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Kuwait’s wealth reaches $405 bn in mid-2019 and has 63,000 millionaires



Kuwait’s wealth reached $405 billion in mid-2019, up $60 billion from $390 billion in the middle of last year, up more than 15 percent a year, according to the latest report by Swiss research firm Credit Suisse.The report added the average per capita wealth of Kuwait reached 131.1 thousand dollars by the middle of this year, and the per capita GDP of 45 thousand dollars.

According to the report, a Kuwaiti citizen is considered the second richest among the GCC citizens in terms of the average per capita wealth, while the Qatari is ranked first with an average of 147.7 thousand dollars, followed by the Emirati with an average of 117 thousand dollars and the Saudi citizen an average of 67 thousand dollars.

The report estimated there are 63,000 millionaires whose wealth is distributed as follows: 59.2 thousand Kuwaitis whose wealth is between 1 and 5 million; 2,747 Kuwaitis whose wealth is between 5 and 10 million; 1,111 Kuwaitis whose wealth is between 10 and 50 million dollars; 52 Kuwaitis whose wealth is between 50 and 100 million and 21 Kuwaitis whose wealth is between 100 and 500 million.-A.T.


Plan to use underground garbage containers in new residential areas



Kuwait Municipality Director Ahmad Al-Manfouhi said the municipality’s general cleaning committee recommended using underground garbage containers in new residential areas currently under construction. ‘This technology must be included in those areas’ infrastructure,” he underlined.-K.T.



Chances of rain starting from next week on Sunday or Monday



Meteorological expert Adel Al-Marzouq says the weather observation maps and weather forecast indicate that there will be 40 percent chance of rain, which will not exceed 1 mm, starting from next week on Sunday or Monday.In a press statement, he stressed that the forecast was based on the existence of multifocal atmospheric depression scattered in the middle of Arabian Peninsula to the south with strength ranging between 1010-1012 millibars and with high atmospheric pressure concentrated between the eastern coast of the peninsula and the plateaus located inside Iran.-A.T.


New residency by-laws allows visit visas to be transferred to residency visas



Interior Minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah yesterday issued new residency by-laws allowing visit visas to be transferred to residency visas in many cases. There were only minor changes to other residency rules and regulations, especially with regards to fees. The new regulations, which explain how the residency law should be implemented, became effective as of Monday after their publication in the official gazette Kuwait Al-Youm.

Visit visas can be transferred to residence visa for following categories Subject to the residency affairs’ director’s decision:

  • Dependents arriving on family or tourist visit visas
  • Domestic helpers
  • Holders of valid residence who donot exceed stay of 6 months outside Kuwait and have to enter with a visit visa
  • Those who enter for work and start procedure to get residency but have to leave for maximum one month
  • Visitors of ministries and public authorities with Govt visit visa

KD 3 to obtain visa on arrival
Renewal of residence KD 10 per year/ per person
Dependent residency fees for spouses and children KD 10 per year/ per person.

Relatives other than the wife and children a dependent visa against a KD 200 charge yearly. This includes parents.

The regulations set a minimum of KD 500 in monthly salary for those who can bring their families from abroad on dependent visas, while they give the director of the department to exempt couples already living here from the salary condition. The regulations also exempt a large number of professions from the salary conditions. These include judges, doctors, engineers, teachers, journalists and many others.

The new by-laws introduce a tourist visa allowing tourists to stay in Kuwait for up to three months, and a multiple entry visa valid for one year for just KD 1 for each month. Foreigners whose residence is cancelled and those who resign are given up to three months of temporary residency to leave.


Condolences - MADHAV MAJU


IFL Kuwait

The Management, Principal, Staff and Students of GULF INDIAN SCHOOL deeply mourn the sad demise of their beloved student

MADHAV MAJU (CLASS - VIII) (03.09.2006 – 20.10.2019) and offer heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

“May his soul attain peace in his Heavenly Abode”



Two citizens including a police officer arrested for robbing Indian contractor of KD 23,000



Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested an unidentified police officer who used his position and the service pistol to break into the apartment of an Indian contractor and steal KD 23,000, with the help of a citizen who was armed with a machete.The arrest came after the Indian contractor filed a complaint with a police station accusing the two men of robbing him under threat and gave description of the men and the weapons they were armed with.He told the police station, the men claimed to be detectives and took a bag from the safe containing the money. Following intensive investigations, police armed with an arrest warrant raided the house of the officer and took him into custody.During interrogation he confessed that he committed the incident and guided police to his accomplice.-A.T.


Cleaning of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh region to begin on Nov 15



The joint committee which has been formed to follow up the existing situation in the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh region has set on Nov 15 to begin work of cleaning the area completely.Municipality has begun moves in cooperation with the Interior Ministry forces to monitor houses, real estate and warehouses, in explicit assertions of the need to eliminate all manifestations of corruption in the region. The committee will be monitoring the area from the air – the movements of violators, the location of illegal food stores, and gathering places of fugitive laborers and violators of residence law.There will be an operations room including personnel from all concerned government institutions which will direct the field teams and prepare what the committee called ‘on the spot’ reports and issue warning letters to real estate owners and investors who shelter the offending laborers.-A.T.


Arab man to be deported for snooping on women inside a shopping mall in Mangaf



An Arab man has been detained at the Abu Halifa Police Station and preparations are being made to deport him from the country for violating public morals and snooping on women inside a shopping mall in Mangaf.The arrest came after the manager of one of the shops in the mall provided police with two photos of the suspect deliberately throwing some objects on the ground in a prelude to rob the shoppers.According to a security source, the man was put under surveillance and caught him in the act and the CCTV footage was enough to convict the man of indecency. The daily added, when the suspect was asked to stop he tried to flee, but the security men grabbed him and took him to the police station.-A.T.


Decision to impose a 100 % tax on shisha has ignited criticism in Saudi Arabia



A decision to impose a 100 percent tax on bills at restaurants that serve shisha has ignited criticism on social media in Saudi Arabia, where the water pipes are a popular pastime. The furor has also been fuelled by confusion over how the tax is applied. In the meantime, some restaurants have stopped offering shisha, while others have lowered their prices to appease customers. The government’s official gazette said earlier this month that the tax will apply to all tobacco products.In the face of persistent budget deficits, the world’s top crude oil exporter has resorted to measures like cutting subsidies on fuel and power and imposing new taxes including on cigarettes and soft drinks.


Rare surgery, first of its kind in the Middle East performed in Adan hospital



Head of Orthopedic Surgery Department at Adan Hospital Dr Meshal Al-Hadhoud successfully performed a rare surgery through a new innovation, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East, on a woman who broke her foot.In a press release, Dr Al-Hadhoud disclosed that the surgery involved stabilizing a tarsal bone using a precision stick to avert the complications witnessed in the conventional method, which resulted in opening the huge sore before putting slices and corns. He said diabetic patients are the major beneficiaries of this method, adding that the patient can walk 48 hours after the surgery.

Dr Al-Hadhoud affirmed that this method is different from the conventional method whereby patients require six weeks of rehabilitation before they can walk, because of the gypsum on the foot. He praised Kuwait for the achievements of its citizens, stressing that the government sponsors the education of its citizens abroad, and the citizens must replicate this with good deeds.-A.T.


Attempt to kidnap Kuwaiti woman foiled



A Kuwaiti woman accused her bus driver of attempting to kidnap her instead of dropping her home from college. In her statements to police, the woman said that she was left alone in the bus after the Bangladeshi driver had dropped all other students to their homes, and instead of driving to her home as usual, he went to another area where she became suspicious. At that time her mother called the driver to ask about her daughter who was late, then the girl screamed for help, prompting the driver to change route and drop the girl to her home before driving away. Detectives are investigating.-K.T.


Woman banned from conceiving any more, after giving birth to 44 children



In a rare case, a woman in Uganda has been banned from conceiving any more, after giving birth to 44 children.

Mariam Nabatanzi has been dubbed 'the world's most fertile woman' by locals after she managed to give birth to four sets of twins, five sets of triplets and five quadruplets.But, doctors in Uganda have banned Nabatanzi from giving birth to any more children, according to Al Jazeera documentary quoted in  

Sold into marriage at the age of 12, Nabatazni is a single mother who works as a tailor, hairdresser and herbalist to make ends meet. She delivered her first child in the first year of her marriage and now has 38 surviving children to raise.   


Instructions not to release drones without the approval of MoI and the Department of Civil Aviation



The Director-General of the General Administration of Customs, Counselor Jamal Al-Jalawi, has issued a circular to all managers at the ports with the instructions not to ‘release’ drones (aircraft) without the approval of both the Ministry of Interior and the Department of Civil Aviation.He said the circular was issued subject to the letter from the Ministry of Interior No. 1301 on 25/9/2019, which said recently the deployment of drones was noticed with the use of a remote control of varying sizes and types and all of them work on gasoline.

The letter also said the drones can be equipped with a camera (surveillance and radar) with range of up to 1 km as well as ‘drone helicopters’ equipped with cameras and are operated by phone with accuracy and that it is user friendly. As indicated by the competent authority in the Ministry of Interior there is a possibility of selling such aircraft without permission from any official authority.The Ministry of Interior said the aircraft should not be allowed to enter the country without permission from the General Directorate of Security Relations and Information at the Ministry of Interior through any port. The Civil Aviation Administration confirmed a request has been sent to all ports not to permit the entry of drones without obtaining the prior approval of the department.-A.T.


Children can no longer sponsor their parents but they can sponsor them for visit



The General Department of Residence Affairs has issued a decision according to which the children can no longer sponsor their parents to reside in the country but they can sponsor them for visit.If the wife and children are under the sponsorship of the head of the family (husband/father) under Article 22 (dependent visa) they have to leave the country if the husband resigns from his job and leaves the country.The same applies to the husband and children if they are under the sponsorship of wife/mother (in some cases where the ministry permits such sponsorship). The sources added the new decision is applied with immediate effect.

According to statistics of the ministry just one week earlier several children had sponsored their parents under Article 22, but according to the new decision they can no longer avail this facility.The aim of the decision is to rearrange the expatriates who fall under Article 22 category. According to the new decision the spouse can sponsor only his/her wife/husband and children.-A.T.


MEW activated 23 e services with the aim of facilitating consumers



The Ministry of Electricity and Water has activated 23 eservices as part of the ministry’s strategy announced by the Minister of Electricity and Water and Oil Minister Dr Khalid Al-Fadhil, with the aim of facilitating all services to consumers through following global performance indicators.The services provided by the ministry electronically are varied, including the delivery of electricity to a new consumer, switching meters, cutting and restoring water to the vouchers of the model areas and many other services that were announced through the ministry’s official page.-A.T.



Sustainable Economics is All About Practicing Green Banking


PHOTO 2019 10 17 19 00 00The UAB – World Bank Breakfast meeting happened at the World Bank Headquarters at Washington DC on 17th Oct 2019. Dr. R. Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank participated in this session. Dr. R. Seetharaman said, “Green Banking promotes environmental-friendly practices and reducing carbon footprint from the banking activities. The Global financial crisis has made me rethink on Green Banking. Banks as Socially responsible citizens should earmark capital for Green Banking apart from capital for regulatory requirements. The areas which are related to Green banking and impact sustainable development include Green economies, Food security, Corporate Social Responsibility, Public –Private Partnership, Climate Change Financing, Small and Medium enterprises, Global and GCC Sustainability and Human resources. The key themes are Green economies are the solutions to global sustainability, Green Banking encourages Green economies and thereby mitigate climate change , Effective Policies are required to attract Private Sector investment in climate change, Climate change mitigation is necessary to address Food Security Challenges, SMEs are critical for sustainable development of economies and Global Governance gives emphasis on sustainable development. “

On Green Banking Dr. R. Seetharaman said “The Banking environment operates within the global standards of lending or investing and such standards have been revised after the Global financial crisis both in terms of liquidity and capital adequacy. The going –concern and gone concern capital has been redefined and suitable buffers have also been developed taking into consideration the liquidity and systematic issues. However in addition to above Banks as socially responsible citizens have a role to play on protecting environment and contribute to sustainable development. Hence every Bank should earmark minimum 10% of Tier 1 capital subject to a cap of 10% of risk weighted capital towards Green banking or Clean development mechanism (CDM) or any Sustainable development projects taking into consideration the carbon emissions prevailing in the economy in which the bank operates. The Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions need to be estimated for major economic sectors in areas of operation to determine the carbon footprint. Based on the carbon footprint in various economic sectors various initiatives be proposed to promote Green economies such as Lending for Green projects, CDM scheme and Paperless banking. The allocation matrix should be such that greater the carbon footprint in the relevant economic sector, the higher the allocation of capital for Green Banking and Sustainable projects. The carbon footprint will be different across various geographies and economic sectors and hence country wise and sector wise allocations should be explored. This forms the basis for Green banking and brings prudency into the capital framework.”

Dr. Seetharaman highlighted the key initiatives of Doha Bank on Green Banking. He said “. Doha Bank has promoted paperless banking, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Phone Banking and ATM Banking as well as online channels such as Doha Souq, E-Remittances and Online Bill Payments. It has launched Green Credit Card and Green Account. It also has a dedicated Green Banking Website which integrates the bank’s initiatives in promoting environmental safety with the community by reaching out to both the public and private sectors. Doha Bank conducted Green Quiz with Global warming and climatic changes as a central theme to spread awareness in various countries. Doha Bank was involved in Project financing for supporting the construction of Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation’s Water Security Mega Reservoirs Project. It has also provided term loan for Emirates Central Cooling Systems, which provides Efficient District Cooling Services (DCS) to developments in Dubai and the surrounding region. Doha Bank has tracked the developments pertaining to various Conference of Parties (COP) meetings of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In this concluding remarks he said “Sustainable eco-nomics is also about Green Banking. “

الاقتصاد البيئي المستدام يقوم على تبني التطوير وممارسة الصيرفة الخضراء

عُقد يوم 17 أكتوبر 2019 فطور عمل بين اتحاد المصارف العربية والبنك الدولي في مقرّ البنك بالعاصمة الأمريكية واشنطن. وبهذه المناسبة صرّح الدكتور ر. سيتارامان الرئيس التنفيذي لبنك الدوحة الذي شارك في الاجتماع قائلاً: "تحفّز الصيرفة الخضراء على تبني الممارسات الصديقة للبيئة وتخفيض أثر انبعاث الكربون من الأنشطة المصرفية. فلقد جعلتني الأزمة المالية العالمية أعيد النظر بالصيرفة الخضراء حيث أعتقد بأنه يتعين على البنوك ككيانات مسؤولة اجتماعياً تخصيص رأسمال لمزاولة الصيرفة الخضراء إلى جانب رأس المال الخاص باستيفاء المتطلبات التنظيمية. تشمل النواحي المتعلقة بالصيرفة الخضراء والتي تؤثر على التنمية المستدامة مواضيعاً بالغة الأهمية مثل الاقتصاديات الخضراء، والأمن الغذائي، والمسؤولية الاجتماعية للشركات، والشراكة بين القطاعين الخاص والعام، وتمويل المبادرات المكافحة لتغيّر المناخ، ودعم المؤسسات الصغيرة والمتوسطة، والاستفادة من الموارد البشرية والاستدامة العالمية والخليجية. وقد حمل الاجتماع عدداً من العناوين العريضة شملت الاقتصاديات الخضراء هي الحل للاستدامة العالمية، والصيرفة الخضراء تشجّع بناء الاقتصاديات الخضراء وتخفّف من تغيّر المناخ، والحاجة إلى السياسات الفعّالة لجذب القطاع الخاص نحو الاستثمار في مكافحة تغيّر المناخ، وضرورة التخفيف من وطأة تغيّر المناخ لمعالجة تحديات الأمن الغذائي، والدور الكبير للمؤسسات الصغيرة والمتوسطة في التنمية المستدامة للاقتصاديات، وتشديد الحوكمة المؤسسية على التنمية المستدامة."

كما تحدّث الدكتور ر. سيتارامان عن الصيرفة الخضراء فقال: "تعمل البيئة المصرفية ضمن المعايير العالمية للإقراض أو الاستثمار وقد تم تعديل هذه المعايير بعد الأزمة المالية العالمية من حيث السيولة وكفاية رأس المال، وتمت إعادة تعريف رأس المال الخاص بالكيان العامل والكيان غير العامل وتم إنشاء الهوامش الرأسمالية المناسبة لذلك مع الأخذ بعين الاعتبار مشاكل السيولة والنظام المصرفي. وبالإضافة إلى ما ذكر أعلاه، يُناط بالبنوك بصفتها كيانات مسؤولة اجتماعياً دوراً في حماية البيئة والمساهمة في التنمية المستدامة. وعليه أرى بأنه يتوجب على كل بنك تخصيص نسبة لا تقلّ عن 10% من رأس المال الأساسي وبحد أعلى 10% من رأس المال الموزون بالمخاطر لتوظيفها بالصيرفة الخضراء أو آليات التنمية النظيفة أو مشاريع التنمية المستدامة مع مراعاة انبعاثات الكربون في الاقتصاد الذي يعمل فيه كل بنك. وبالنسبة إلى غاز الدفيئة، فيتعين تقديره في القطاعات الاقتصادية الرئيسية التي تعمل بها البنوك لتحديد مستوى انبعاث الكربون. واستناداً إلى تحديد مستوى انبعاث الكربون في مختلف القطاعات الاقتصادية، يتم اقتراح المبادرات المختلفة للدفع بدعم الاقتصاديات الخضراء مثل الإقراض لتنفيذ المشاريع الخضراء وبرنامج آليات التنمية النظيفة والخدمات المصرفية اللاورقية. يجب أن تراعي مصفوفة تخصيص رأس المال تجاوزها لأثر انبعاث الكربون في القطاع الاقتصادي المعني وبالتالي يكون تخصيص رأس المال لمشاريع الصيرفة الخضراء والاستدامة أكبر. وكون أثر انبعاث الكربون يختلف من منطقة جغرافية وقطاع اقتصادي إلى آخر، سيتعين دراسة تخصيص رأس المال بحسب البلد والقطاع. وهذا كله يُشكّل أساس الصيرفة الخضراء ويحقق التحفّظ في إطار عمل رأس المال."

هذا وقد أشار الدكتور ر. سيتارامان إلى المبادرات الرئيسية التي اتخذها بنك الدوحة على صعيد الصيرفة الخضراء فقال: "شجّع بنك الدوحة على تنفيذ المعاملات المصرفية دون أوراق مُطلقاً لهذا الغرض خدمة الإنترنت المصرفي وخدمة الرسائل النصية المصرفية والخدمة المصرفية الهاتفية وخدمة أجهزة الصراف الآلي بالإضافة إلى إطلاق قنوات على الإنترنت مثل سوق الدوحة والحوالات الإلكترونية وسداد الفواتير عبر الإنترنت. كما أطلق البنك البطاقة الائتمانية الخضراء والحساب الأخضر وخصّص موقعاً إلكترونياً للصيرفة الخضراء حيث دمج معه مبادرات البنك في نشر السلامة البيئية لدى المجتمع وذلك بالعمل مع القطاعين الخاصة والعام. وأقام بنك الدوحة المسابقة الخضراء التي تتمحور حول الاحتباس الحراري والتغيرات المناخية وذلك بغرض نشر الوعي في مختلف البلدان. علاوة على ذلك اشترك بنك الدوحة في دعم مشروع إنشاء خزانات المياه الرئيسية لشركة كهرماء، وقدّم قرضاً آجلاً لدعم إنشاء أنظمة التبريد المركزية في الإمارات والتي تقدّم خدمات التبريد المناطقية بكفاءة لدبي والمنطقة المحيطة بها. وقد تابع بنك الدوحة التطورات المتعلقة باجتماعات الأطراف المشاركة في الاتفاق الإطاري للأمم المتحدة بشأن تغير المناخ. وفي الختام قال الدكتور ر. سيتارامان: "يتمحور الاقتصاد البيئي أيضاً حول الصيرفة الخضراء."


Kuwait has the highest rates of nurses, doctors and hospitals



Kuwait has the highest rates of nurses, doctors and hospitals, and the lowest neonatal and under-five mortality rates, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), said Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Dr Fawaz Al-Rifai.

He expressed his satisfaction that Kuwait has enjoyed the highest rates of nurses, doctors and hospitals, pointing to an increasing number of nurses over the past 10 years, in line with international standards. He pointed out that he addressed in his interventions during the meeting, what Kuwait enjoys in the field of health care for newborns and children under the age of five and adolescents, especially the reduction of neonatal mortality significantly in the past period.-A.T.


Soon employees to receive cash for 180 days in lieu of their annual leave



MP Khalil Al-Saleh said Minister of Finance, Dr Nayef al-Hajraf will soon issue a decision that will allow the employees to receive cash for 180 days while they are at the head of their service in lieu of their annual leave.Al-Saleh in a statement to the Parliament media office said that he coordinated with the Minister of Finance and reached a positive agreement to amend the Civil Service Law to address this issue and give the employees the right to cash the leave in accordance with the comprehensive salary. He pointed out that the current law provides a cash allowance for the employee’s leave only at the time of retirement, but the decision will allow the employees to benefit from it during service.

MP Khalil Al-Saleh pointed out that this amendment is a victory for the rights of employees, by giving them the right to exchange their leave for cash allowance without the need to wait for retirement, but with certain conditions, as it reduces the burden on citizens.-A.T.


‘A Gift of Gold’ offers at Malabar Gold & Diamonds

‘A Gift of Gold’ offers at Malabar Gold & Diamonds

The jewellery retailer Malabar Gold & Diamonds has announced their ‘A Gift of Gold’ offers; Revealed a huge collection of jewellery in gold, diamonds and precious gems to celebrate this festive season.

  • Promotion period: 10th October to 27th October, 2019
  • Participating outlets: All Malabar Gold & Diamonds outlets in the Middle East, Far East & USA
  • Main attraction:
    • Customers to get assured Gold Coins on Gold & Diamond Jewellery Purchase
    • Festive jewellery collection in gold, diamond and precious gems at special prices
  • Offers in Kuwait:
    • Customers get ‘scratch & win’ coupons on purchase of gold jewellery worth KWD 250 and stand chances to win a guaranteed gold coin or up to 50 gold coins instantly.
    • Free two gram gold coin on purchase of diamond jewellery worth KWD 500
    • Free one gram gold coin on diamond purchase of KWD 250
    • Pay 10% & get gold rate protection on jewellery until 25th October, 2019
    • Zero Deduction on 22K (GCC) Gold Exchange
    • No Making Charges on 8 Gm gold coins
  • Unveiled the latest collection of jewellery specially designed for the festive season in gold, diamonds & precious gems.

MGD 10 2019

Malabar Gold & Diamonds, one among the largest jewellery retailers globally with a strong retail network of 250 outlets spread across the globe has revealed its much awaited festive season offer, ‘A Gift of Gold’, giving a golden chance for the customers to win assured gold coins with Gold & Diamond Jewellery purchases.

In Kuwait, the offer is starting from 10th October, 2019 and will be spanning till 27th October, 2019. Also, the company has unveiled the latest Festive Jewellery collection at special offer prices in gold, diamond and precious gem jewellery featuring the most eye-catching and unique trends bound to captivate the customers.

‘A Gift of Gold’ by Malabar Gold & Diamonds gives unmatched chances for the customers to win gold coins with their gold & diamond jewellery purchases. Customers can win a guaranteed gold coin or up to 50 gold coins instantly on purchase of gold jewellery worth KWD 250 via ‘Scratch & Win’ coupons. Adding to the above, customers also get two gram gold coin on diamond jewellery purchase of KWD 500 and a one gram gold coin on purchase of diamond jewellery worth KWD 250. Above offers are valid at all outlets in Kuwait until 27th October only. 

Also, customers will have a great opportunity to get protected from the increasing gold rate by just paying 10% of the entire amount on your favorite gold jewellery. This offer is valid until 25th October only.

The latest jewellery collection launched in celebration of the festive season includes both traditional and contemporary designs in 18 & 22K gold, diamond and precious gem jewellery and are guaranteed to suit the tastes of their multicultural and multinational customers. Malabar Gold & Diamonds has incorporated these designs as a part of various brands presented at Malabar Gold & Diamonds’ namely Mine - Diamonds Unlimited, Era - Uncut Diamond Jewellery, Precia - Gem Jewellery, Divine- Indian Heritage Jewellery and Ethnix - Handcrafted Designer Jewellery.

MGD 10 2019 1


35 Arab and Asian umrah pilgrims die in Saudi bus crash



Thirty-five foreigners were killed and four others injured when a bus collided with another heavy vehicle near the Muslim holy city of Medina, Saudi state media said yesterday. The accident on Wednesday evening involved a collision between “a private chartered bus with a heavy vehicle” near the western city, a spokesman for Medina police said, according to the official Saudi Press Agency.Those involved were Arab and Asian pilgrims who lived in the kingdom and were performing the umrah travelling from Medina to Makkah, according to local media, which carried pictures of the bus engulfed in flames and with its windows blown out. The injured have been transferred to Al-Hamna Hospital, SPA added. Authorities have launched an investigation.


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