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DGCA- Expats will go under coronavirus tests prior to evacuation



DGCA released a circular that announced the operational procedures for the evacuation of expats of Arab and foreign countries from Kuwait International Airport due to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

First: Evacuation to countries with no required medical test for their citizens.
• Passengers evacuation shall be regulated in accordance with approved procedures implanted at the specified terminals delegated for this purpose in coordination with national & foreign Air operators and ground handling Agents and in accordance with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Kuwait DGCA procedures to prevent the spread of (COVID-19) Virus.

Second: Evacuation to countries with a requirement for a medical test for their citizens (after the approval of working team) to implement the appropriate mechanism, headed by the minister of Social Affairs.

  1. DGCA shall implement an evacuation plan to facilitate for those expats in coordination with the national and foreign Air operators.
  2. DGCA Air transport department and Kuwait International Airport (KIA) operation department in coordination shall specify all departing flights via an external aircraft parking at the airport yard.
  3. Medical test Centre (B) at terminal (1) is the approved centre to carry out medical (COVID-19) tests for all passengers to be evacuated via mentioned flights to those countries which mad the requirement. The Medical test centre (B) at location (ALFA) is for all Air operators and Ground Handling Agents.
  4. DGCA /KIA operation department shall coordinate with operators and ground handling Agencies to specify passengers check-in zone in accordance with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Kuwait DGCA procedures and circulars to prevent the spread of (COVID-19) pandemic.
  5. All Air operators and ground handling agents shall close the passenger’s check-in desk 90 minutes prior to departure time due to the latest medical test procedures required from those countries. It is the Air operator’s responsibility to inform their passengers.
  6. Air Operators and Ground handling agents shall be responsible for all precautionary measures  for all passengers including the providing of medical masks, gloves and sanitizers.
  7. Passport Control and Airport security shall be implemented by MOI taking into consideration all precautionary measures.
  8. Ground handling Agents shall facilitate the entrance and exit of all passengers from medical test Centre (B) and zone (ALFA) from terminal (1) for passengers’ medical test and departure procedures where sanitization procedures shall be implemented as per approved  from Ministry of Health (MOH).
  9. The tests conducted by the medical staff for the passengers shall be provided by the
    ground handling companies under the supervision of the Ministry of Health (MOH). After which the results of the examination is approved by the MOH in preparation for the issuance of the health certificate for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

10  If (COVID-19) test result is negative, a certificate shall be issued for each passenger and is approved by MOH

  1. 1f (COVID-19) test result is positive, the passenger shall be isolated and the approved procedures by MOH in coordination with MOI shall be strictly implemented.
  2. ================================================================================

Volunteering is open for doctors and nursing staff -MoH



The Ministry of Health on Monday announced the opening of volunteering for doctors and nursing staff affiliated with the private medical sector to join the ministry.

This comes in light of the health situation, developments, and repercussions of the coronavirus outbreak in order to seek the concerted efforts of all parties and individuals to confront the coronavirus pandemic, said the ministry in a statement.The ministry noted that volunteering is available through the registration system of the Ministry of Health on the following link:


Kuwait Catholic Church Bishop passed away



Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia Most Rev. H.L. Bishop Camillo Ballin passed away in Rome. He was 76 years old.

Bishop Ballin was consecrated Bishop by His Eminence Crescenzio Cardinal Sepe at the Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait City on September 2, 2005. In 2011, he was appointed as the first Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia with the territories of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia under his jurisdiction.

Last year he marked his 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood with a special mass at the Holy Family Cathedral in Kuwait city.

He was under treatment in Italy for the past few month.


Kuwait's PACI launched online civil ID app--carry your civil ID in smart phone

Kuwait’s Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) has launched an online civil ID app where citizens and residents can carry their civil ID on their smart phone. To obtain the mobile civil ID, users must first download the app ‘Kuwait mobile ID’ for iPhones or Android devicess and then enroll in the program. The application is available in Arabic and English.


  1. Must be a citizen or resident of Kuwait with valid visa.
  2. Have a previously issued smart civil ID that is valid for a minimum of at least one month.


  1. Download the Kuwait mobile ID app.
  2. Register – You will need your civil ID number, serial number and passport number.
  3. Take a selfie.
  4. Complete the process. If accepted, your civil ID will now be on your mobile.


66 New coronavirus cases, 1 death - Total raised to 1300




Kuwait MOH confirms 1 new death case of a Citizen in his 50s and 66 new cases of Coronavirus in the last 24 hours, raising the total number of cases to 1300 & 2 deaths in the country.


Kuwait imported 1200 barrels of Ethanol to make medical sterilizers



As part of government measures to confront the outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid 19), Kuwait imported first batch of Ethanol for the manufacture of medical sterilizers, Kuwaiti Minister of Trade and Industry Khalid Al-Roudhan informed.

Al-Roudhan said in a statement that it is part of the implementation of Cabinet Resolution No. 396 to provide protective supplies and an affirmation of the continuing role of (trade) in meeting the requirements of local factories from the raw material.
The shipment was received from Al-Shuaiba Port in full coordination with the relevant government agencies

Al-Roudhan emphasized that this shipment will produce more than a million sterilizers, which covers part of the needs of the local market for sterilizers.For his part, the Director General of the Kuwait Public Authority for Industry, Abdul Karim Taqi said, according to the statement, that the shipment received contains 1200 barrels enough to manufacture one million cans.


British PM Boris Johnson discharged from hospital



British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been discharged from a London hospital and will continue his recovery from Covid-19 at his country residence of Chequers, his office said on Sunday.

"The PM has been discharged from hospital to continue his recovery, at Chequers," a spokesman said.
"On the advice of his medical team, the PM will not be immediately returning to work. He wishes to thank everybody at St Thomas' for the brilliant care he has received.
"All of his thoughts are with those affected by this illness."

Johnson, 55, was taken to St Thomas's Hospital in central London on April 5, suffering from persistent symptoms of the disease caused by the new coronavirus. On April 6 he was moved into intensive care, where he remained until April 9.


The curfew reduced the traffic violations by one fourth



Before the curfew, the total traffic violations that were issued weekly were not less than 30,000 violations and sometimes exceeded 40,000 violations, but the imposition of the curfew in the period from five in the evening until four in the morning and six in the morning had an impact on the traffic violations recorded by the operations sector Traffic violations during the two weeks are about 10 thousand violations. Security source considered that the number of violations recorded in the period after the ban confirms the spread and presence of Ministry of Interior men in the streets and roads around the clock to activate the law and control any person who does not abide by it.-Al Anba



Eliminate half of the expatriates within 5 years



The crisis of the emerging "Corona" virus read the file of the demographic imbalances strongly, and prompted the government to revive plans to reduce the number of expats within five years, drawing most of its details from extensive previous studies to address the imbalance in the composition, where work is being done to review it to take advantage of its applicable provisions.

Informed sources told "Al-Rai" that "there are basic pillars on which the formula reform plan depends, which is to make Kuwaitis half of the population within five years, reduce the number of arrivals to a million and a half million (currently numbering about 3.3 million), and establish controls that limit marginal employment" Non-technical employment, the adoption of a (quota) system in determining community shares, and assigning the file of population composition to the Ministry of Affairs only

The sources indicated that the quota system will limit the increase in the numbers of some communities, whose negative effects appeared in the crisis (Corona), so that each community is granted a proportion that corresponds to their numbers, provided that the highest percentage does not exceed 20 percent of the number of arrivals (i.e. about 300 thousand) , With the activation of the judicial seizure of the Ministry of Affairs, especially on fake companies to control workers without a license .

She added that the plan includes non-renewal of residency for expatriates over the age of 60, and the exception is limited, and for certain occupations, and also included specifying the number of years of expatriate residency in Kuwait, so that it does not exceed 15 years as a maximum.

The sources emphasized that the plan organized the recruitment of domestic workers, so residency is granted only according to the needs and number of each family, in order to reduce the numbers of servants who make up a large proportion of the number of arrival.


IFL distributes Food to the needy

IFL distributes Food to the needy


Indians in Kuwait

Today by the coordination of Mr. Durai, Indian Frontliners, distributed around 100 food boxes from Bollywood Rest. to the needy in salmiya. Already IFL join hand with Mughal Mahal's 'Meal for the needy' campaign.

img(1).jpg img(2).jpg img(3).jpg img(4).jpg img(5).jpg


17 Commercial stores closed due to preventive measure violations



Ministry of Trade and Industry announced Thursday the closure of 17 commercial stores that did not abide by preventive measures laws as part of combating the spread of coronavirus.In a statement to KUNA, the ministry said that two stores were reopened as well, adding their inspection teams monitored 279 cooperative societies, popular markets, commercial stores, and vegetable stand-alone shops to determine the extent of their commitment to new regulations and to maintain the stability of prices to products.


80 new coronavirus infected cases,Total cases 1234



80 New cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) were recorded in Kuwait over the past 24 hours, Kuwait Ministry of Health announced on Sunday bringing total number of people contaminated with the virus to 1234.This includes a total of 6 Kuwaiti national, 45 Indians, 9 Bangladeshi, 6 Iranian, 6 Egyptians, 2 Nepali, 2 Pakistani., 2 Philippine, 1 Syrian and 1 Portuguese nationals.

Earlier Ministry of Heath announced the recovery of 9 patients today.


Kuwait audit bureau approves contracts for 12 quarantine sites



The State Audit Bureau (SAB) approved, Saturday, 12 contracts for sites to be used as quarantine for Kuwaitis returning from abroad.Speaking to KUNA, SAB’s undersecretary and head of the bureau’s emergency team Suleiman Al-Busairi said that they were in contact with officials from several locally based and international-brand hotels to discuss using their facilities for quarantine.

The contracts varied in daily expenses and services from KD 4,000 (USD 12,000) to KD 45 (USD 144), he indicated.The approval are within the state’s laws, Al-Busairi affirmed, indicating that a number of hotels agreed to the deals, while others declined.-KUNA


Renewal of residence for family visa and self sponsor only for 1 year



The General Administration of Residence Affairs at Ministry of Interior in looking at the demographics and its attempt to address the defect revealed by the emerging coronavirus crisis, has issued a new circular to renew the residence permit of those under Article 22 (family visa) and Article 24 (self sponsor) for one year only.

The circular says even if the concerned sponsor’s validity of residence permit is for three years the residence permit (for dependents and self sponsors) will have to be renewed annually.


15 Indian doctors and healthcare professionals arrived in Kuwait to offer their expertise



To assist in the fight against the global coronavirus pandemic, a team of 15 Indian doctors and healthcare professionals arrived in Kuwait to offer their expertise to the Kuwait Government of the State of Kuwait.The medical team will stay for two weeks, and provide medical assistance regarding testing and treating afflicted persons in addition to training Kuwait’s medical staff. The medical team came at the request of the Kuwait government, and after a recent phone call between Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and the Prime Minister of the State of Kuwait H.H. Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah. During the phone call, both leaders agreed to coordinate efforts to better tackle the global pandemic.

Subsequently, the External Affairs Minister Dr S. Jaishankar and his Kuwaiti counterpart held a telephone conversation to discuss the prevailing situation in Kuwait and explore ways to further strengthen cooperation during these challenging times.

India and Kuwait share a strong partnership based on historical, cultural, economic and people-to-people-contacts. Indians constitute the largest group of expatriates with an estimated population of about ten lakhs in Kuwait.


Large number of Bangladeshis flocked to the amnesty center



Before 8 am this morning the reception center for violators of residence in the Al-Farwaniya area noticed large number of Bangladeshi community who flocked to the centers to benefit from the initiative to exempt from fines and free travel before end of this month.

The Ministry of Interior has allocated 5 full days for Bangladeshi community to visit amnesty center and take advantage of initiative provided by the government which will facilitate travel procedures for violators.-A.T.


Dead body of an Indian expat found on street in Mahboula



The body of a 29-year-old Indian expat was found dumped on a street in Mahboula. Sources stated that a suspicions of criminal act is hovering over the death of the Indian resident, and that forensic men have taken the body to forensic medicine.

As per latest update security sources informed that there was no criminal angle to the case however waiting for postmortem results.-A.T.


Expats leave Kuwait as DGCA receive airlines request for evacuation



As the general administration of Civil Aviation (GDCA) started approving airlines request to operate from Kuwait for evacuation of people from Kuwait around 726 expats leave for various countries from Kuwait international Airport.

According to local report, 131 European passengers departed via Jazeera Airways to Germany on Friday.

Another Kuwait airways left the country with 225 Korean passengers while an Omani plane left to Oman with 40 Omanis on board. In coming days, several countries will evacuate their national from Kuwait including 190 passengers travelling on MEA airlines to Lebanon and 140 European community to Romania on Sunday.