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Ministry advises to reopening some car businesses



The Kuwaiti Cabinet held an extraordinary session at Seif Palace on Monday under the chairmanship of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, during which the ministers approved reopening some car businesses.

The cabinet decided to task Kuwait Municipality to allow some resume some activities related to repair of cars and trade in auto spare parts, according to terms to be specified by the municipality, advised the ministries of health, information, municipality, Public Authority for Industry, Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fisheries, Environment Public Authority, Public Authority for Food and Nutrition to have personnel present 24 hours at border exits to speed up entry of imported commodities.


Last five days of amnesty for all expats underway



The first of the last five days of a general amnesty granted to all undocumented expatriates in Kuwait witnessed long queues of people at the processing center in Farwaniya on Sunday wanting to leave Kuwait without paying fines and a chance to return.

The Kuwaiti government granted an amnesty to undocumented expats from April 1-30. To make it more orderly, the interior ministry organized applicants by nationality, starting with Filipinos (April 1-5), Egyptians (April 6-10), Bangladeshis (April 11-15), Indians (April 16-20) and Sri Lankans (April 21-25). The last five days (April 26-30) are for applicants of all nationalities.

The long queue of applicants at both the female and male processing centers in Farwaniya affected the movement of vehicles nearby. They came with their luggage, as approved amnesty applicants will be sent to holding areas until airlines are ready to fly them home. Their airfare will be covered by the Kuwaiti government.-K.T.


India plans evacuation-NORKA begins registration

As the Indian government braces for a mammoth exercise of repatriating non-resident Indians from aboard on a ‘priority basis’, some Indian states are seeking repatriation of their communities without any further delays. India’s ministry of external affairs has reportedly prepared an evacuation plan and is waiting for the clearance from the government to put the plan into action.

States like Kerala, Punjab, Goa, Rajasthan, Telangana and Tamil Nadu with larger overseas communities have expressed keenness in starting repatriations as soon as possible in strict compliance with COVID-19 safety and security protocols. While the state of Kerala announced that it is fully prepared to receive non-resident Keralites who wish to come back from overseas, NORKA (Non-Resident Keralites Affairs) has started registration of people who are stranded abroad following the outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns.

“The repatriation will be on a priority basis,” said N Ajithkumar, Director of Kerala Pravasi Welfare Board. “Pregnant women, senior citizens, people affected with diseases other than COVID-19, people whose visas have expired, those who went abroad on visit visas and got stuck and people who are facing various difficulties will be given priority,” he pointed out. However, he clarified that people need not hurry as no priority will be given to those who register first. NRIs have to register on the website

Ajithkumar said repatriation will commence as soon as the India government opens its airspace to airlines. According to initial reports, more than 150,000 Indians in various countries have already registered in 24 hours of the opening of registration. Out of 900,000 Indian residents in Kuwait, approximately 450,000 are from Kerala.

According to reports from New Delhi, India’s Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla has prepared an elaborate evacuation plan on how the ministry plans to bring home Indians from abroad, with an exact count of who is where and how many flights it would take from each country to various states in India. Indians stuck in foreign countries will be brought home on chartered flights. The report said the survey of those who want to return is under progress.

India’s ministry of external affairs has opened control rooms for repatriating expats and has sought opinions from state governments on the exercise of bringing back those who are stranded abroad. However, it is insisting that people should come back with COVID-19 negative certificates to help the administration. Indian missions abroad were reportedly asked to prepare lists and prioritize the evacuation of all Indian nationals per flight that would take off from their respective stations.-K.T.


213 New coronavirus cases and 2 deaths on Monday




The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced 213 new coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in the last 24 hours, bringing the total of infections to 3,288, while two death was reported as well, bringing the total fatalities' toll up to 22.

During its daily briefing, Health Ministry spokesperson Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad said that 64 patients were in intensive care, 3o of them are in critical condition.

Those currently receiving treatment at hospitals reached 2,254 patients said the spokesperson. Today's death case is for a 53-year-old Kuwaiti National and 54 year old Indian.

Today's reported case include 74 Kuwaiti citizen, 61 Indians, 134 Bangladeshi, 5 Pakistani and 26 Egyptians.

Earlier today, Health Minister Dr. Basel Al-Sabah announced the recovery of 206 patients, bringing the total to 1012 recoveries.


Large turnout at MoI for user Ids and passwords to renew residences online



A large crowd of company owners and representatives visited the Ministry of Interior’s residency affairs department to get user ids and passwords to access the website to renew the residency visas of their company staff, reported Al Rai daily.

The visitors had to maintain social distancing in adherence to the guidelines set by Ministry of health. The daily reported that approximately 320 requests were received from the owners of companies. After the employer received the code for his company and registered, he could renew the residencies of the employees of the company.

One of the halls in the building in Al-Dajeej area was equipped according to the preventive measures issued by the Ministry of Health to limit the spread of coronavirus. As it was the first day, Al Rai daily reported that there was chaos as a result of the great crowd, and the halls did not accommodate the visitors who had to sit at the entrances and queue up to wait for entry.

Al Rai daily reported that an online reservation service was started to limit visits made by the representatives or company owners. 200 appointments are scheduled each day in order to reduce chaos and ease work flow. The Ministry of Interior stressed that the online reservations will ensure that employers can easily renew their employees’ residencies.


Kuwait Ambassador to India commends historic ties between Kuwait and New Delhi



Kuwait Ambassador to India Jassem Al-Najem Sunday commended historic relationship between Kuwait and New Delhi, and the two countries always seek to develop them in political and economic domains. Al-Najem, in a press statement, said Kuwait and India were cooperating and coordinating to step up the fight against the novel coronavirus, Covid-19.

Kuwait and India share many principles in their foreign policies, like respecting UN Charter, non-interference in other countries' affairs and respecting sovereignty of nations, he said. Kuwait and India, said Al-Najem, were looking forward for the joint committee meeting during the first quarter this year but the coronavirus forced postponement of the meeting.


Man arrested who smuggled an individual out of the quarantined area of Jleeb



A man, who smuggled an individual out of the quarantined area of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh has been apprehended by police, Kuwaiti authorities said on Sunday. The search and arrest of the suspect, an Arab national, was carried out after a video was leaked on social media showing a man leading another on a motorcycle out of the area, an Interior Ministry statement read.

The suspect, who has since confessed to the charges, is employed at a cooperative society supermarket in the southern Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorate. He has been referred to the public prosecutor’s office as a search is underway for the other runaway individual.

The Ministry of Interior warned that the law would come down swiftly on those caught in violation of isolation measures set by authorities in the public interest.


Kuwaiti citizens’ repatriation 3rd phase kicks off Monday



The third phase to evacuate stranded nationals from abroad begins Monday and will last for three days, Kuwait’s Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) Chairman Sheikh Salman Humoud Al-Sabah said on Saturday. In a press statement, Sheikh Salman said that the third phase will include 35 flights from the airports of London, Gatwick Airport, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, New York, Moscow, Armenia, Kiev and Hail, and is expected to transport 8,190 citizens.



Large number of illegal expats attend to register for amnesty



Large number of illegal expats from different nationalities attend to register for amnesty during the final period granted from April 26- April 30.


India government issued nod to repatriate mortal remains of NRIs



The regulations outlined by the External Affairs Ministry and the Health Ministry must be strictly adhered to, the Home Ministry said in a notification issued on Saturday. Airport authorities have to follow the protocols laid down by different government agencies in this regard, notification added.

Home Ministry said the Standard Operating Procedures issued by the health ministry in this regard must be strictly adhered to. The Operating Procedures says the importation of the human remains of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case into India is not recommended. However, if human remains of the suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 arrive at Indian airports, the concerned Airport Health Officer (APHO) has to follow certain procedures. The APHO will verify the the death certificate mentioning the cause of death as confirmed COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19, it said. It will also verify the no-objection certificate (NOC) for the transportation of human remains of the deceased issued by the Indian Embassies or High Commissions or Consulates and embalming certificate issued by an authorised agency. The APHO will verify the required documents and inspect the packing in accordance with the provisions under the Indian Aircraft (Public Health) Rules. If there are any obvious signs of damage to the coffin, the handlers shall use full PPE, cover the coffin in plastic sheets to avoid any contact with the body or body fluids before hand-over of the human remains to the concerned authority for final burial or incineration.

The concerned airline (carrying the damaged packing containing human remains) need to carry out the disinfection of the aircraft as per the norms and the staff handling the cargo (human remains in question) shall be quarantined for 28 days.

According to reports, the mortal remains of at least 150 Indians are kept in various Gulf Countries. The embalmed bodies of two Indians are still in Kuwait pending approval.


Tamil Nadu Govt's recommendations for the fight of covid 19





Ministry to receive all undocumented expats from today



From today the Ministry begins receiving all undocumented expats to take advantage of amnesty period set to leave the country without paying fines, a free ticket with a hope of coming back to Kuwait.


10500 citizens return in the second phase of evacuation in 58 flights within 3 days



With unparalleled success for the second time in a row, the second phase of evacuating citizens from abroad, which started from the 23rd to the 25th of this month, ended yesterday, with 10,500 citizens returned on board 58 flights, where 34 flights were allocated to Kuwait Airways, while 24 flights have been allocated to Jazeera Airways. This stage of the evacuation of citizens from several Asian, African, European and American destinations over a period of 3 days will be for medical, health and special cases.The third stage will start tomorrow, from April 27 to 29, which is specialized for British students with 32 trips initially.

The male and female comrades praised this great step of the Kuwaiti government, sincerely thank His Highness Prince Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad for his highness’s keenness and directives to ensure the return of all citizens from all countries of the world. They also thanked the Kuwaiti embassies and consulates in the world for their assistance It has always communicated with them until ensuring that they leave these countries with ease, and to all agencies working in Kuwait from health, interior, customs, "Kuwait airways" and "Al Jazeera airways" and to the Red Crescent, and to volunteers for their integrated efforts.


22 medical staff infected with corona virus in a single hospital



The No of Coronavirus infections increasing among medical staff in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital with coronavirus cases increased from 11 to 22 , after completing the tests and surveys conducted for them. The sources told Al-Qabas that one of the hospital's wards had been closed, after two doctors and 3 nurses were found infected within two days. 

Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, yesterday commented on the increasing number of infections among medical teams are the same as the countries in the world that recorded infections in the front liners, whether in the medical or military staff or volunteers.On the possibility of returning to work in government sectors naturally after Eid Al-Fitr, Al-Sabah said: "We wish to ease restrictions, but it is difficult to be certain that work will return naturally after the holiday, but we seek to reduce restrictions as possible."


Ministry of Public Works builds 5,000 bed quarantine in Jaber stadium



Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Housing Affairs Dr. Rana Al-Fares declared on Saturday delivering a section of Jaber Al-Ahmad Sports Stadium quarantine to the Ministry of Health.

The initiative was taken to back up efforts by the State and health authorities after increase of numbers of infections with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), said the minister in a statement. Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basel Al-Sabah attended the handover event.

She praised Kuwait Red Crescent Society for its contribution to building the quarantine and lauded “frontline” volunteers partaking in the fight against the contagion.

Ismail Al-Failakawi, the ministry undersecretary, said in a statement the quarantine was built in three weeks.
The complex includes a field medical center, dormitories for medics and nurses, 5,000 beds, intensive care units and pharmacies.

He explained that the delivered section included 1,250 beds, adding that the other units would be handed over later.


Kuwait Airways flight from Mumbai / Delhi arrive



Early Saturday morning, the flights continued to arrive at Kuwait International Airport, on the third and final day of the second phase of repatriation of citizens from abroad, where about 2390 citizens and citizens are to return to the country through 31 flights from different destinations.Kuwait Airport received the first flight coming from Mumbai / Delhi on a Kuwait Airways flight. The General Administration of Civil Aviation has announced that the second phase of the plan for the return of citizens from abroad will be during the period from 23 to 25 April.


278 new coronavirus cases ,4 deaths -total cases 2892





Three nurses were infected by coronavirus



Three nurses of a hospital affiliated with Al-Sabah Medical District were discovered to be infected with the Coronavirus, and they were referred to Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital, reported a local daily.

Nine nurses, who came in contact with the infected persons, were subjected to quarantine in their homes, and swabs were taken from them to check if they were infected with the virus.


One month jail and 100 KD fine for breaking fasting rules in public



The Ministry of Interior take opportunity on this generous occasion of blessed month of Ramadan to congratulate His Highness Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad and His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmed and His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al -Khaled and to all citizens and residents.

The administration asked citizens and residents to preserve the values ​​and customs and respect the feelings of those who are fasting by not eating or drinking in public according to the law No. (44/1968) the punishment of breaking the fasting rules in public leads to imprisonment for a period not exceeding a month and a fine not exceeding one hundred dinars or one of these two penalties, indicating that the operating rooms receive around the clock all the reports on the emergency phone (112), calling on everyone to support the efforts of the security services.