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Central Bank of Kuwait warned customers about scammers



The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) warned customers against any formal or informal email or phone call requesting personal or financial information, such as account numbers or passwords, or credit card banking information, to avert potential fraudulent operations.Last December (2018), the Kuwaiti monetary regulatory authority also directed banks to provide free SMS alerts to customers and notify them through e-mails or other banking and smartphone applications.The central bank aims to avert any potential risk to the accounts, to monitor the movement of accounts on a timely and efficient basis, in addition to providing a better protection for customers’ accounts in the light of technical developments.-A.T.


Kuwait Airways is set to receive A320neo aircraft in December



Kuwait Airways (KAC) is set to receive A320neo aircraft in December and three others by 2020, according to the agreed schedules with Airbus, KAC Board Chairman Youssef Al-Jassem said yesterday. This came during Jassem’s statement on the occasion of the arrival of Al-Jahra airplane, which was received by the company on Friday; the second out of 15 of the same type. The delivery of the new Al-Jahra aircraft comes within a deal of 28 aircraft purchased from Airbus factory in 2014, he said, adding KAC will continuously receive Airbus A330 aircraft until 2026.The new planes are designed to operate for short and medium-distance routes and characterized by reduced fuel consumption and with capacity of 134 passengers, he added. The airline, founded in 1953, currently flies to 50 global destinations. – KUNA


VAT could not be imposed without approval of the National Assembly--Minister of Finance



Kuwaiti Minister of Finance Dr Nayef Al-Hajraf said on Thursday that the value-added tax (VAT) could not be imposed without approval of the National Assembly.

Kuwait is a State of institutions and has a Constitution, thus the VAT could not be enforced without consent of the National Assembly, Minister Al-Hajraf stated. He was reacting to a question in this respect during a seminar, titled, “The Middle East Welcomes Businesses: How the region has turned into an axis for international investments,” as part of the Third Future Investment Initiative (FII) forum, hosted by the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Legislations and regulations are necessary to impose any tax, he said, also noting that other member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council namely Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, had already endorsed and implemented the GCC VAT Treaty.-KUNA


Customs to destroy 6,500 kg fake goods seized at airport



Airport customs foiled an attempt to smuggle into Kuwait counterfeit products that arrived in a shipment weighing 6,500 kilograms from an Asian country yesterday. The goods, which contained watches, bags and other products carrying logos of famous trademarks, will be destroyed according to customs rules.-K.T.


Pharmacies in cooperative societies will be closed from November 15



Head of Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies Meshal Al-Sayer revealed that the deadline for closing down the pharmacies in the central markets of cooperative societies is November 15 after an agreement was reached with 67 cooperative societies to take such a step.This decision is in response to the objection raised by the boards of directors of cooperative societies against the recent law of Ministry of Health concerning the pharmacies located in cooperative societies and the pharmacies will be closed until the law is amended or sent to the Constitutional Court.It is said the profession of pharmacy is of the medical field, due to which the license should be given to pharmacists, not cooperative societies.-A.T.


1.4 million dinars remain unpaid by MoI personnel for indirect traffic citations



The Auditing Bureau has criticized the continued non-payment of indirect traffic citations registered against the Interior Ministry personnel from 2014 until the end of fiscal year 2018-2019.The report said the Ministry’s affiliates have committed 45,008 traffic violations worth nearly 1.4 million dinars and said the money has not been recovered from these citations because of the inactivity of the ministry’s automation system as a result of which the ministry is unable to pinpoint the wrongdoer because it is difficult to determine against whom the citation was issued.-A.T.


20 mini-market locations approved for campers during the upcoming camping season



Kuwait Municipality allocated 20 sites where co-operative societies and other parties can provide services for campers during the upcoming camping season. This came during a meeting for the municipality’s committee for studying and updating the locations temporary allocated for camping yesterday. The meeting was held to discuss allowing various co-ops to have mini-markets at campsites. The meeting was headed by deputy director for Farwaniya and Mubarak Al-Kabeer affairs Fahd Al-Shetaili and representatives from Abdullah Al-Mubarak, Ishbiliya, Ardiya, Andalus, Sabah Al-Nasser, Jahra, Naeem, Naseem, Saad Al-Abdullah and Abdali co-ops, in addition to the livestock society.-K.T.


150 expats deported for selling housemaids of Asian nationalities to new sponsors for money



The MOI, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has intensified its efforts to improve the image of Kuwait in the areas of human rights and anti-trafficking of human beings.The investigations of General Directorate of Investigation of Residency stated that housemaids of Asian nationalities are being incited to escape from the sponsors and then being sold to new sponsors for money.

150 expats have been deported from the country and were blacklisted from re-entering Kuwait again. Also the maids who use to agree to this kind of business of escaping from sponsor have been in detention.The Investigation of Residents Affairs mentioned that the process of trafficking in domestic workers is very active before the holy month of Ramadan, pointing out that the security services were able to arrest 1800 accused of brokering on girls and manipulation within three years.

In 2018, 420 persons were arrested for tampering with the Domestic Workers Act, in 2017 520 were arrested, and in 2016 860 persons were arrested and deported.Around 700 accounts over Instagram and Facebook have been shut down due to trading in maids.-A.T.


28,274 employees without elementary level certificate working in the public sector



According to statistics prepared by the Civil Services Commission (CSC), there are 28,274 employees without elementary level certificate working in the public sector as of beginning of October 2019.The aforementioned number constitutes 7.8 percent of the entire public sector employees. About 20,132 of them are Kuwaitis.

This number increased by three percent in the last six months. Sources from CSC explained that the increase in the number of national employees is linked to the effects of enforcing Kuwaitization policy which does not require any educational certificates for jobs relating to correspondences, security guards, cleaning supervisors and some others that only require how to read and write. Most of the state institutions have abandoned hiring expatriate workers in order to give opportunities to Kuwaitis.CSC has been coordinating with these state institutions in order to prioritize the hiring of Kuwaiti workers who have mid-level education or less in order to fill the available vacancies.-A.T.


MoI decision on visit to work visa tied to activate the tourist and commercial situation



The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, met recently the directors of the Residence Affairs Departments of all governorates and senior officials of the service centers against the backdrop of the ministerial decision on the regulation of the residency law.Major General Ma’arafi has informed the officials the need to implement the contents of the list accurately. It is noteworthy to say the decision issued by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Lt-Gen Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah underlines activating the tourist and commercial situation and provides a family atmosphere for residents in the country, contrary to rumors that the Ministry of Interior is tightening a noose around the necks of expatriates.-A.T.


New Arab state named “Yellow Mountain” has been established-received 17,000 applications from Kuwait



On September 5, Nadra Awwad Naseif, an American woman of Lebanese origin, appeared in a video clip to claim that a new Arab state named “Yellow Mountain” has been established on the noman land between Egypt and Sudan.

She identified herself as the Prime Minister of Kingdom of Yellow Mountain, affirming that this state will represent a homeland for the refugees. The Royal Office of the alleged state - the temporary headquarters is in Geneva.Political Affairs Consultant Abduelah Al-Yahya told that the kingdom has received about 17,000 applications from Kuwait including 12,000 from Bedoun residents and 5,000 from other nationalities, for the nationality of Kingdom of Yellow Mountain, adding that around 6,000 applicants have already received civil numbers.

He said his country is looking forward to establishing diplomatic relations with Kuwait, indicating that a letter was sent to Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express Yellow Mountain’s keenness to launch economic and diplomatic relations with Kuwait including opening an embassy in Kuwait.-A.T.


20 percent of orthodontic patients in Kuwait are above 20 years old



Consultant orthodontist Dr Rashed Al-Azmi revealed that 20 percent of orthodontic patients in Kuwait are above 20 years old. He said Kuwait comes first amongst GCC states in terms of the quality of dentistry services thanks to Kuwaiti dentists holding the highest degrees from the US and Europe and the use of the latest orthodontic technologies. Speaking at a special ceremony held on the occasion of opening Dazzle Dental Center with the attendance of MP Mohammed Al-Hadiya and Bukhamseen Group Managing Director Dr Osama Bukhamseen, Azmi stressed that dentistry had greatly developed over the past few years, presenting new types of orthodontics. Azmi explained that orthodontics can be conducted with patients starting from the age of seven, but stressed that the ideal age 11-12.-K.T.


Traffic congestion has shifted from Mirqab area to South Surra



With the increased congestion in Mirqab area due to the presence of the ministerial complex, the concerned authorities have adopted the idea of shifting almost all its service institutions to another area; thus the solution has turned out to be nothing more than moving the congestion from one area to another.The congestion has shifted from Mirqab area to an area that hosts various governmental establishments that offer public services in South Surra, specifically Zahra area, which is enduring under the congestion caused by having several government institutions in the same area of proximity.

Currently there are about 15 government institutions choking South Surra. About 3,000 MEW employees work in its headquarters which receives hundreds of clients per day, 4,000 work in Ministry of Public Works headquarters, about 5,000 work at Ministry of Education headquarters.The situation will become intense as soon as the Jaber Hospital becomes operational in its full capacity of more than 10,000 employees. Concerning the clients, the site is expected to witness commotion of about 8,000 to 12,000 cars on a daily basis. Another institution in the area is the Public Institution for Housing Welfare, which has 1,500 employees.-A.T.


Drone importers need prior interior ministry licenses



The ministry of commerce and industry urged all drone importers and outlets licensed by the interior ministry to register all buyers’ civil ID and mobile phone numbers. The ministry stressed importers need prior interior ministry licenses to import drones, adding that a decision had been made to ban the import of remote control-operated drones equipped with video recording or communication devices without interior ministry authorization. –K.T.


Police impersonator robs 650 dinars from an Indian



Police are looking for an unidentified police impersonator, armed with a knife, for stealing 650 dinars from an Indian.The victim has filed a complaint with the Ahmadi Police Station. In his complaint the victim said, the suspect stopped him and said he was a detective and asked to see the civil ID, robbed him of his money and escaped.-A.T.


Air India - Kuwait to Mumbai daily service started

Air India  - Kuwait to Mumbai daily service started

Air India started its first ever service connecting Kuwait with Mumbai on 27th October 2019.

The first passenger Mr Mohammed Giyori, being handed over his boarding pass, by Air India Kuwait Regional Manager Shri Harjeet Sawhney on the commencement of new daily Kuwait to Mumbai flight.

The Air India Mumbai flight no AI990 will leave Kuwait International airport at 01:25 AM and will reach Mumbai at 07:45 AM. AI989 from Mumbai will leave Mumbai airport at 10:45 PM and will reach Kuwait at midnight 12:10 AM.




Kuwait will see continued sporadic rain Sunday and Monday



Kuwait, in the midst of weather instability, Saturday saw sporadic rainfall ranging from light to medium and heavy in some areas,. According to the Kuwait Meteorology Department the country will see continued sporadic rain Sunday and Monday.The Weather Forecasts Department head Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi said the rainfall will increase gradually from dawn on Sunday and become medium to heavy late in the evening, especially in the western regions accompanied sometimes by thunderstorm with dust wind activity.

He pointed the wind speed on Monday will increase and may exceed 60 kilometers per hour accompanied by dust which will lead to decrease in horizontal visibility.The Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Information at the Ministry of Interior has called on road users to exercise caution and requested everyone to call the emergency phone 112 in case of any type of emergency.-A.T.


Gang of African men cheat Kuwaiti promising to make him rich ‘overnight’.


An unidentified Kuwaiti who was overtaken by greed is cursing himself for allowing to be cheated by a gang of African men who promised to make him rich ‘overnight’.

The man in his complaint to the Salmiya Police Station said the gang members met him and convinced him to invest his money in a big project and promised to pay him three times the money invested.They also said they will pay back in three installments – one installment every month. He went on to say he had no ready cash, so he withdrew some money from the bank and the rest borrowed from family and friends and handed over to the gang members for investment.

However, when the time for payment of first installment came, he was invited to a public park in Salmiya and was given KD 140,000. He took the money and went home and after checking the texture of the bank noted he lamented his misfortune and drove straight to the Salmiya Police Station with the money.He was then referred to the Criminal Investigation Department where he was shown the pictures of the men and found out that the men had already left the country. He has been referred to the Public Prosecution for further investigation.-A.T.


New legislation dealing with illegal residents will be presented to parliament next week



Two new pieces of legislation, including one dealing with the status of Kuwait’s illegal residents, have been finalized, the country’s top lawmaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim said on Sunday.The aforementioned legislation, along with another that entails the formation of a central apparatus to remedy some existential flaws in Kuwait’s citizenship system, will be presented to parliament next week, he revealed.

The law addressing the status of Kuwait’s illegal residents ensures that national identity rights are preserved, in addition to the human rights of this community, added Al-Ghanim.Al-Ghanim went on to reiterate that much deliberation and meticulousness went into drawing up this piece of legislation.-A.T.


Indian visitors don’t need visa to enter Brazil now



On Thursday, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro announced that the South American country would not require a visa from Indian and Chinese nationals visiting the country for tourism or business..

According to a Government of Brazil website, the country first waived visa requirements for tourists from Japan, Australia, US, and Canada on June 17 this year. The citizens of these countries do not need a visa to enter Brazil for a period of 90 days, extendable for another 90 days.According to the website, the visa-free entry led to a 25 per cent increase in tourism from these countries this year compared to the same period of 2018.

In September, at the UN General Assembly in New York, Bolsonaro had said that similar measures were being studied for India and China.Then on October 25, the Brazil government website posted President Bolsonaro’s announcement to exempt Indian and Chinese tourists from visa requirements.The website quoted Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo as saying that the visa-free travel will be for tourism and business.


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