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Severe cold wave struck the crops and made losses by tens of thousands of dinars.



The President of the Farmers Union, Abdullah Al-Dimak, confirmed that the severe cold wave that occurred in the country on Tuesday night and dawn, hit the agricultural products in Al-Abdali and Al-Wafra as the temperature reached below zero degrees Celsius.Al-Dimak called the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, to carry out its responsibilities and go to these two affected areas to assess the situation, production  losses and provide the necessary compensation.He added that farmers need support to continue the process of local production, and provide markets with vegetables noting that the frost has damaged field products such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, pepper and part of the reserves that were also hit by the frost and losses by tens of thousands of dinars.



Kuwait Ports Authority to open 3 health centres to prevent corona virus from entering the country



The spokesman for the Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) Nasser Al-Shulaimi said in cooperation with Health Ministry the KPA will open three health centers, one each at the Al-Shuwaikh Port, Mina Shuaiba and at Al-Doha Port to prevent coronavirus from entering the country.He added that KPA has asked Ministry of Health to install the thermal cameras at the three outlets similar to what has been done at the Kuwait International Airport. He pointed out that KPA has begun precautionary measures against the ships docking at the Kuwaiti ports, especially the tankers and the ships coming from the East Asia. He indicated the three health centers will be fully equipped with necessary medicines and trained staff in addition to specially equipped ambulances.-A.T.


Temperature to decrease significantly ranging from 2 to below zero degrees Celsius



Severe cold wave began yesterday and weather experts warned of temperature to decrease significantly, amid expectations that today it will be severe cold, and will continue until next Thursday.

Weather forecast expert Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi said that the weather expected in the next few hours and days will be very cold, especially in the evening and night, where the minimum temperature is expected to reach the dawn of Tuesday and Wednesday at 2 to below zero degrees Celsius in desert areas. While astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun indicated that the temperature in these areas may reach two degrees below zero.

Meteorologist Mohammed Karam expected the continued impact of the cold air mass on the country until next Thursday, because the air elevation was centered over the Caspian Sea, pointing out that the temperature expected to be recorded tomorrow (Wednesday) will range from two to four degrees in the interior regions, to touch zero in the desert areas.

Everyone started feeling, since yesterday afternoon, the impact of the cold air mass accompanied by northwest winds that were active at intervals, sometimes reaching a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, causing the maximum temperature to be lowered to 14 degrees Celsius.Karam further stated that the effect of the cold air mass will continue until Thursday, before the weather begins to moderate on Friday, when the maximum temperature is 18 degrees Celsius and the lowest is 8 degrees Celsius.-A.T.


Study to merge the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation companies into one giant entity



His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled chaired the meeting of the Supreme Petroleum Council yesterday evening, during which the initial approval of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation in the beginning of preparing a study to merge the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation companies into one giant entity, which is expected to take from one and a half to two years.According to high-level oil sources for "Al-Anbaa", the meeting directed the "Petroleum Corporation" to wait in preparation for the detailed study of the merger and study the details of the details of the oil companies affiliated under the "petroleum" without affecting the production levels or the strategic goals set within the updated strategy for 2040.The process of merging the subsidiary oil companies will provide more elements of strength, including reducing the cost arising from the multiplicity and similarity of units in all oil companies and preventing duplication found in the current work mechanism of the companies.


Residence renewal of Article 18 can be done online starting from March 2020



The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Residence Affairs, Major General Talal Marafi, announced that residence renewal of Article 18 can be done online starting from next month (March 2020).

With newly automated system linked with companies and institutions allows to renew the residence of expatriates online without visiting any of the six governorates residence affairs department.He further stated that each company will have its own password to enter the system and follow the steps to renew the residence for expats without any complications or security breach from hackers.Currently certain employees of companies and institutions are being trained on a new system by MOI staff. This service will benefit one and half million expats, this comes as a second stage after implementation of Article 20 (domestic workers) residence renewal. Next step will be residence for newly joining dependents of expats.-A.T.


Last week traffic campaigns resulted in issuing 34,212 citations and detention of 96 motorists



Traffic campaigns launched by the General Traffic Department last week resulted in issuing 34,212 citations and detention of 96 motorists including 5 juveniles.

The campaigns were organized in various governorates upon instructions of the Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry Lieutenant-General Essam Al-Naham. According to a statistics, a total of 34,212 violations were registered in all governorates, 53 vehicles were seized, including 20 wanted by law, 20 motorcycles, and 96 people were referred to the traffic courts, including 5 juveniles.In Farwaniya 5,203 citations were issued, 3 vehicles and 4 motorcycles were seized, and 24 people were put behind bars in addition to arresting two people wanted by law.In Ahmadi, 3,462 citations were issued, 8 vehicles were seized and 28 people arrested. The total number of violations committed in Jahra governorate were 4,246, and one wanted person was arrested; in Mubarak Al-Kabeer the number of violations were 2,000, 5 people were arrested, 3 vehicles were impounded, one wanted vehicle was seized and one wanted person was arrested.-A.T.


India barred foreigners who went to China on or after January 15



Aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation has said that foreigners, who went to China on or after January 15, will not be allowed to enter India.

"Foreigners who have been to China on or after January 15, 2020, are not allowed to enter India from any air, land or seaport including India-Nepal, Indo-Bhutan, Indo-Bangladesh or Indo-Myanmar land borders," the DGCA has said in a circular.

The decision comes when the toll due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus rose to 813 in China on Sunday.The circular, issued on Saturday, also reiterated that all visas as well as e-visas issued to Chinese nationals before February 5 have been suspended with immediate effect.

"No Chinese national, as well as other foreigners presently in China, are allowed to travel to India on existing Regular (sticker) visa or e-visa, which they hold (issued prior to Feb 05, 2020). In case of compelling reasons to travel to India, such persons may get in touch with Embassy in Beijing or Consulates in Shanghai and Guangzhou for new visas," the circular said.

However, the visa restrictions are not applicable to the aircrew, who may either be Chinese nationals or other foreign nationalities coming from China.Amid a rising pneumonia scare caused due to the virus outbreak, Indigo and Air India have temporarily suspended flight operations in and around China.The deaths due to 2019-nCoV -- a deadly virus that traces its origin in the local seafood market of Wuhan, capital of Hubei province in central China -- has surpassed the toll from the SARS epidemic of 2002-03.


38 labor law violators arrested in Jleeb will be deported



Deputy Director of the Public Authority for Manpower Protection Dr Mubarak Al-Ja’afour declared the joint committee from various government agencies arrested 38 labor law violators in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh in a recent raid. He said 10 of them are on Article 18 residency, while 26 are on Article 20, and two of them shepherds.He explained that the workers were arrested for being outside the location of their residencies, noting some of them don’t even have residency and others were caught working for employers other than their own sponsors.He stressed that employers at the carpentry shop could not provide license for their activities in the basement, as well as the car washers. He assured those arrested will be deported and their sponsors blacklisted to ensure they do not sponsor other workers. He also said the committee will not stop until all violators are deported.-A.T.


Plan to establish a factory to produce petroleum products from plastic waste



The Petroleum Chemical Industry Company intends to establish a factory to produce petroleum products from plastic waste. The sources said that the company is scheduled to conduct an economic feasibility study for the project by one of the largest consulting houses specialized in this, expecting that the technical consultant contract will be offered by next May. She pointed out that the project will change the way we look at plastic waste, take advantage of waste and turn it into oil without the need to burn it and dispose of it in ways that are harmful to the environment. The sources estimated the amount of plastic waste in Kuwait at about 18% of the total solid waste, which is more than 220 thousand tons annually.


Passenger plane made an emergency landing at Kuwait Int. Airport



A passenger plane made an emergency landing at Kuwait International Airport on Sunday due to a technical fault in the aircraft, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said.The DGCA said in a statement that observation tower received a contact from the plane pilot at 12:07 (local time), requesting to make an emergency landing. Authorities at the airport dealt with the situation according to standard security and safety precautions, the authority said. The plane landed safely. (KUNA)


Kuwait's biggest public park--Al-Shaheed Park stands as an emblem of the nation’s illustrious history



In the heart of Kuwait City lies Al-Shaheed Park, an oasis of greenery and space that stands as an emblem of the nation’s illustrious history, besides being a multifaceted destination that promises visitors a memorable experience. As the biggest public park in the country, nestled between adjacent high-rise buildings and stretching over 320,000 square meters, it paints a splendid image of Kuwait as an enduring memory of the nation’s martyrs through hosting a wide array of festivities.

Kuwait’s Amiri Diwan has recently given the park a major facelift, as per the instructions of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, according to its chief financial officer Abdulaziz Ishaq, who described the “novel initiative” as a development plan pioneered by Kuwaiti youth. The prominent government body has put youngsters in charge of the park’s administration as an effort to encourage Kuwaiti youth to contribute towards national development plans, added the official, highlighting the safety of visitors as the administration’s perennial concern.

Dishing out significant statistics, the official revealed that the park welcomed more than five million visitors from various age groups in the last four years, in addition to hosting more than 3,600 events running the gamut from sports spectacles to arts extravaganzas. He spoke of a vision behind the park’s inception, which aims to transform the facility into a bastion of Kuwaiti culture and the sports epicenter of the country, pointing out that the myriad of activities the park offers are family-friendly and cater towards children and youngsters alike.

The park has recently enlisted the services of special guides, all of whom take visitors on a comprehensive tour of the facility, offering them some of Kuwait’s most significant historical tidbits and geographical information, he revealed. As a recreational facility, it also allows visitors the chance to arrange rendezvous at some of the cafes and restaurants located inside, in addition to indulging in a shopping spree at some of the outlets available, the official added. – KUNA


Study reveals a new method of transmission of emerging corona virus



Researchers confirmed that diarrhea may be a pathway for transmission of the emerging coronavirus, after the publication of a study indicating that people with the disease suffer from digestive disorders.The infection is transmitted mainly through the air through the spray of a cough of an infected person, but researchers said after studying the first cases, they initially focused on respiratory symptoms, and they may have neglected those associated with the digestive system.

According to an article by Chinese researchers published in the Journal of the American Medical Association "American Medical Association", 14 of the 138 patients, whose case was studied in Bohan Hospital, had diarrhea and nausea one or two days before the appearance of fever and respiratory disorders.The first American diagnosed with the disease also suffered from diarrhea for two days and later discovered the virus in his stool, according to "AFP".

The medical journal The Lancet has also documented similar cases in China, but it is not very common."It is important to note that it has been reported that the new Corona virus has been found in the stools of patients with unusual intestinal symptoms, similar to the SARS that was found in the urine," he said in a commentary to the magazine "Media Center" in Britain. That the virus can also be transmitted through feces. "

This possibility is not surprising to scientists because it belongs to the same family of the virus that causes SARS, which was transmitted by feces to hundreds of people in a housing complex in Hong Kong in 2003.

This discovery may pose a new challenge to fight the virus, but it may be an additional problem in hospitals that could turn into "epidemic amplification centers" for epidemics, according to David Wiseman, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto.Benjamin Noman, a virology expert at Texas A&M University - Texarkana, in the United States, warned that "cough spray, touching contaminated surfaces and then rubbing eyes, nose or mouth" remain the main source of transmission, according to the data currently available.


Kuwait Embassy in Singapore urged travelers to delay their travel plans to Singapore



The State of Kuwait Embassy in Singapore on Saturday urged citizens who want to travel to Singapore to delay their travel plans after the government of the Asian nation raised the alert level to orange degree due to spread of the coronavirus.The embassy said in a statement that it was the first time that Singaporean Ministry of Health raised the alert level to the delicate status since 17 years ago. The heightened state of alert came after authorities declared that 33 persons were infected with the new strain of corona – including ten who did not visit China. The Kuwaiti Embassy has also called on citizens desiring to travel to wait until normal conditions are restored, urging Kuwaitis in the Asian country to leave rapidly and abstain from staying except for compelling reasons.-KUNA


No new driving licenses for expat students and nurses



The interior ministry has banned the issuance of new driving licenses to expat students as well as nurses. Students or nurses who previously obtained driving licenses can only renew them provided a registration certificate is furnished from the university or the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training or from the nurses’ employers respectively.-K.T.



Kuwaitis warned not to eat locusts at this time



Kuwaitis generally pass their time eating locusts and enjoying their taste as a healthy snack which doesn’t cause any diseases to human body as it feeds on wild herbs and wild plants, and the old people use to wait for coming of locuts because it was a cheap food.But this confidence finally turned into fear, panic and a warning not to eat it, after a video appeared showing a person offering to remove a worm from the stomach of Locust, warning that eating it would cause poisoning, which puzzled those waiting for the season to enjoy his taste.

As per Dr. Jinan Al-Harbi as researcher in Entomology confirmed that the video circulated regarding locust worms is true and realistic, indicating that locusts can be a carrier of many microorganism, including fungi, viruses and bacteria. She further stated what we see inside the locust’s stomach is the larva of one of the insects that may have entered by eating the locust for plants loaded with eggs of this insect and this is the only explanation for the existence of the worm.

The Desert Locust was considered one of the favorite foods of some peoples in Asia and the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Yemen, as it works to revitalize the body because it feeds on wild, aromatic and natural plants as it is one of the most effective tonic and stimulants and helps in treating rheumatism and back pain. It is also rich in protein, fats and organic materials such as manganese, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium and phosphorous.-A.T.



Ministry bans export of sheep, Arabic coffee starting March 1



The Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a decision yesterday to ban the export of domestic and imported sheep and goats starting March 1, 2020, and another decision to ban the export and re-export of cardamom and Arabic coffee for three months.The two decisions were made following inspection tours at local markets, the ministry said, explaining that they would help the ministry have more control over the market and avoid price manipulations.“The crackdowns revealed that some suppliers were storing cardamom and coffee for re-exporting to neighboring countries where they can sell their products for higher prices compared to Kuwait,” the sources explained, noting that this practice has created a shortage of the two items in the local market.-K.T.


Philippines partially lifted the ban on the deployment of Filipino workers



The Philippines has partially lifted the ban on the deployment of Filipino workers to Kuwait, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said Thursday, reports, after the Philippines and Kuwait agreed on the standard employment contract for Filipino household service workers. “The governing board of the [Philippine Overseas Employment Administration] came up with a resolution lifting the ban partially,” Bello said.The POEA has yet to release a copy of the resolution. Skilled, semi-skilled and professional workers are now allowed to fly to Kuwait. Household service workers, however, are still covered by the prohibition.--A.T.


Air India Express sale

Air India Express sale


Indians in Kuwait

Air India Express sale Kuwait to india Attrative fares starting form KWD27



Chi Sai Harshita Adivi has won Girls U-16 category in the Kuwait Tennis Competition 

Chi Sai Harshita Adivi has won Girls U-16 category in the Kuwait Tennis Competition 

Chi Sai Harshita Adivi (Khushi) has won Girls U-16 category in the Tennis Competition conducted by Rafa Nadal Academy in Kuwait. This academy is now integrated with Shaikh Jaber Al Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah International Tennis Complex in Kuwait.

Kushi 3

Harshita is eldest child of Shri Bala Siva Srikanth Adivi & Mrs. Mohini Vimala Kiran who hails from Bhimavaram, West Godavari District Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Bala is working as TPL Specialist I (HSE) in Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait.  Harshita has received trophy from the tennis Legend & Master Player Mr. Nadal in the glittering ceremony held on 5th Feb. Mr. Nadal handover the trophy in presence of Kuwait Royal Member His Highness of Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah at Rafa Nadal Academy Kuwait.  

Harshita is studying in Class 9 in Delhi Public School, Kuwait and she not only meritorious in studies in winning “Scholar Badge” from the school for four successive years as well as “Green Tie”, also she has performed Arangetram in Indian Classical Dance Bharatanatyam in April 2019 and also has done courses in another Indian Classical Dance i.e. Kathak.  

Program can be seen in the following link

Best wishes to Sai Harshita in future endeavors.

Kushi 2



Kushi_1.jpg Kushi_2.jpg Kushi_3.jpg Kushi_4.jpg Kushi_5.jpg Kushi_6.jpg  

No cut again: RBI leaves repo rate unchanged at 5.15%

No cut again: RBI leaves repo rate unchanged at 5.15%

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) kept the repo rate unchanged at 5.15 per cent in its sixth bi-monthly statement of current fiscal year. The RBI decided to continue with an "accommodative" policy stance. Today's statement is the first after the presentation of Union Budget, in which the government outlined huge packages for farming and infrastructure, but only gave a small cut in personal taxes and provided no new incentives for the beleaguered financial and housing sectors.

Consumer inflation, or the rate of increase in consumer prices, worsened to 7.35 per cent in December - its highest level recorded in more than five years - primarily driven by food prices.


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