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29 Abandoned cars lifted, 3 tons of food confiscated in Al-Jahra Governorate



The Public Cleaning Department of the Al-Jahra Governorate Municipal Branch of organized a large-scale field tour targeting the areas of Kabd, Al-Sulaibiya, Saad Al-Abdullah, Taima and Salmi and lifted 29 neglected (abandoned) vehicles and confiscated 3 tons of food and issued 21 citations.Director of the General Cleaning and Road Works Department of the Municipality Branch of the Governorate, Fahd Al-Quraifeh, stressed the campaigns will continue to lift cars ‘neglected’ in some areas which distort the view of the province as well as cleaning the streets and public squares. He asserted that the inspectors will not tolerate the violation of public cleanliness law and road obstructions which hampers the smooth flow of traffic movement. This is done in public interest-A.T.


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Frontliners  part 23 is dedicated to the  Award Winners!

Award Winners

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Please send in your brief writeup, details of the award and  photograph so that we can not only join in, in applauding your success but also publish it  which can inspire countless others.

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No need to focus on consuming only organic food-avoid processed foods



“People may feel reassured about eating organic food. However, organic food products are usually expensive due to which people may limit eating fresh vegetables and fruits because of their prices. Therefore, we recommend diversification of food sources without the need to focus on consuming only organic food”,said an expert on food science and nutrition at Kuwait University Dr Dalal Al- Kazemi.She advised people to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farmers or those closest to Kuwait, and ensure they are washed well, and any crusts and leaves that are most contaminated with pesticides are removed even though this will reduce the important nutrients in the produce that are required for the body. Dr Al-Kazemi stressed the need to avoid buying candies and organic chips because processed foods are not healthy, and could be high in sugar and salt, which the body does not need.

She explained that there are some health benefits from consuming organic foods compared to others. The differences are that organic foods contain a greater percentage of nutrients and essential omega-3 fatty acids. They contain a lower percentage of agricultural pesticide residues and bacteria resistant to treatments with conventional antibiotics and cadmium, which is a toxic metal in traditional fertilizers.Despite some studies that concluded these differences, the specialists agree that there is not enough information on the differences in terms of the overall health benefits. And, there is no need to spread panic among people because these differences are variable with different areas, seasons and crops in the mentioned studies. Fertilizers and hormones in organic agricultural methods prevent many traditional methods and techniques of production such as the use of artificial fertilizers that feed the soil and most pesticides, the use of wastewater as fertilizer, genetic engineering, and the use of antibiotics or hormones to increase the growth of livestock and poultry, and radiation treatment against diseases and food preservation.-A.T.


300,000 sick leaves were issued following the activation of the new system



The Director of Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Health Eng Ahmad Al-Ghareeb announced 300,000 sick leaves were issued following the activation of the new system since the beginning of last December in all health areas except the Al-Sabah medical zone.Al-Ghareeb told the implementation of the electronic sick leave system will save costs and pointed out the aim of the new sick leave system is to facilitate the issuance and prevent tampering or granting the sick leave retroactively. The new electronic sick leave system provides an opportunity to verify the validity of data and sick leaves through the application of the Ministry of Health for smart devices, pointing out that the issuance of sick leave electronically will be through the application and the electronic portal of the Ministry of Health, and approved by doctors registered in hospitals and documented by the system of the Ministry of Health, and do not need the signature or stamp of doctors of hospitals or health centers.He stated the government agencies can verify the validity of the sick leave issued electronically using the Ministry’s application, through the rapid response code on the leave form.-A.T.


Cancer second leading cause of death in Kuwait after cardiac disease



Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Kuwait after cardiac disease, a Kuwaiti physician warned yesterday, noting that cancer is the cause of 15 percent of fatalities in Kuwait. “Cancer is the second cause of fatalities worldwide, with one out of every six deaths,” Dr Ali Al-Mosawi, Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC) Manager, said yesterday. “It is also the second leading cause in Kuwait after cardiac diseases.”

Speaking to reporters after inaugurating the Tissues and Cells Conference, Mosawi said: “Breast, colon, thyroid, leukemia, lymphoma and lung cancer cases represent 60 percent of detected cancers in Kuwait.” Mosawi added that KCCC had been established as part of other steps to fight cancer, as it is the only center specialized in cancer diagnosis and treatment using the most up-to-date diagnoses and lab equipment and the best treatment protocols by the most qualified Kuwaiti and foreign medical staff.Further, Mosawi said KCCC has gained regional fame and reputation with its huge lab and five buildings including over 600 beds, two bone marrow transplant units, 13 operation theatres, various specialized departments and a helipad.

Meanwhile, Head of KCCC labs and chairman of the conference organizing committee Dr Abdullah Akbar stressed 21,000 new cancer patients will be annually diagnosed by 2030. He also noted that breast cancer is the most widespread type amongst women, while prostate cancer is the most widespread amongst men. Akbar added the conference aims at discussing the latest in cancer care and focuses on exchanging expertise between doctors from Kuwait, Cleveland Clinic and from Abu Dhabi National Labs.-K.T.


Citations issued to 1,082 motorists in traffic campaign



A comprehensive traffic campaign in all areas of the country resulted in issuing citations to 1,082 motorists and arrest of 16 others for committing serious traffic violations including carelessness, recklessness and driving without a licence. During the campaign traffic officers also impounded 14 vehicles and 25 motorcycles for various reasons. The campaign also included mobile groceries and heavy duty trucks.The Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry said the traffic campaigns will be continuing in all governorates and in all areas of the country to implement and enforce the prestige of the law, to protect lives of people and prestige of the country.-A.T.


Kuwait Aviation Show 2020 concluded--huge success with over 60,000 visitors



With over 60,000 visitors, the Kuwait Aviation Show concluded yesterday. On that occasion, the show’s organizing committee announced that the third version of the Kuwait Aviation Show will be held on January 19, 2022. Head of the organizing committee Ismail Behbehani said that the success of the Kuwait Aviation Show 2020 signifies that Kuwait became a main competitor in the region’s aviation market.The four-day event was very successful, according to the organizers. The event received a wide participation this year from specialized international companies, making the venue an attractive platform for everything related to the aviation industry and airport requirements.-K.T.


40,000 expats deported from the country in 2019 for various reasons



Forty thousand expatriates were expelled from the country in 2019 for various reasons, most notably for violating the residence law, involvement in crimes, misdemeanors.This number is in excess of 6 thousand persons deported last year, which witnessed the deportation of 34 thousand others. Among the deported were 13 thousand women and 27 thousand men, representing 20 different nationalities.The deportation center deported 23 thousand and General Administration of the Investigation of the Residence Affairs 17,000, indicating that the strategy of deporting the residents changed at the end of last November.The deportation now is done only through the deportation center and not any other security departments, after taking fingerprints electronically of the deportees before their departure to ensure they do not enter the country again.-A.T.


Kuwait marks 29th anniversary of “Desert Storm's first strike



Kuwait will mark the 29th anniversary of the first air strikes of operation “Desert Storm” launched by international coalition forces to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi Invasion on Jan 17. Then US President George Bush made the decision to start the military operation on Jan 15, 1991, after a meeting with his senior national security advisers concluded that implementation of the operation should take place after the failure of all diplomatic means to persuade Iraq to withdraw troops.

In the morning of Jan 17, 1991 after the end of the ultimatum set by the UN Security Council, air raids were launched, with the participation of 1,800 warplanes from the US, UK, Saudi and Kuwait.Various types of warplanes participated in this operation, under the guidance of AWACS aircraft. F-117s warplanes had a primary role in the first strike to destroy and bomb targets in Baghdad, and Iraqi air defense could not shoot down any of them.

The Kuwaiti air force played a heroic role in the war of liberation, striking targets inside Kuwait in order to preserve Kuwaiti properties, in addition to striking airports and Iraqi artillery positions and enemy gatherings.On Feb 24, coalition forces entered at dawn into Kuwaiti and Iraqi territories. The ground forces were divided into three main groups: The first went to liberate Kuwait City, the second to surround the wing of the Iraqi army west of Kuwait, while the third group was tasked with moving in the far west and entering the south of Iraqi territory to cut off all supplies to the army.

On Feb 26, 1991, the Iraqi army withdrew from Kuwait after setting fire to Kuwait’s oilfields. President Bush announced on Feb 27 the liberation of Kuwait, 100 hours after the launch of the ground operations, saying his famous phrase “Kuwait today is free”. – KUNA


For Hala Feb Festival issuance of visit visas open



As the preparations continue to celebrate the ‘Hala February’ Festival and the national holidays, the residence affairs departments in all the Kuwaiti governorates have received instructions to facilitate the issuance of visit visas for those who plan to bring in their families to be part of the celebrations of the national events.However hundreds of visit visa transactions have been approved while at the same time stressing that the citizens of some countries who wish to come to Kuwait to take part in the celebrations need the approval of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Anas Al-Saleh.-A.T.


Four-day Kuwait Aviation Show opened at Kuwait International Airport



The four-day Kuwait Aviation Show opened yesterday at Kuwait International Airport. During the opening ceremony, President of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah said the show represents an opportunity to showcase the latest in the world of aviation.
“This event received wide participation this year by specialized international companies, making the venue an attractive platform for everything related to the aviation industry and airport requirements. This show, in its second edition, coincides with the completion of major state projects to develop the air transport sector and development of Kuwait airport, amid significant investments that aim to raise the efficiency of operations and improve aviation services,” Sheikh Salman said.
The latest military and commercial aircraft, private jets for businesspeople, air ambulances and helicopters are displayed, in addition to equipment related to aviation, engines, navigation and the requirements of civil and military airports. “On the sidelines of the exhibition, several workshops will be held on the latest technologies in the world of aviation,” he added.
Sheikh Salman praised the patronage of HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah for this important event, which confirms the interest of the Amir in the development of the civil and military aviation industry in the region in particular and in the world in general. He appreciated governmental efforts over the past 10 months in preparing for this event, including the ministries of interior, defense, finance, information and health, in addition to the Municipality, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate, General Administration of Customs, Kuwaiti Direct Investment Promotion Authority and Kuwait Oil Company.
The launch of the aviation show witnessed a performance by military and civil aircraft that was admired by the audience. Around 37 countries, 200 companies and more than 70 commercial and military aircraft are participating in the show that will continue till Jan 18, with more than 60,000 visitors expected to attend.
Kuwaiti air force, the Saudi Hawks team, the Emirati cavalry team, Eurofighter Typhoon, Italian air force flight (test wing), C-27J and the US and British air forces, in addition to Qatar’s Skydive team performed shows that drew applause from the attendees. The first aviation show was held in Jan 2018 with 14 local and international companies displaying more than 60 aircraft participated in it. The show is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.-K.T.




CEREMONY HELD TO WELCOME NEW AIR INDIA COUNTRY MANAGERA dinner banquet was held at Crowne Plaza on 14th Jan.2020 by the management of Air India and House of Travel (GSA of Air India in Kuwait) to welcome the new Country Manager designate of Air India, Kuwait. Mr. Sanjeev Suri.

In his speech  to welcome Mr. Sanjeev Suri, Mr. Abraham David, Vice President & CEO of House of Travel, gave a short introduction saying Mr. Suri joined Air India in 1992 and has already built an illustrious career while working for 27 years in various departments of Air India, including Finance, Commercial, Marketing, Hajj Operations and others, as well as at various stations in different capacities. He said with Mr. Suri’s experience in working in different departments, he was sure he will be a great asset to Air India and to the large Indian community and travel fraternity in Kuwait as a whole. Mr.David also expressed his excitement to have such a young dynamic personality such as Mr. Suri and feels lucky to have him on board.

Mr. Yousef Al Bader, the President of House of Travel extended a wholehearted welcome to Mr. Suri expressing his hope that he will elevate Air India’s operations in Kuwait to a memorable height. Mr. Al Bader also thanked the top selling agents of Air India for their support over the years without which, the GSA would not be in a position to achieve its targets.

Mr. Suri said he was overwhelmed upon receiving such a warm welcome by House of Travel, the GSA of Air India in Kuwait.  Addressing the Agents, he said he is eagerly waiting to personally visit each Travel Agency, to listen to their concerns and hopes, while looking forward to their support to the National Carrier of India.

Mr. Sanjeev Suri is wished the very best during his posting in Kuwait.









MoH completes the activation of the electronic sick leave system



Today the Ministry of Health completes the activation of the electronic sick leave system in all health areas, hospitals and specialized health centers.The Ministry of Health asked all directors of health districts and central departments to follow up the system’s activation and ensure that all procedures are completed.The procedures consisted of registering all doctors working in hospitals and specialized and health centers in the system, training employees and doctors on the use of the system and its method of work, approving sick leave and electronic medical reports approved in the names of registered doctors and documented with the e-health system.The procedures stated that there is no need for doctors to sign or stamp  on electronic sick leave or electronic medical reports.The Ministry of Health prohibited the printing of sick leave or medical reports in health centers and hospitals, except for those in urgent need, or for people with special needs and the elderly.Al Anba


Expect continuation of the cold wave this week and temperatures to less than 3 degrees



Kuwait Meteorological Department has announced that the country will witness a significant decrease in the minimum temperatures to less than 3 degrees Celsius, resulting in frost formation in agricultural and desert areas. In this regard, a number of weather experts said they are expecting the continuation of the cold wave this week, and that some areas are likely to witness light rain tomorrow due to the cold wave causing the European high air pressure to be concentrated in the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula.They urged people of the mainland to wear heavy winter clothes for protection from the bitter cold, warning against the danger of igniting black coal inside closed tents which could cause suffocation.-A.T.


Kuwait commemorated the 14th anniversary of the passing away of former Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah



Kuwait commemorated yesterday the 14th anniversary of the passing away of former Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad came to power on December 31, 1977 after the death of his predecessor Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah. He was the third son of Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the 13th monarch of Kuwait since its foundation more than two centuries ago.

Sheikh Jaber assumed his administrative and political duties in the country in 1949, when his father appointed him as his deputy of Ahmadi city.Since his reign as Amir of Kuwait in 1977, the country has witnessed a great growth in all aspects and achievements became greater and wider to include the Gulf, Arab World and worldwide. He led the idea to establish the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)-K.T.


Minister rejected any increase in services fees for citizens and expatriates



Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Engineer Walid Al-Jassem is said to have rejected any increase in services fees for citizens and expatriates, such as the cleaning fee added to the electricity and water bill, transaction fees, licenses, issuance of certificates, documents, etc..There have been some proposals in this regard which “require a flood of study.” There are some laws and regulations which are being reviewed which can be amended, if necessary.

The Minister said any approach that affects the pockets of the citizens will not be approved until after a thorough study, whether positive or negative. All proposals submitted to the executive will be subject to research, especially those submitted by members of the Municipal Council.The higher management in the Municipality is currently looking at the observations made by the Audit Bureau, specifically those related to financial issues, which the sources say, have “decreased significantly and this indicates the procedures and proper management of the executive body.”-A.T.


Republic Day of India will be celebrated in the Indian Embassy

Republic Day of India

Indians in Kuwait

The 71st Republic Day of India will be celebrated in the Indian Embassy premises at Daiya Area, Gulf Road, on Sunday, 26th January, 2020. 

The unfurling of the National Flag will take place at 0830 hrs, followed by the singing of the National Anthem.  Also School children from Indian schools in Kuwait will present a few patriotic songs.

All Indian nationals, People of Indian origin and friends of India in Kuwait are cordially invited to attend.



Free Higher Education Fair at ICSK Senior

 Free Career Guidance Seminars and University Exhibition in Kuwait

IFL Indians in Kuwait

IFL Indians in Kuwait

IFL Indians in Kuwait



Popcorn stuck in man's tooth leads to major heart surgery



A British man claims that his attempting to dislodge some popcorn stuck in his teeth led to a life-threatening heart condition that required him to undergo an open heart surgery.

According to Fox News, Adam Martin, a 41-year-old firefighter, said he attempted multiple times to dislodge some popcorn stuck in his back tooth after a movie night with his wife in September 2019.He claims to have used multiple items for three days to try and dislodge it, including a pen lid, a toothpick, a piece of wire and even a metal nail.When Martin started to suffer from night sweats, fatigue and headaches for over a month, his doctor initially diagnosed him with a mild heart murmur.

But when his symptoms persisted, he went to the Royal Cornwall Hospital where he was diagnosed with endocarditis, an infection of the lining of the interior surfaces of the chamber of the heart which occurs when bacteria from the mouth and other areas enter the bloodstream. Scans of his chest showed that his heart was damaged due to the infection.He was then transferred to a different hospital, where he underwent a seven-hour open heart surgery to repair the damage. He claims that the bacterial infection was caused by him excessively picking at his teeth and damaging his gums.

"If I had gone to the dentist in the first place, then none of this would have happened. I am never eating popcorn again, that's for sure."Martin's wife, Helen, has said that her husband's infection could have easily been treated sooner with antibiotics. "Your gums are a bacterial highway to your heart."


Glasses with headphones is the latest methods of cheating in exams



The train of scientific and technical progress does not stop, and human kind has mostly worked to benefit from this progress positively in the service of people and their livelihoods. But there are stations in the course of this train where passive users of modern technology stand, where their behaviors negatively affect society and lead to the spread of injustice and the absence of equal opportunities.

Perhaps this is exactly what applies to students who resort to the use of advanced methods for cheating in exams and leaking test questions. Despite the efforts made by the Ministry of Education to reduce the phenomenon of cheating, some students did not stop them all so they searched for multiple methods and one goal: "success through Cheating".In this context, educational sources revealed  that the latest findings of the students were to use a pair of cheating glasses sold in a store for 50 dinars, confirming that one of the students had glasses and had a headset in which he could call a friend and obtain the answer.The sources added that a record of cheating was recorded for the student and depriving him of the rest of the tests, pointing out that despite warnings and tightening in monitoring and the application of the cheat list, some students continue in this way.-AlAnba


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