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Govt plans to pay a married Kuwaiti woman full monthly salary without having the need to go to office



There is a government tendency to pay a married Kuwaiti woman full monthly salary without having the need to go to office provided she fulfills several conditions to make her eligible to earn the pay cheque.The issue which is being studied by the government has the support of a group of deputies which gives impetus to the concerned government authorities to study it in detail, and set a list of controls and conditions on the basis of which a married Kuwaiti woman will be eligible to the ‘grant’.

The proposal gives a married Kuwaiti woman the freedom to choose between receiving a full salary equal to the salary she would receive if she continued working or stay put at home and fulfill the conditions contained in the proposal.The woman will not be entitled to work in a private sector or establish a private company or institution and will not be allowed to employ a driver but can employ only one maid to help her with work at home.

This is to strengthen family bond, reduce the rate of divorces which has increased significantly in the recent years and reduce dependence on domestic workers.This is in addition to provide an appropriate environment for women to take care of their children and family affairs to ensure proper upbringing.-A.T.


Environmental violations campaign-main environmental violations



The environment police carried out a wide ranging campaign targeting gathering places at beaches and public parks, and 25 environmental citations were issued. The environmental violations according to article 143 (a) of environment protection law 42/2014 are as follows: 
1- For throwing trash and not discarding it in designated places, the minimum fine is KD 50 and maximum KD 500.
2- For harming beaches and islands, the minimum fine is KD 250 and maximum KD 5,000.
3- For harming Kuwait Bay, such as by throwing rubbish or fishing, the punishment is a minimum of one year in jail and a maximum of three, with a minimum fine of KD 1,250 and maximum KD 5,000, or either punishment.
4- For harming the soil (according to article 40) by digging or harming its natural components, the fine is KD 250.    -K.T.



Working hours of cleaners deployed on various streets changed amid searing heat



In a bid to boost cleaning companies’ efficiency and improve cleaning levels in various governorates, as well as protect cleaners’ health during the current heat wave, Municipality Director Ahmad Al-Manfouhi issued an administrative decision on the working hours of cleaners deployed on various streets. According to the decision, cleaners will start sweeping streets daily from 3 am to 11 am during the summer and from 4 am to noon during winter, in addition to a second shift from 4 pm to midnight. Manfouhi urged municipal officials to follow up the performance of cleaning companies and their commitment to the contracts signed with them.-K.T.


Committee formed to organize and adjust the population structure



The committee formed by the government to organize and adjust the population structure after the problem has exacerbated according to the latest statistics, and the pursuit of control and organization through three axes – controlling the large disparity between the number of communities, marginal labor and filling the legal gaps that are exploited to manipulate laws.The committee, which consists of a number of government agencies such as the ministries of Social Affairs and Labor and Interior, the Public Authority of Manpower and representatives of a number of institutions have, proposed a number of measures and steps to amend the demographic structure due to following reasons.

To prevent the increase in the number of the community above the specified rate for security reasons and in order to reduce the rate of crime and ease of control and for economic reasons and to prevent the commercial monopolies of certain communities.

To prevent the extension of residence permit for expatriates in the private sector after the age of 65, as is the case in the government sector, as the benefit of the country after the age of these, except for certain occupations are determined and excluded by law No 3.

To prevent the transfer of residence permit in the private sector to another sponsor until at least five years have passed, to prevent manipulation and to remove those who do not want to work with their sponsor immediately if the work is refused.

To prevent the transfer from the public sector to the private sector, and allow the expansion of the government sector to use the labor inside the country instead of recruitment from abroad.

Initiate the increase of residence fees as soon as possible to bring on par with neighboring countries, because it is a way to reduce marginal employment on the one hand and to cope with the services provided.

Intensifying security campaigns to control and remove marginal workers and to report in monthly numbers as part of the steps to reset the population structure.

Imposition of fees on remittances abroad by a percentage determined by the amounts transferred, as a step to put pressure on marginal employment.

Urgently build cities to accommodate singles for security reasons to reduce crime and ease security control and for reasons associated with preventing the presence of singles in private housing.

Tightening penalties on those who harbor illegal workers, reconsidering the existing laws to make them more stringent for residence law violators.-A.T.


PAM closed the files of 1,600 companies for not paying salaries on time



Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has closed the files of 1,600 companies which work on government projects for failing to comply with laws governing the salary transfer of employees on time.Its Labor Inspection Department has listed these companies under Code 703. The authority is serious in applying the law and holding accountable the violators in an attempt to arrange the labor market and to maintain the rights of its parties concerned, noting that closing the files with above-mentioned code will put an end to labor strikes.-A.T.


20,000 iqamas cancelled during the past three years



State Minister for Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel said 20,000 expat residency permits were cancelled during the past three years due to linking workers’ residency permits, education level and work permits. Aqeel also said the Public Authority for Manpower recovered KD 123,573 for employers who submitted complaints at the domestic help department against domestic help supply offices and companies. She added 194 female inmates out of 500 at the expat shelter have been deported. Aqeel said solutions are being sought to resolve the issue of absconding laborers by granting them a three-month grace period to amend their status, besides increasing absconding fines, in addition to punishing those who employ absconders. –K.T.


Egypt's former president Mohammed Mursi collapsed in court and died



Egypt's former president Mohammed Mursi collapsed in court during a trial and died on Monday, state TV and his family said.

The 67-year-old Brotherhood leader had just addressed the court, speaking from the glass cage he is kept in during sessions, a judicial official said. A few minutes afterward, he collapsed, the official said.State TV said Mursi died before he could be taken to the hospital.

Mursi has been in prison undergoing multiple trials ever since the military ousted him in July 2013 and launched a massive crackdown on his Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists. Monday's session was part of a retrial, being held inside Cairo's Tura Prison, on charges of espionage with the Palestinian Hamas militant group.Mursi's son Ahmed confirmed the death of his father in a Facebook post.


Over 200 people arrested in security campaign in Capital, Ahmadi crackdown



More than 200 people were arrested in a massive security campaign that covered several industrial areas in two governorates yesterday. Capital and Ahmadi Security men cordoned Ahmadi Industrial, Bnaid Al-Qar and Sharq Industrial before inspecting the identities of around 900 people, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. Police arrested 232 people including those with expired residency visas who were sent for deportation, fugitives wanted on criminal charges and absconding cases who were taken to the proper authorities for further action, among others.-K.T.


Two African expatriates drowned in the Abu Halifa beach



Two African expatriates drowned in the Abu Halifa beach opposite a popular restaurant. In a press release, the Public Relations and Media Department of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) explained that the Control Room of KFSD, after receiving information about the incident, dispatched rescue teams including divers from Shuaiba and Salmiya fire stations.These teams were headed by heads of Muhallab and Shuaiba fire stations Colonel Fahad Al-Ayoubi and Captain Fahad Al-Azmi respectively. The rescue teams, based on information obtained from the victims’ friends, launched a search process.

The corpse of one of the victims, who was born in 1993, was found soon after, and the corpse of the other victim was found next day morning from a different location. The search process was conducted under the supervision of Director of Marine Firefighting Department Colonel Bader Al-Kadam. The two corpses have been referred to the Forensics Department.-A.T.


Ministry of commerce and industry to stop issuing licenses on delivery services



The interior ministry has asked the ministry of commerce and industry to stop issuing licenses for delivery services, because the interior ministry is the authority responsible for giving the final approval to issue such licenses.

Sources said the interior ministry believes the delivery market has become chaotic and needs new regulations to organize it, as it is expanding rapidly, particularly the delivery of food and other consumer goods. The sources said the commerce ministry will not reject any application to establish a new delivery company in principle, but the completion of procedures needs approval by the interior ministry.-K.T.


All tourists entering Dubai will now receive a free pre-paid mobile SIM card



All tourists entering Dubai will now receive a free pre-paid mobile SIM card, thanks to a collaborative 'happiness' project launched by Du Telecommunications, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA- Dubai), and Smart Dubai.

The free 'tourist sim pack' will be handed over to all tourists above 18-years-old at the Immigration counter, Major General Mohammed Al Marri told Khaleej Times at a press meet at the Dubai International Terminal 3 on Sunday, June 16. He said, "The traveller will be given the SIM card on the basis of their travel document, which includes the travellers' passport and a valid visit visa."

The pilot phase of "Connect with Happiness" project allows travellers with transit visa, visit visa, visa on arrival, and GCC citizens arriving at Dubai International Airport to take advantage of complimentary du Tourist SIM cards. The SIM card will provide the tourist three-minute talk time and 20 MB mobile data for free. The SIM card will be valid for 30 days, an entire month, or the duration of the tourist's stay.

Fawad Al Hasawi, executive Vice President, Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Services, du, also said that the system works in sync with the immigration system, and will be deactivated once the tourist exits the country. "Otherwise, the SIM is valid for 30-days only. The tourist can also top-up the sim for three packages- small, medium, and large," said Hasawi.

Authorities believe this project will enhance the happiness of all visitors entering Dubai. Currently, the SIM will be offered to passengers exiting Dubai Airport terminals 1,2, and 3.

However, in case the tourist changes his status to a resident of Dubai, he will not be able to convert the number into a permanent one, Hawasi told Khaleej Times on the sidelines of the press meet.

"As per rules set by the telecommunication regulation authorities in Dubai, the SIM card will be deactivated in 30 days or when the individual leaves. As of right now, there is no mechanism in place to convert the temporary number into a permanent one."  

Al Marri also said, "This project aims to contribute to achieving Dubai Happiness Agenda, which is being implemented by the Smart Dubai Office. We have targeted visitors of Dubai in cooperation with du, in a move to ensure they enjoy a safe and happy stay."

Al Marri added: "Dubai is witnessing an increasing growth in a number of visitors from all over the world. In addition, this initiative is line with the directives of the UAE leadership and with the city's vision for the implementation of Happiness Agenda to make Dubai the happiest city on Earth. He added, "Through our association with du, we are pleased to be enabling visitors to Dubai to enjoy a unique service on arrival."

Dr Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, the director general of the Smart Dubai Office said, "Smart Dubai Office in collaboration with its strategic partners, is working to achieve Dubai Happiness Agenda, which was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai in 2016, which focuses on people happiness, whether visitor, resident or citizen. People's happiness in Dubai is what we are working for."

Hawasi said, "As part of future plans, we are hoping the project will eventually be extended to all immigration checkpoints in the UAE. It will also be extended to other airports across the country."

Travellers will have access to the Tourist SIM package, which comes preloaded with a free SIM card, three flexi- minutes and three-day validity.To activate the complimentary SIM, all travellers need to do is insert the SIM card, dial *122# and follow the instructions to get connected through du's outstanding service.

Promoters from du will also be present near immigration desks at Dubai International Airport to help visitors.


Ministry cancels the commercial licenses of four companies



Ministry of Commerce and Industry has cancelled the commercial licenses of four companies based on decisions issued by the minister Khalid Al-Rawdhan. These four companies are – Al-Waha Real- Estate International Company, Ejia Company for Searches and Medical Services, Dar Sama Real- Estate Company, and Kiwan Real-Estate Company.

The licenses of these companies were canceled because they have not been practicing their activities for six consecutive months. The decision was taken without the knowledge of the companies in line with article No. 11 of law No. 111/2013 concerning licenses of commercial shops.-A.T.


Readymade shop employees detained for unaccounted KD 9,000 of sale proceeds



Some employees of a shop selling readymade clothes have been detained for interrogation for allegedly stealing KD 9,000 from the company believed to be proceeds of sales prior to the Eid Al-Fitr holidays.The theft was discovered when the Kuwaiti owner who has a shop in downtown Kuwait City noticed a significant decrease in income during the pre-holiday period unlike at other similar times.

The owner then made an inventory of the goods and discovered that much of the goods had been sold but there was no money. The owner then pointed a finger of accusation at the employees, most of them cashiers and the financial manager. The owner, accompanied by the company lawyer has filed a complaint with the police.-A.T.


Kohli becomes fastest batsman to score 11,000 runs



India skipper Virat Kohli rose to the challenge on Sunday against Pakistan and added another feather to his cap by becoming the fastest player in the history of the game to cross the 11,000-run mark in ODIs.Kohli achieved the feat in 222 innings, going past Sachin Tendulkar, who took 276 knocks to go past the milestone. Australia's Ricky Ponting reached the milestone in 286 innings, while Sourav Ganguly took 288 innings to achieve the feat.

Kohli also became only the third Indian after Tendulkar and Ganguly and ninth cricketer overall to get to 11,000 ODI runs.Kohli missed out on an opportunity in India's third group stage match against New Zealand in Nottingham which was called off due to rain without a single ball being bowled.



Jaber Hospital started conducting cardiac catheterization operations



Jaber Hospital has launched its interventional cardiology department and started conducting cardiac catheterization operations, said Mubarak Al-Kabeer health zone manager and Jaber Hospital executive manager Dr Saud Al-Dara, noting that the first cardiac catheterization was conducted by Ministry of Health (MoH) undersecretary Dr Mustafa Redha, the head of Jaber Hospital’s cardiology unit Dr Fauzia Al-Kandari and the hospital’s medical team. Dara added that the first phase of Jaber Hospital was launched over two months ago, while the second phase was launched to expand the hospital’s services and reach 55 percent of its bed capacity by the end of the year. He noted that the third phase will be launched by the beginning of next year, during which the bed capacity will be full and various staff will be provided.-K.T.


MS Dhoni buys Ind-Pak World Cup match ticket for Pakistani fan



The bond between MS Dhoni and Karachi-born Mohammad Bashir aka 'Chacha Chicago' blossomed during the 2011 World Cup semifinal between India and Pakistan and it has only grown stronger since then.

Such is the bond that Bashir has flown into Manchester from Chicago (approximately 6000 km) for Sunday's high-octane Indo-Pak contest without a match ticket.He knows that Dhoni will ensure that he is it at the Old Trafford when the first ball is bowled.

"I arrived here yesterday and saw that people are ready to pay as much as 800-900 pounds for a ticket. A return ticket from Chicago costs the same. Thanks to Dhoni, I don't have to struggle for a match ticket," the 63-year-old, who owns a restaurant in Chicago and is an American passport holder, told PTI.

The connection goes back to 2011. Bashir was bowled over by Dhoni's benevolence when India's World Cup-winning captain went out of his way to arrange a ticket for him for the marquee clash in Mohali, a showdown for which most fans would pay an arm and a leg to watch in person.

Eight years later, the heartwarming story of Bashir and Dhoni continues. It is not a surprise anymore that Bashir supports Dhoni's team over the country of his birth whenever the two sides clash.

Dhoni might not be easily accessible for even his teammates at times but has never disappointed Bashir.

"I don't call him as he is so busy. I keep in touch only through text messages. Long before I came here, Dhoni assured me of the ticket. He is a great human being. I can't think of anyone else doing what he has done for me since that 2011 game in Mohali.

"Imagine I get the ticket for free when most would pay a fortune for it. I have got a surprise gift for him this time and I hope to give it to him later today," said Bashir.

After arriving in Manchester, he checked into the Pakistan's team hotel where he met most of the squad members including captain Sarfaraz Ahmed, Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Amir and Hassan Ali.

One of his selfies was with Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis star wife Sania Mirza, an Indo-Pak union just like him and his wife. He checks into the Indian team hotel later on Friday.

His love for his homeland is understandable but the reason for his affinity towards India is his Hyderbadi wife, besides Dhoni of course. His match-day uniform has both India and Pakistan colours and Bashir calls himself an ambassador of peace.

While watching Indo-Pak games all-around the World, Bashir has made lifelong Indian friends and one them is the well-known superfan Sudhir, who mainly relies on funding from cricketers to support the team from stands. In fact, both are staying together in Manchester.

"Sudhir abhi apni body pe tri-colour paint karwane gaya hain (Sudhir has gone outside to get the Indian tri-colour painted on his body).

"I book the room and we stay together. Thanks to Allah, I am doing okay (financially) and that is the least I can do for a friend. I just gifted Sudhir a phone and it made him really happy. These are the little things in life that give you happiness."

Bashir, who has overcome three heart attacks, carries as many 12 medicines when he is travelling. Before coming to the UK, he was in Saudi Arabia with his grandson during the holy month of Ramadan.

"It is not easy with my medical condition. Ab toh aisa lagta hain jab tak cricket chal rahi tab tak saasen chal rahi hain (May be I am alive only for cricket)," Bashir added.

No prizes for guessing that he is backing India to maintain their unbeaten run over Pakistan on Sunday.


Number of unemployed citizens dropped by 14,200 in the past six years, ie 73 percent



The number of unemployed citizens dropped by 14,200 in the past six years, ie 73 percent compared to 2013, according to statistics issued by the Central Statics Bureau. According to statistics, unemployed citizens dropped due to the policies the government has been following in recruiting citizens in both the government and the private sectors, which brought down the total number of unemployed citizens from 19,218 in 2013 to only 5,000 in May, 2019. 
Statistics explained that the total number of unemployed citizens aged 20-29 years dropped from 8,000 to 3,050, the total number of unemployed married citizens dropped from 10,000 to 3,000, and the total number of unemployed citizens with intermediate school certificates dropped from 6,000 to 3,151. 
Further, statistics showed that the total number of citizens who are unemployed for less than six months increased from 3,000 to 5,000, those who are unemployed between six months and one year dropped from 3,000 to 1,800, and those who are unemployed for over a year dropped from 12,000 to 2,100 during the same period. The report also noted that 55 percent of unemployed citizens do not have enough professional training and have not undergone any qualifying training courses.-K.T.


Kuwait has advanced seven places on the Global Peace Index 2019



Kuwait has advanced seven places on the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2019, issued by the Institute of Economics and International Peace, compared to its rank on the index last year, ranking 43rd globally and second Qatar (among the GCC countries) which is ranked 31st in the world.The GPI is based on what the passive peace scale of each country in relation to the ongoing domestic and international conflicts of each country, its role and duration of involvement in the conflict. The second area of the Institute’s index is measuring the level of harmony and division within each country based on data that broadly assess personal safety and social security, crime rates, terrorist activity, violent demonstrations, harmonious relations between neighboring countries, stability of the political scene and proportions of internally displaced persons or refugees to neighboring countries.

The Institute is also based on other indicators related to the military situation of each country and access to weapons. Data are measured on the military expenditures of each country as a percentage of gross domestic product, the number of military personnel and the state’s financial contributions to the UN peacekeeping missions.The world has become calmer this year for the first time in five years, with the average level of calm rising by 0.09 percent, the institute said, pointing out that the increase in calm came as a result of the decline of the intensity of many major conflicts around the world, and number of deaths.

Iceland and New Zealand maintained their lead this year, followed by Portugal (3), Austria (4), Denmark (5), Canada (6), Singapore (7), Slovenia (8), Japan (9) and Czech Republic (10). Afghanistan came at the bottom of the list at 163, preceded by Syria at 162, South Sudan (161), Yemen (160) and Iraq (159).-A.T.


Farwaniya Municipality conducted intensive cleaning campaign



Farwaniya Municipality’s department of public cleanliness and road works conducted intensive cleaning campaign in various parts of the governorate, which resulted in the lifting of 2,702 cubic meters of debris and trees, in addition to washing 1,570 dumpsters and replacing 449.

In a statement, municipality official Saad Al-Khureinej indicated that his department has set up a work plan to intensify cleaning campaigns within Farwaniya Governorate in a bid to improve the level of cleanliness, and to remove anything that tarnishes the general image of the governorate. He affirmed that the campaign will continue on a daily basis until the general cleanliness of the governorate is achieved.-A.T.


80 absconding reports are filed on a daily basis in Kuwait



Head of Freedom Organization for Human Rights Dr Abdulrahman Mohammad stressed the need to increase awareness about the rights of laborers and the labor law in order to curb the phenomenon of visa trading, which is the main reason behind the huge number of marginal workers in Kuwait.

He revealed that 80 absconding reports are filed on a daily basis in Kuwait against marginal workers. Dr Mohammad indicated that the state’s ignorance to take action against the visa traders and their transgression represents its official sponsorship of this phenomenon, which in turn negatively affects the cultural and social fiber of Kuwait and delays the country’s progress in humanitarian activities.He highlighted that the issue of high number of marginal laborers in Kuwait is a well-known matter internationally such that even the US State Treasury and other countries concerned about human rights have been discussing with Kuwait about the actions taken in this regard in the annual report issued in December.

Dr Mohammad lamented that visa traders are the reason behind such high number of marginal workers in Kuwait as well as the greed of these traders to earn money illegally, adding that the ministry has been hiring workers to work in the mornings but letting them go to do as they please without any awareness about the activities of these employees in the evenings.He revealed that many marginal laborers have been arrested for running liquor factories, being involved in prostitution or stealing money through the Internet and telecommunication means. Regarding the Freedom Organization for Human Rights, Dr Mohammad revealed that 20 cases have been referred to the organization, and the lawyers of the organization have been in contact with them.-A.T.


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