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Licensed pharmacies delivering medicine are allowed to open 24 hours a day



All licensed pharmacies in Kuwait delivering medicine are allowed to continue their services 24 hours a day, said a ministerial statement Friday.A statement by the Ministry indicated that this decision was made with the approval of the Health Ministry.Special permits are given for such service, which continues throughout the day and night, it affirmed.


83 new cases of coronavirus detected in Kuwait ,total 993 .



Kuwait Ministry of Health announced on Friday 83 new cases of infection with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) were recorded over the past 24 hours bringing total number of people contaminted with the virus to 993.

The ministry official spokesperson Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad said in a statement that the new cases included two Kuwaiti citizens who came back home on a repatriation flight from the United Kingdom and 77 cases had mingled with persons of confirmed contamination with the contagious virus.


95 Asians packed in two apartments In Mirqab



95 expats were forced to live in two apartments in a building in the Al-Mirqab area which evoked condemnation from the governor of the capital, Sheikh Talal Al -Khaled.

Most of the expatriates are Asians being cramped in a limited space, which allows for easy transmission of the coronavirus. Al-Khaled stated that the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Interior will support these expats and put them under quarantine, and stressed that harsh legal measures will be enforced against all sponsors and landlords who allow such things to happen.

He pointed out that negligence in providing proper housing negatively affects the health, living and humanitarian aspects, whether for expats or the surrounding environment, and is considered uncivilized and inappropriate for the people involved. Al-Khaled stressed that such miserable living conditions for housing the expatriate labor needs to be made known as these conditions contradict the decisions of the Cabinet recently issued to confront the Coronavirus by preventing gatherings and close contact between people.


Bus driver arrested for smuggling workers out of lockdown area



Kuwait Ministry of Interior said Thursday it arrested a bus driver working for a Ministry of Health contractor because he attempted to smuggle 100 people from Jleeb Al-Shuyouk area, which was under lockdown, and legal actions were taken against him. Policeman stopped the bus and asked the driver about identities of passengers and he claimed they were MoH employees, a MoI statement said.The policemen checked identities of the passengers who were working for different companies irrelevant to the MoH, it added.

The bus driver then confessed he was smuggling the people outside Jleeb Al-Shuyouk for 20 Kuwaiti Dinars (around USD 65) per person, said the ministry. Legal actions against the driver are underway.


Renewal of driving license for Kuwaitis every 15 yrs and expats every 3 yrs



Al-Kuwait Al-Youm newspaper published a ministerial decision issued by the Ministry of Interior bearing No. 270/2020 regarding amending some provisions of Ministerial Resolution No. 81/1976 amending the executive regulations of the Traffic Law.

Article 3 of the Resolution stipulates that Article 85 of Ministerial Resolution No. 81/1976 be replaced to the following text.

A special license is issued for driving private cars with a passenger capacity of no more than 7 passengers and transport vehicles weighing not more than 2 tons validity for Kuwaitis and citizens Gulf Cooperation Council is for 15 years, for Expats 3 years, and for Bedouns according to the validity of the residence mentioned in the card .


Kuwait government assign state departments to consider full curfew



Kuwait government Thursday assigned state departments to complete arrangements to consider imposition of full curfew nationwide in order to boost efforts to curb spread of #coronavirus, spokesman Tareq Al-Mezrem announced.

Al-Mezrem, at an online news conference, said relevant authorities were assigned to place executive plans to deal with possibility of imposing a curfew, and to avoid any obstacles that might hamper execution of the curfew.

He was speaking after a cabinet meeting, during which government assigned the Directorate General for Civil Aviation to allow operation of all airlines in order to allow expatriates wishing to return to their countries do so.

The government, said Al-Mezrem, compelled cleaning and guarding companies committed to contracts with the government to pay wages of their employees and to make sure they live in decent housing units.

"The government will take legal action against companies violating this issue," he said.
Al-Mezrem approved the Ministry of Health's recruitment of medical staff of private hospitals as well as the use of their facilities to deal with coronavirus patients.

He also said the government approved a request by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to launch an electronic application to organize shopping at cooperative societies in order to avoid gatherings thus spread of virus.


Renew your civil id online and collect it after holidays



The Public Authority for Civil Information announced, that the citizen and expats can renew the civil card through the “online”, or by calling (1889988) and collection of Civil IDs will resume after the 26th of this month which is as per the decision of cabinet ministers.-A.T.


Webinar on COVID-19 in Malayalam by Dhaman center today 9th April at 7pm



Dhaman Malayalam

As a part of the public service initiative during the looming COVID-19 pandemic, Dhaman Health Assurance Hospitals Company in Kuwait started a multilingual YouTube broadcast for audiences of all nationalities and linguistic needs This live broadcast platform will carry health education lessons targeting the expatriates in Kuwait on YouTube. Health lessons and programs will be presented by Dhaman's Family physicians along with an opportunity for live discussion.

This will be a best opportunity for expatriates not only in quarantine but also for the general public who need to be aware of the current situation.The live webinar in Malayalam for the benefit of Indian expatriates in Kuwait will be available today Thursday, April 9th at 7:00 PM Kuwait time on the link

There will be a facility for Indian expats to clarify their doubts in Malayalam language with the experts from Dhaman Health Health Assurance Hospitals Company.


Dusty winds and rain forecast In Kuwait



Kuwait will experience heavy winds accompanied by dust, and a chance of thunderstorms the meteorological department reported in its weather forecast for today.There will also be a possibility for sporadic rain, thunderstorms and the maximum temperature expected today will be between 35 and 39 degrees Celsius. The temperature is expected to drop in the evening between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius.


MoI : Date changed for Indian residency violators to avail Amnesty

Ministry of Interior today announced that the date for residency violators who wish to avail the amnesty scheme is changed for Indian and Bangladeshi nationals.

As per the latest announcement from Ministry of Interior, Bangladeshi residents can avail the amnesty from Saturday 11, April 2020 to 15 April, 2020 instead of Indian residents.

Illegal staying Indian residents can approach the centers starting from from 16 April to 20 April, 2020, Ministry of Interior informed in a statement.

The time and places for illegal residents to avail the amnesty scheme remains same.


55 new coronavirus cases In Kuwait,Total Cases 910

covid19 09.04


Indian Association’s volunteer services during the ongoing Amnesty

Indian Association’s volunteer services during the ongoing Amnesty  

As everyone knows that Kuwait government has recently announced the “Amnesty” for the residency violators to leave the country without any legal actions. Residency violators can utilize this great opportunity to repatriate to our country; various Indian Associations in association with Indian Embassy, Kuwait are assisting to the Indian Nationals for procedures to get the required government documents. Needy people can contact the volunteers on their mobile numbers for any assistance.

Some of the association’s team contacts are provided below

Indian Social Service


Dar Al-Sabah Welfare Association

dar al Sabah




Kuwait Amnesty and Covid-19 Situation - ONCP Kuwait formed HELP DESK




To help Indian expatriates, who wish to return back to their homeland by utilize the advantage of current Kuwait's amnesty, and to provide food and other support to those most in need, while restrictions imposed by officials for to control the spread of Covid 19. ONCP has announced that the help desk is being operated by members of the organization with proper social distancing and personal protection wearing, within limit

 At the time of the last amnesty, members of the ONCP who volunteered for services, including free tickets, came forward to do services for Indian community in year 2020 again. ONCP requested to all Indian expatriates living in Kuwait without valid residence, must follow the instructions from Indian Embassy to utilize the benefit of current Kuwait's amnesty within the stipulated time as announced.

Current situation of Covid 19, everyone is urged to maintain strict social distancing and while in essential journeys must wear personal protection equipments, avoid unnecessary travel, and to abide by government regulations strictly. For help desk service and other information-  Abbassia - 97579814 & 51653148, Mangaf - 99434036 & 60357933, Farwaniya - 65637374 & 55786558, Hazawi – 94966710, Salmiya – 97516002, Kuwait City-66957576, Hawally-50667728, Wafra – 94783050, Jahra- 97511373, Abdali - 6608 5959, these numbers can be dialed, the ONCP said in a statement.


Kuwait’s Ministry of Health (MOH) launched a new medicine delivery service for people in Kuwait

Kuwait’s Ministry of Health (MOH) launched a new medicine delivery service for people in Kuwait

Kuwait’s Ministry of Health (MOH) launched a new medicine delivery service for people in Kuwait, which they can use to order medications to be delivered during curfew hours. The medications will be delivered within 72 hours after the order is submitted.

To place an order, patients should send a WhatsApp to the numbers for the hospitals and medical centers as listed below. The patient should include their name, Civil ID number, hospital or clinic file number, mobile phone number and the medicine needed to the following numbers:

Amiri Hospital: 50880699

Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital: 50880755

Farwaniya Hospital: 50880852

Adan Hospital: 50880908

Jahra Hospital: 50881066

Sabah Hospital: 97632660

Jaber Hospital: 96992079

Ibn Sina Hospital: 99613948

Chest Hospital: 99258749

Razi Hospital: 97633487

Kuwait Cancer Control Center: 96735242

Psychiatric Hospital: 97350113

Physiotherapy Hospital: 99824037

Maternity Hospital: 98559531

As’ad Al-Hamad Dermatology Center: 98514508

Zain Hospital: 97552031

NBK Hospital: 96931761

Al-Rashed Allergy Hospital: 94162470

Infectious Diseases Hospital: 96989164

Palliative Care Hospital: 94024786

Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Center: 90952469

KFH Addiction Treatment Center: 94169363


Two Jleeb health centers to open 24/7



Director of Farwaniya Health Area Dr Muhammad Al-Ajmi, announced the extension of working hours at two health centers in the North and South Jleeb AlShuyoukh which will work around the clock throughout the week to provide medical services to nearly 330,000 people living in the area.

According to media report, this two health centers will provide general medicine for diabetes and chronic diseases as well as support medical services such as nursing, laboratory, and pharmacy, in addition to providing dental services at the Jleeb AlShuyoukh North Center.


Recruiting nursing teams from abroad under study-- Minister of Health



The Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, revealed that measures have been taken in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate the recruitment of a group of experts specializing in the fight against the emerging corona virus "Covid 19" from the People's Republic of China.Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah said in a statement to Al-Anbaa: We have held talks with officials of the Republic of China, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is coordinating this matter, and a group of Chinese experts specialized in fighting Corona will visit us in the near future.On what was raised about receiving a large group of more than 130 nurses from one of the countries, he said that many countries expressed their willingness to send nursing teams, but this is subject to study first and there is an offer and we are still monitoring the details.


Kuwait blood bank produces artificial plasma to combat Covid-19



Kuwait Central Blood Bank (KCBB) has started producing plasma artificially to help treat patients suffering from the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) Director of KCBB Blood Transfusion Division Dr. Reem Al-Radhwan announced on Wednesday.The process entails collecting plasma from donors who were formerly Covid-19 patients and then transfusing it into the blood of patients to strengthen their immunity, she said in a statement to KUNA.

"According to the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), the plasma donation from former patients should start soon after the end of their home quarantine.

"When a person contracts a disease, their bodies start producing antibodies to face down the new enemy," she said."In the case of the respiratory disease, Covid-19, a former patient keeps a high level of antibodies three weeks after their recovery, and then the antibodies start taking a downward slant towards the normal level. "Therefore, the plasma generating process requires setting a time schedule for each donor," Dr. Al-Radhwan explained, noting that a recovered person can help treat three patients.

The plasma donation is conducted at the KCBB Headquarters in Al-Jabriya Area, she said, appreciating the efforts of the medical teams who contributed to the start of this process in Kuwait.-KUNA


Kuwait army plane with medical equipment and supplies arrived from China



A Kuwait Army transport plane returned home from China Wednesday, carrying tons of medical equipment and supplies to help the government curb spread of coronavirus, the Ministry of Defense said. This is the seventh army plane as part of repatriation and delivery operations, aimed at providing logistical support for government bodies, the ministry said in a statement.

This journey was in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Health to provide medical equipment and supplies.Kuwait Ambassador in Beijing Sameeh Hayat said the transport aircraft, which took off from the Chinese city of Guangzhou, was loaded with 55 tons of medical supplies and he was supervising an air corridor between China and Kuwait to support the "strategic storage" in the Arab Gulf country to help it curb the spread of coronavirus.-KUNA


6 expats of a private company arrested for illegal gathering and riots



The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry arrested six expats who caused riots and will take legal measures against them, and deport them out of the country.

In a press statement, the ministry said Wednesday, they received a complaint from a representative of a private company stating that a group of workers gathered and tried to assault him while delivering their salaries.It added that a rescue patrol immediately moved to the location of the incident and upon its arrival, one of the company's workers assaulted the police car, and then the patrol commander fired a precautionary caliber in the air to disperse the gathering.The ministry stressed that an investigation had been carried out and the rest of the workers involved were being seized and referred to the authorities.