea of “One world, one family”. It is also a testimony to India’s unwavering faith in multilateralism; wherein we work with other countries in the world to tackle issues of common concern such as international terrorism, climate change, energy and security and the reform of multilateral institutions, including the UN Security Council. The significance of the Gulf and Middle East region in India’s foreign policy framework cannot be overemphasized. We are each other’s extended neighborhood, and peace, security and stability of countries in this region is imperative for prosperity and economic development of India. GCC is one of our largest trading blocs, meeting a significant percentage of India’s energy requirements and hosts about 8.5 million Indians. India also has a Dialogue Partnership with the Arab League.

            I also take this opportunity to inform all our friends that India-Kuwait bilateral relations continue to intensify with increasing number of bilateral visits from both sides. The then Hon’ble External Affairs Minister of India Mrs. Sushma Swaraj (May her soul rest in peace), visited Kuwait in October 2018 during which she called-on His Highness the Amir and other senior dignitaries in the Government of State of Kuwait. My special gratitude to His Excellency Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, who played an extremely gracious host and contributed to highly successful and productive discussions that covered all the dimensions of our bilateral relations. Generous appreciation for the Indian community living in Kuwait from the Kuwaiti leaders stood out as a consistent theme during the interactions. From Kuwait, former Minister of Labour and Social Affairs H.E. Mrs. Hind Al Sabeeh also paid a successful visit to India in October 2018. Visits at Minister of State level had also taken place. Institutional mechanisms between the two Foreign Ministries held meetings to discuss a wide range of topics of mutual concern and also some issues that needed deeper understanding and greater alignment. Considerable progress was made on cooperative frameworks in the areas of Defence, manpower, external policies etc.

            There is a renewed momentum on the bilateral commercial front as well with increasing trade and investment exchanges. A delegation led by the President of Kuwait’s Civil Aviation visited India in January of this year and three business delegations from Kuwait have visited India to participate in various business events. To facilitate bilateral commerce exchanges further, the Indian  Embassy successfully organized a Healthcare Exhibition, with participation from the top Indian hospitals and wellness centres from India, and two roadshows, with participation from business delegations from the States of Goa and Tamil Nadu so far during the year. Embassy also organized various other events, including Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas, 5th International Yoga Day and World Environment Day. Indian companies, both from Public and Private sectors, continue to operate successfully and win contracts on a competitive basis. Home to one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world, Kuwait is a major investing nation while India is highly rated profitable investment destination; this synergy, given the level of confidence in the relationship, needs to be explored further for mutual benefit.

            As I had highlighted right at the beginning, it is the people-to-people ties that forms the bedrock of this strong and enduring relationship. Indians form the largest expatriate community in Kuwait and are present in almost all segments of Kuwaiti economy. Each one of the members of the Indian Community in Kuwait has been a good brand Ambassador for India, and has played a crucial role in the positive development of our bilateral relations. In all my interactions with the Kuwaiti leadership at various levels, I have been reassured that the Indian Community in Kuwait enjoys the trust and confidence of the friendly people of Kuwait because of the community’s law-abiding nature, its peaceful character, work ethic and cultural compatibility. It is the responsibility of all of us now to reciprocate this trust and  confidence reposed by the Government and the people of the friendly State of Kuwait by abiding by the values and the principles we stand for as a proud nation. Embassy will continue to accord highest priority to the welfare and well-being of the Indian Community in Kuwait. In cooperation with the Kuwaiti authorities, Community associations, and well-wishers & volunteers of the Community, the Embassy will endeavour to address all issues and ensure the welfare of the Indian Community in Kuwait so that it can continue to provide a strong impetus to India-Kuwait relations.

            Once again, on this joyous and proud occasion of the 72nd Anniversary of our Independence Day, I wish every Indian in Kuwait good health and happiness. I also take this opportunity to extend festive greetings on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha and to convey my Best Wishes for the continued good health and well-being of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, and to the friendly people of the State of Kuwait.


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