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Kuwait stood 8th worldwide, with over $13 billion in remittances



A migration and remittances report by the World Bank on expat remittances in 2017 showed Kuwait stood 8th worldwide, with over $13 billion in remittances made from Kuwait compared to only $22 million made to Kuwait in the same year. The report also showed that Kuwait collects the lowest fee for remittances made to the Philippines, East Asian countries and the Pacific – less than 2.5 percent of the remittance value. The report also showed a 10.8 percent growth in remittances made to developing countries, with figures expected to reach $528 billion this year. The report said India topped the list of countries receiving remittances in 2018 with $80 billion, followed by China with $67 billion, Mexico and the Philippines with $34 billion and Egypt with $26 billion. –K.T.


Proposal for expat "salary tax"



A member of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chairman of Al-Mulla Exchange Company Abdullah Najeeb Al Mulla will present a different vision regarding the approval of fees on expatriate remittances.According to his vision the salary tax should be deducted immediately from the salary as soon as it is deposited in the account of the employee. He pointed out that the tax average will be organized in different categories according to the value of the salary.

He added that his suggestion matches the State’s intention concerning the enhancement of other non-oil revenues. He stressed on the need to ignore the imposition of fees in the remittance process, which will have negative repercussions and will work to create a parallel ‘black’ market that will be out of control and will cause mess to the market.-A.T.


Request to discuss again health insurance for visit visa



Chairman of the Human Resources Development Committee in the Parliament MP Khaleel Al-Saleh has submitted a request to expedite deliberation on the Health Affairs Committee’s report about the health insurance policy for foreigners who visit the country in order to table the bill for discussion in Tuesday’s session.Al-Saleh said he presented the proposal in the last legislative term, hoping it will be approved this term. He proposed a new health insurance policy for every foreigner entering the country to reduce pressure on hospitals and to stop the squandering of prescribed medicines.

He added the bill has become a popular demand, especially since it is in line with the government’s rationalization policy. He pointed out similar laws are currently implemented in neighboring countries, noting that the implementation of a system for providing healthcare services requires comprehensive research and preparation by experts considering the financial situation of the country and the need to coordinate with the private sector.-A.T.



Domestic workers Employment Act No. 68 not known to many



The study that was issued by the Kuwait society for human rights regarding the Domestic workers Employment Act No. 68 for the year 2015 , titled “ domestic workers rights between legislation and enforcement through the law 68 for the year 2015 “ clarified that acknowledging the law , committing to it and having it enforced are the main important signs to an effective law , the study concluded that the law didn’t reach the minimum needed level of awareness in its enforcement and application fields , as it showed that 62.2 % of the employers who were included in the survey are not aware that the domestic workers law exist in spite of the fact that more than three years have passed since the law was issued , in the other hand 71,59 % of the domestic workers are not aware of it

More over , 91.9% of the employers who were included in the survey claimed that they hold the workers passport with them even when they request to have a law that regulation the work relationship between them and the workers , between them and the recruitment offices too . Which is considered as a law breach – violations “ holding passports “

The study has also revealed that 86.95 % of the recruitment offices owners see that the law failed to provide a positive connection between the recruitment offices and the domestic workers department , and 78.25 % think that the new terms and conditions to issue or renew a work permit so as to practice their recruitment business are an injustice , complicated terms .

The study was issued recently at the end of this November 2018 and it was a part of a major project called “ Support “ that the Kuwait society for human rights had it accomplished in cooperation with SDC the Swiss agency for development and cooperation.-K.T.


Plan to ban visa transfers of expats before 3 years



Manpower authority is planning to issue decision of banning visa transfers of expats hired from abroad to work in private sector to another company before 3 years.This step will enable Kuwait authorities considerably to fight visa trading and human trafficking and reduce marginal labor.

At present visa transfers are done after one year from entry or by paying KD 300 fee for six month from entry date.Sources informed that companies on projects will greatly benefit from this rule.-A.T.


Licence revoked for Wataniya Airways



Kuwait’s civil aviation authority has revoked the license of Kuwait National Airways, which is known as Wataniya Airways, for failing to address operational issues that led to delays and cancellations last summer.Wataniya had its license to operate flights suspended for three months in September after more than 1,500 of its passengers were left stranded in foreign countries because of cancellations.Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) official spokesperson Saad Al-Otaibi said that DGCA applied its legal measures gradually as it first suspended Wataniya Airways permit for three months due to delays of the 1,500 passengers whose flights on the aircraft had been cancelled since Aug 26.

This allowed the company an opportunity to make tangible overhaul of its services, but it was not utilized nor did the company introduce immediate reforms on its operations. Al-Otaibi noted that this decision comes from DGCA’s keenness on preserving air traffic control in the national aviation sector and Kuwait’s image abroad, as well as passengers’ interests and safety.-A.T.


Kuwait University project delay led to the project’s budget from KD 475 million to KD 2.95 billion



A State Audit Bureau report about Sabah Al-Salem University City (Kuwait University – Al-Shadadiya) tracked some lenience in determining the basic requirements for the campus colleges, and bad primary assessment that resulted in many modifications and changes made in the project. The report also stressed that as a result of the delays, college buildings were not launched on time, the free maintenance period of those buildings expired while citizens lost faith in the government’s seriousness in building the new academic city. The report explained that the delay also led to increasing the project’s budget from KD 475 million, when the project was approved in 2004, to KD 1.6 billion in 2010, then KD 2.95 billion in 2018.-K.T.



Search for three who assaulted two Kuwaitis and cut arteries and muscles with a sword



Criminal detectives have commenced investigation to find three individuals who assaulted two Kuwaitis and cut their arteries and muscles before fleeing the scene with a sword.A security source said rescue officers and paramedics reached the scene immediately after the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry received a distress call concerning two Kuwaitis in a pool of blood who were writhing in pain at a location in Messila.

Paramedics referred the victims to Mubarak Hospital where doctors operated on them to fix the damaged arteries and muscles. The victims told security operatives that the driver of the three suspects was moving at excessive speed when suddenly he pulled over at a parking lot off Messilah Beach, and nearly hit their vehicle.This made the victims confront the suspects for reckless driving that nearly cost them their lives. To their surprise, the suspects alighted from their car with swords in their hands and started assaulting them. Detectives have collected vivid description of the suspects with data of their car to aid the investigation.-A.T.


Senior executives can now apply to be IIM director

Future directors of the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) may no longer need to have anything to do with academia — or even possess a PhD. According to rules notified under the IIM Act this week, executives, who have been in senior management roles for at least 15 years, will now be eligible to be appointed as directors.

The premier business schools, in the past, have been headed by corporate executives, but such examples are few and far between. Ravi J Matthai, the first full-time director of IIM-Ahmedabad in 1965, and Subir Chowdhury, who headed IIM-Calcutta in the 1990s, are two such examples.

“The examples of executives heading IIMs are mostly from the early days when the institutes were young and talent pool was limited,” said an IIM director who did not wish to be identified.

Before the IIM Act kicked in this January, there were no fixed recruitment rules for the post of director. However, in the last decade, a PhD along with teaching experience has been a prerequisite for the post.

The new rules, which have codified the terms and conditions of service of directors at all 20 IIMs, state: “The applicant shall be a distinguished academic with PhD or equivalent having at least fifteen years teaching or research experience and shall have worked as a full Professor at a reputed institution for at least seven years; or shall have industry experience at a higher level for at least fifteen years.”

Higher Education Secretary R Subrahmanyam justified the opening up of the post to those with only industry experience. “These are institutes of management. They prepare people for the management role. Someone who has been an Executive Director or Managing Director can prove to be invaluable to an IIM,” he said.

Asked about the omission of academic credentials – PhD – as a criterion, he said: “Some of the biggest businesses and institutions have been set up by people with limited academic credentials.”

IIM Bangalore’s G Raghuram, however, expressed apprehension over the new provision. “Ideally, a director should be one with a background of academic experience. If a director has industry experience in addition to academic experience, it could be a value-add. Preferably, the academic experience should be recent,” he said.

IIM-Ahmedabad director Errol D’Souza was more blunt. “I believe it is a mistake. It seems someone messed up in the drafting,” he said.


DGCA projects over 15 million passengers in 2018-Terminal-2 is scheduled for completion by 2022



The Directorate General of Civil Aviation projected on Thursday the number of passenger travelling via Kuwait Airport is to surpass 15 million in 2018. The annual increase in the number of travelers via Kuwait Airport is between 10 and 12 percent, nearly a million, Deputy Director General for Aviation Safety and Air Transport Affairs (Eng.) Emad Al-Juluwi told KUNA. Al-Juluwi made his remarks on the sidelines of celebrating the upcoming International Civil Aviation Day, annually marked on seventh of December.

Kuwait marks the occasion as a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization, and as part of its commitment to implement all international agreements on civil aviation and air transportation safety, he said. Al-Juluwi said DGCA has a colorful record of achievements, whether on the levels of training and qualifying national cadres, or infrastructure and significant facilities. The Directorate has an ambitious plan to construct enhanced facilities and infrastructure; an important step that is in line with the country’s goal to be an international financial and commercial hub, said the DGCA official.

Some of the ambitious infrastructure projects listed in the New Kuwait 2020 Vision’s development plan include airfreight city, third runway, and Terminal-2, noted Al-Juluwi. The Terminal-2 project, currently in process, is scheduled for completion by 2022, he said, adding all DGCA’s projects take into consideration latest technological updates and developments in the air transportation field.-KUNA


5,945 CCTV cameras all over the country, to minimize the number of crimes



The Ministry of Interior unveiled that it has installed 5,945 CCTV cameras all over the country, to minimize the number of crimes in the country.In the regard, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah paid a visit to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector yesterday. He was received by Assistant Undersecretary for ICT Affairs of the Ministry of Interior Sheikh Mishal Jaber Al-Abdullah and a number of security leaders in the sector.-A.T.


Beggars are devising new means to dodge the crackdown



As the interior ministry stresses its zero-tolerance policy towards begging, beggars in turn are devising new means to dodge the crackdown. While some see it as a last resort for subsistence, others use the proceeds to offset their bills as economic hardship bites. According to the rules, foreigners who are caught begging will be deported and will be banned from entering any Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country in the future.

Begging in Kuwait is a bit different from what we see in other countries. The establishment of the Social Affairs Department laid the technical and administrative foundations to combat begging – a menace that can do a lot of damage to Kuwait’s image worldwide. More so, it is really hard to beg in a country that is known to be one of the richest oil countries in the world and named by the UN as a ‘Humanitarian Center’. But with the winds of an economic downturn swirling around Kuwait and other Gulf countries, some beggars have developed creative ways to beg despite the threat of deportation. Some beggars pose as helpers, while others pretend to be very ill.

In one of the most creative begging tactics in Kuwait, an Arab woman used a 3D drawing to fake a cancerous growth on her body. The beggar, who pretended to be a cancer patient, made people believe she was in serious pain and needed to undergo urgent surgery. The woman (reportedly from a GCC country) claimed she had one of her legs amputated and needed to treat the other at a hospital in Egypt. 

The high season for begging in Kuwait is usually in the holy month of Ramadan. Beggars can be seen around mosques to take advantage of people’s sympathy. According to reports, over 50 beggars (women and men) were arrested across Kuwait during Ramadan.In order to evade arrest, some offer to help you – even if you don’t need their help, while others resort to selling various household items on the street. In another form of begging, some are going door-to-door.

In another begging tactic, a young man in his early thirties was spotted begging from a flashy sports car in Salmiya.This is what he does every time. He always claims to have lost his wallet – asking people to help him with some cash. If you come the following day, you will see him telling the same story again. The conman continues to prey on vulnerable victims to feed his habits.-K.T.


Five expatriates referred to the prosecution for submitting fake leave documents



The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has referred five expatriates to the Prosecution for committing manipulations in the official documents.The five were caught submitting fake leave documents and received payment illegally. The incident was discovered when the ministry was checking the official leave documents submitted by the staff.The five men had submitted the sick leave documents for the past three years issued by the same doctor and the same clinic which raised the suspicions. These certificates have pushed the ministry to check all sick leaves submitted by the employees to ensure there is no violation.The ministry has challenged in the validity of sick leaves issued by the General Medical Council and affirmed that the five suspects who have submitted their sick leaves were not subjected to medical examinations whether by the committees of medical council or any of the accredited medical authorities.-A.T.


Automated e-linkage system to prevent visa trafficking by the beginning of 2019



The Public Authority for Manpower’s deputy director for human resources and financial affairs Sultan Al-Shaalani said the authority is exerting unprecedented efforts to fight marginal labor, and in this regard, it recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Egypt to recruit Egyptians through automated electronic transactions between both countries. Shaalani added that the e-linkage system, due to be used by the beginning of 2019, will help recruit only skilled and qualified labor as well as help fight visa trafficking.-K.T.


Proposal for relocation of all embassies and consulates away from residential areas



MP Yousef Al-Fadala proposed relocation of all embassies and consulates away from residential areas and provide locations which are more suitable for diplomatic work.He clarified that consulates and embassies in residential areas, especially those belonging to a large community, cause traffic congestion during working hours – an inconvenience for residents.-A.T.


Aim of upgrading electronic services is to confront corruption-Minister



Under the patronage of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah and in cooperation with the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT), the 6th E-Government Forum (EGOV6) kicked off on Tuesday under the motto ‘Managing Transformation Towards Digitalization’ in the Al-Baraka Ballroom of Crowne Plaza hotel. The forum focused on managing change during the digital transformation journey.

On the sidelines of the forum, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Anas Khaled Al-Saleh said raising the level of digital services in Kuwait is a big concern of the government, adding that the aim of upgrading electronic services is to confront corruption through e-services that remove the human element in the completion of any transaction.

Saleh, who heads the board of CAIT, said that Minister of Commerce and Industry Khaled Al-Roudhan, who heads the committee concerned with upgrading the automation of government services, presented a report at the meeting of the Council of Ministers. He pointed out that after the presentation by Roudhan, the economic committee of the Council of Ministers was instructed to review government agencies that need support and which were late in providing their services electronically to find out the causes of delays and resolve obstacles to enable these agencies to raise the level of their services.

NoufEXPO, in collaboration with CAIT, is holding the sixth E-Government Forum – Managing Change Towards Digitization from Dec 4-6, 2018. The forum focuses on change management practices that need to be implemented in order to boost the e-government program implementation and make the best use of all available resources along the way. The forum is accompanied by an exhibition where many government organizations in Kuwait are presenting their various projects and e-services. Several companies and institutions are participating in the forum and presenting various solutions for ministries and government institutions in order to help achieve the desired e-government goals including securing data and government systems.-K.T.


Former IFL President and Prominent businessman Dr. Asad Khan awarded Honorary Doctorate for his social Work

Former IFL President and Prominent businessman Dr. Asad Khan awarded Honorary Doctorate for his social Work


Indian Frontliners former President, prominent Indian businessman, partner and the General Manager of Kuwait Swedish Cleaning Services Company (KSCSC) Dr. Asad Khan was awarded Honorary Doctorate for his Social Work by United Nation University of Global Peace USA.

The honoring ceremony held at Navi Mumbai, India on 25th November, 2018 was attended by a galaxy of personalities including H.E. Ambassador Dr. Anil Nair, Global Peace Ambassador Diplomatic Mission (India), H.E. Ambassador Dr. Dharamdas Damoo, South Asia Governor UN-AUGP-USA (Malaysia) and Dr. Pravin Bhatia, Maharashtra Chapter.

Asad Khan hails from a prominent and well known family of Hyderabad. Dr. Asad Khan is leading the Kuwait Swedish Cleaning Services Company (KSCSC) for the past 36 years with steady growth year after year. From just 90 staff at the beginning, he is now managing a huge team of almost five (5) thousand staff with different nationalities and diverse background. He is also a partner of G5 – General Trading & Contracting Co. and Al Lewaa Security & Maintenance Services Co., an important unit of the holding company.

Dr. Asad Khan always being in the forefront on humanitarian activity for the needy. He donates generously to deserving causes, but prefers to maintain a cloak of anonymity at all times.  His support has been the major factor in the success of many charitable associations in Kuwait. He is one of the patrons of Indian FRONTLINERS Association and served as President of IFL last year.


Jet Airways Announces 'Happy Holidays' End of Year Global Sale




Strengthens domestic and international connectivity via hubs based in Delhi and Mumbai

Kuwait, December 5, 2018: Jet Airways, India’s premier, full-service international airline, has introduced 65 additional frequencies on its international and domestic routes starting December 2018, thus, further strengthening its network over its hubs of Mumbai and Delhi.

The airline has added a daily direct frequency from Pune to Singapore making it the first airline to do so. Owing to the going traffic to Singapore for leisure, business, medical and growing student traffic, Jet Airways has also added a 3rd daily frequency from both its hubs, Mumbai and Delhi to Singapore.

On the international network from Delhi, Jet Airways has added an additional third service between Delhi and Bangkok and a fourth frequency on the Delhi – Kathmandu route to meet the growing demand from travelers.

Guests will also benefit from the additional frequencies that the airline has introduced from its Mumbai and Delhi hubs to the Gulf, further establishing the airlines status as one of the largest carriers to that region. Jet Airways has also introduced a second frequency to Doha from Delhi and Mumbai. 

Dubai has forever remained an attractive tourist and business destination, seeing the rise in travel to Dubai, the airline has added a7th new daily frequency between Mumbai and Dubai.

On the domestic front, effective 5th December, Jet Airways will introduce a fourth frequency between Delhi and Amritsar, and a direct daily service connecting Mumbai to the Holy city.

Happy Holidays end of year global sale:

Keeping in mind the forth coming holiday season, Jet Airways is offering guests attractive discounts of up to 30% on their domestic and international travel across the airline's vast network open for booking from the 5th to the 11st of December.

As part of the ‘Happy holidays year-end global sale’ offer, the airline will offer special discounts of up to 30% on base fare for return travel in Premiere and Economy cabin from Kuwait to India, Bangkok, Colombo, Dhaka, Hong Kong Kathmandu and Singapore on flights operated by Jet Airways.

These exciting fares are available on, Jet Airways mobile site and via your travel agent. More information can be availed on the Jet Airways website and from the call centre. Terms and Conditions apply. 

Raj Sivakumar, Senior Vice-President – Worldwide Sales & Distribution, Jet Airways, said, “Focusing on our strategy of concentrating capacity, enhancing frequencies, and improving density and hub connectivity via Mumbai and Delhi Jet Airways has introduced additional frequencies to popular destinations. These new frequencies will offer our guests the choice to select flight as per their convenience and we are confident that these new flights will meet their travel requirements and provide our guests with seamlessly connectivity.

The approaching festive season gives us the opportunity to offer our guests with a special ‘happy holiday’s global year-end sale’. We are confident that with attractive offers of up to 30%, this global sale will prove to be popular with our valued guests and will allow them experience exciting destinations across our network.”


India's most advanced communication satellite, GSAT-11 shot to space

Ifl Kuwait

Weighing about 5,854 kg, the GSAT-11, built by ISRO, is to enable much faster Internet services than now to users down home over the next 15 years.

As most of India slept, its heaviest and most advanced communication satellite, GSAT-11, was shot to space from a European spaceport in faraway South America.

The mission of the 5,854-kg giant 'bird' is to enable much faster Internet services than now to users down home over the next 15 years. GSAT-11 was launched from the Guiana Space Centre at Kourou in French Guiana at 2.07 a.m. IST on Wednesday, December 5.

The large high-throughput satellite (HTS), along with two smaller HTS satellites GSAT-19 and GSAT-29 launched earlier (by ISRO from Srihsrihkota) will kick off effective satellite-based broadband services in remote, hitherto uncovered rural areas of the country. These and a few more upcoming HTS fleet will also innovatively enable the use of the superior and efficient Ka frequency band.

The lift off of GSAT-11 and a South Korean co-passenger satellite on European pace vehicle Ariane 5 VA246 was watched and cheered by the Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation K. Sivan. In his post-launch remarks Dr. Sivan said: "It will meet most of the requirements of providing broadband connectivity to rural and inaccessible village panchayats under BharatNet which is part of the Digital India initiative."

With him at the space port were P. Kunhikrishnan, Director of the U.R.Rao Satellite Centre in Bengaluru which built the satellite; GSAT-11 Mission Director P.K. Gupta and many ISRO engineers who accompanied the satellite from Bengaluru to Kourou in late October.

GSAT-11, described by the space agency as a giant satellite, is the heaviest ever built by ISRO. (Its next biggest is the GSAT-17, weighing 3,477 kg and which was also launched for ISRO in June 2017 by the same European launch operator Arianespace.)


Certificate of descriptions to evict bachelors from family homes

The “certificate of descriptions” for real estate property may be a viable solution and the right way to evict bachelors from the private and model residential areas to set free families from their restrictions, reports Al-Rai daily.

This document has become an ‘available solution’ to Kuwait Municipality in accelerating the process of evicting singles, indicating the inspectors can now direct a warning violation and issue citations, and even ask for a certificate of description of the property, which indirectly authorizes the removal of singles.

An official source from the Municipality confirmed to Al-Rai that the request to produce certificate of description of the infringing property, which proves renting out to bachelors, would embarrass the violator (owners) when they are confronted with notification and warning. This will force them to evacuate the singles immediately to avoid falling into the trap of building violations.

He added “the idea of resorting to certificate of descriptions will be somewhat useful, especially as all properties occupied by singles are in violation of the law of construction, both in the construction of rooms on the roofs, or partition of real estate into multiple rooms without the consent of the municipality”.

The source pointed out that “the procedure of disclosure does not mean entry into the property and disclosure, but the evidence of any violation will be clear, indicating the owner will be warned to remove the singles, and failure to remove to do so will lead to request for certificate of descriptions, and therefore the violation will be referred to the Public Prosecution to decide”. He stressed that “this procedure is fast compared to the mechanism currently followed, until the completion of the enactment of legislation or amendment desired by the law of the municipality. He pointed out that the mechanism will be an immediate proof of the case by filming and attaching the violation to the record”.


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