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Indian Embassy - Advice given to the Indian Community

Advice given to the Indian Community

In our effort to reach out to the local police authorities to develop link between Indian Community and Police, Counsellor Shri B K Upadhyay in the Indian Embassy along with community representatives recently met the Officer-in-charge of 4 police stations where the Indians are residing in large numbers i.e. Abbasiya, Fahaheel, Farwaniya, and Salmiya. During the interactions, a wide range of issues were discussed to improve security and better coordination.

2.     Based on discussion with the police officers, following advice is given to Indian community:-

(i)     The major issue which was highlighted by community related to checking by persons impersonating as police officers. It was informed that Indians are being duped by using the confiscated civil IDs by way of making big purchase. It is advised to seek the police ID from the persons posing as policemen. During the meeting, the police officers informed that the real police would always show the Police ID and in case of any resistance, chances are that the persons are impersonating. As a standard practice worldwide, the police must show ID when in civil dress and even in Uniform.  In case of doubt, one is advised to approach the concerned police station and verify the fact.

(ii)    Whenever one is visiting Police Station related to reporting of crime and any follow up, an Arabic knowing friend should be taken along. The Indian community representatives have been requested to give list of Arabic speaking Indians, who can volunteer to help an Indian when such a need arises.  

(iii)      Various instances have come to notice when Indian nationals were duped for signing in Arabic written papers. Police authorities have advised that if those who do not know Arabic language, should not sign any paper which is in Arabic. It is advised to take an Arabic-knowing person with you who can inform you about the content of the letter. The law authorizes a person not to sign if he/she is not aware of the content of letter. Similarly giving blank signed bank cheques and one’s passport as surety to someone else is improper.

(iv)     Several instances have come to notice in Khaitan, Salmiya, Shuwaikh, etc when the workers were waiting on footpath for daily wages work. Such persons are generally detained during security checking by the police and deported. Such persons are generally on domestic visa and working outside is illegal. If someone is not getting job, better remain in the house. Don’t roam freely for searching jobs on road.

(v)         Police authorities are ready to meet community representatives at regular intervals. Hence Indian embassy would like to advise the Indian community representatives to meet regularly with the police authorities which would create better understanding and coordination. Embassy would be happy to coordinate such efforts of the Indian community.

(vi)           All must abide by the local laws and regulations regarding prohibition of alcohol in the State of Kuwait.

“Parking Problems” on Indian Embassy

Indian Embassy on Parking Problems


We are aware of the parking problems faced by the visiting Indian community to the Embassy premises. For Community events held at the Embassy Auditorium our Security Guards are helping and guiding everyone in parking of their cars in an orderly manner. Malaysian Embassy, which is only 50 meters away from the Indian Embassy, has free parking space for all those visiting the Embassy.

Letter to Associations in Kuwait

Letter to Associations in Kuwait

Amid reports of security raids on 6/6/2014 in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Murghab, Fahaheel, Abu Halifa, Al-Rai, Friday Market and some adjacent areas in Shuwaikh wherein approximate 820 expatriates were rounded for violating various Kuwaiti rule and regulations, Counsellor  B K Upadhyay has met  Maj Gen Abdul Fatah Al-Ali, Assistant Under Secretary, Public Security Affairs, MOI, Kuwait on 10/06/2014 to discuss the issues involved and appraise few complaint received from Indians. Following advice is given to Indian community to avoid them get involved in illegal activities and later being deported.

1.     Recent raid was conducted based on complains received from various Ministries particularly Municipality, Commerce and Labour that expatriates were involved in selling used clothes, waste vegetables, expired food products etc at cheaper rates  in the residential colonies and side of cooperatives. Such street type vendors are unauthorized and creating problems affecting the functioning of above ministries. 

2.     Before making raids, the residences, market area, outside cooperatives, etc were photographed and the activities of such persons have been so that such persons could be segregated from casual visitors. So details were collected in advance by police before planning raids.

3.     Those who are detained due to case lodged by their sponsor could be released by their sponsor only. It was informed that details of cases against individual have been computerized and one can get it checked oneself. In case of absconding cases, any individual can visit the Ministry of Labour and submit that one is not absconding. He is working out because the sponsor failed to give him work. He can insist that Sponsor may be called and he is ready to go back with him.

4.     Maj Gen Abdul Fatah Al-Ali He further said that let these people have an authorization letter from the Sponsor that he is permitting them to work outside.

5.     On query regarding fear of night checking, it was informed that there would be no night checking and public need not to fear from it. In case anybody coming for night checking in civil dress, please ask for identity card and inform on number 112 of such checking. Police would help is such cases.  

Please avoid spreading unsubstantiated rumours and do not create panic situation. Out of 820 expatriates who were rounded up on 6/6/2014, 720 were released after verification.  Out of these 60 who were rounded for the above mentioned illegal activities, only 15-20 are Indians.  That too there are photographs and video recording of their illegal activities. The Embassy will continue to render all help to the members of India community.


Advise for Parking Cars at Embassy Auditorium

Parking Cars
In view of various social and cultural events now being held at the Embassy Auditorium, some members of the community had raised concerns about parking their cars.Visitors who are attending the events organized by various Indian Associations, may park their cars in front as well as rear of the Embassy premises in an orderly manner.About eighty cars can easily be accommodated for parking within the Embassy premises. In addition, near the Malaysian Embassy, there is free parking space available for all. The Embassy Security Guards will guide and advise members of the community so that the community events at the Embassy Auditorium are held as smoothly as possible.

Availability of the Embassy Auditorium

Availability of the Embassy Auditorium


You are aware that the Auditorium in the Indian Embassy has been  available to all Indian Associations/nationals to organize their social/cultural events since January 2014. 

2.       As a special gesture, during the summer months of June, July and August 2014, the Auditorium will be available at reduced charge of KD100/- per event.

3.       Please note that on working days, the Auditorium will be available from 1830hrs to 2200hrs and on holidays/weekends, it will be available from 0930hrs onwards till 2200hrs.  For early booking of the Auditorium, please contact:

Mr. Shiv Sagar

Second Secretary (Community Affairs and Education)

Phone No. 22562151

Mobile No. 97229915

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Setting up of Non-Resident Indian Forum, Karnataka

Setting up of Non-Resident Indian Forum, Karnataka


1. The Embassy is happy to inform that a Non-Resident Indian Forum Karnataka has been established by the Government of Karnataka.  Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka is the Chairman of this organization. 

2.       The key objectives of the organization are as follows:

(i) To encourage and promote all the activities those are in line with the interests of NRIs residing overseas;

(ii) To provide assistance to NRIs residing overseas in promoting literary and cultural activities of Karnataka, thus building a bonding between the countries;

(iii) To promote, formulate and implement programs of interest to NRIs in the field of Education, Technology transfer, Science and Research;

(iv) To establish a platform of Skill Bank and Knowledge for the benefit of society; and

(v)  To assist NRIs working overseas in moments of crisis in close coordination with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, New Delhi and respective Embassies.

3.       The contact details of Non-Resident Indian Forum, Karnataka are as under:


Shri V.C. Prakash,

Deputy Chairman,

Non-Resident Indian Forum,

Karnataka Government of Karnataka,

R.No. 6&7, Vikasa Soudha,

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Veedhi,

Bangalore – 560001 Karnataka,

India, Phone No. +91 80 22374818 Fax No.     +91 80 22374708

E-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website:


4.       All Indian Associations, particularly those from Karnataka, are requested to send their particulars directly to Non-Resident Indian Forum, Karnataka at the earliest convenience.


Advisory regarding narcotics/drugs for Indian Community in Kuwait

Advisory regarding narcotics/drugs for Indian Community in Kuwait

There is, unfortunately, an increasein cases relating to detention / arrest of Indian nationals on alleged charges of carrying or possessing narcotic drugs in Kuwait. Out of 260 Indian nationals who are currently in Kuwaiti Jails, 137 persons are facing crimes related to drugs. 

2.                                It may be noted that the punishment under the Kuwaiti laws for violation of drug related crimes may lead to life imprisonment or even death.  If anybody is caught by local authorities on account of use / possession / trade / transportation of narcotics/drugs or any related prohibited item, it could be difficult for the Embassy to help/intervene in the matter as the case will be dealt with as per Kuwaiti laws.  Therefore, one must strictly obey rules and regulations regarding the laws about drugs in this country.

3.                                With a view to creating high awareness among the Indian nationals in the matter, the Embassy would like to bring the following information for their attention:

What are Narcotics/Drugs?

4.                                There are, generally, many kinds of drugs some are prescribed while others are known as club drugs, illicit or illegal substances and designer drugs, which include:

(i)                Antidepressants,

(ii)             Barbiturates,

(iii)           Cannabis,

(iv)           Depressants,

(v)             Hallucinogens,

(vi)           Inhalants,

(vii)        Narcotics[Marijuana, Morphine, Cocaine, Heroin, Dry ICE, LSD, MDMA (ecstasy), amphetamines (speed)].

(viii)      Steroids,

(ix)           Stimulants,

(x)             Tobacco.

(The list is only indicative and not exhaustive).

Suggestions for taking precaution and/or safety tips for Indian community

5.       As per the statements of inmates, it was observed that friends or relatives of expatriate living in Kuwait, contacts the passenger and hand over packets/gifts/small bags etc in India for delivering to their relatives in Kuwait.  Please avoid such things as many times these tricks were done to use you as courier. These things may contain narcotics or prohibited medicines which would result in your arrest and punishment in Kuwait. Strictly avoid accepting any such packet or gift from strangers at airport or with a person you develop friendship during travel. Please refuse accepting any such items given by him.

6.     Further, the monetary temptation should be avoided where you are asked to visit a place, hold a packet, keep packet/friends attaché / suitcases with you for some time, etc are some of the tricks which may land you up in the police net with jail term for transporting/possessing narcotics.

Use/carrying of Prescription Medicine from India to Kuwait

7.     The general medicine should be brought with doctor’s prescription and the quantity should not exceed 2 weeks’ requirement. Further, Ayurvedic/Homeopathic medicine due to its composition can be construed as containing alcohol while narcotics can be camouflaged as white sugar pills. Hence one should be careful while bringing these medicines and must carry doctor’s prescription and possess limited quantity. One must check also with the Kuwaiti authorities about latest updates on regulations governing carrying of medicines from abroad.

8.     The above guidelines are indicative and issued in the interest of the Indian community for taking adequate precautions and to strictly observe the laws of land relating to narcotics/drugs in Kuwait.



Haj & Omra Health Instruction

Health Instruction for Haj & Omra





          The Embassy of India will remain closed on Wednesday,

 14th May, 2014 on account of Buddha Purnima.

2.     However, Consular Wing  will remain open  for Passport, Visa and Attestation Services for the benefit of General Public.



11 May,2014


Indian Embassy - Expeditious grant of Indian Passport

Expeditious grant of Indian Passport- Indian Embassy

Schemes of Government of India regarding admission under SPDC and DASA Programme

 SPDC and DASA Programme
Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA), Government of India, launched a scheme called “Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children” (SPDC), in the academic year 2006-2007, for the wards of Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to assist them in pursuing Under Graduate courses in several disciplines in India. EdCIL (India) Limited, a Government of India Enterprise, Ed.CIL House-18-A, Sector-16-A, NOIDA - 201 301, UP, (India), has been designated as the “Nodal Agency” for implementation of the admission under SPDC programme  on merit basis in Ed.CIL’s associated institutions.


The following are the highlights of the SPDE 2014 – 15, which is being announced by MOIA :

100 scholarships are being offered for undergraduate courses in several disciplines including Engineering/Architecture/Technology, Humanities/Liberal Arts, Commerce, Management – BBA/BBM, Journalism, Hotel Management, Agriculture/Animal Husbandry, Science, Law etc.

The programme is open only to PIOs/NRIs from the specified 40 countries having a larger concentration of Indian Diaspora.

50 % of the scholarship slots would be reserved of PIOs. However, in the event of the non-availability of suitable PIO candidates, the unfilled slots could be assigned to NRI candidates.

NRI candidates would be eligible for the grant of the scholarship only if their total family income per month does not exceed an amount equivalent to US $ 2,250 (US dollars two thousand two hundred and fifty only)

Children of NRIs should have pursued at least three years of education, inclusive of 11th & 12th or equivalent (not beyond), in a foreign country during the last six years, and should have passed the qualifying examination abroad.

 PIO/NRI Students already studying in India on a self-financing basis or under any other arrangement will not be eligible under this scheme, which is open only for fresh admissions in the first semester/year of undergraduate courses.

Candidates would be selected on the basis of their performance in the qualifying examination (equivalent to plus 2 stage in India) which decides the eligibility to apply for the scholarship scheme. The candidates would also have to fulfill all the criteria prescribed for the purpose.

The amount of scholarship admissible would be 75% of the total Institutional Economic Cost (IEC) subject to a maximum of US $ 4,000 (US dollars four thousand only) per annum, in respect of NITs and othr institutions covered under DASA Scheme with effect from the academic year 2011 – 2012 and where there is no increase in tuition fees for the academic year 2011 – 2012, the existing limit of 75% of  or US$ 3600 whichever is less would continue and could be made by the MOIA, Government of India to the applicants selected for the SPDC.  IEC includes Tuition fee, Hostel fee & other institutional charges (Food charges are excluded).

The last date for receipt of duly filled-in application forms in the prescribed format by Ed.CIL is 10th June 2014.

Admission may be sought in one of the institutes/colleges/universities given in Appendix ‘C’ of the information booklet.

For more details on SPDC 2014–15, please visit their website ‘’.  The registration will be done on receipt of APPLICATION FORM (Downloadable from EdCIL’s websites) along with the required documents latest by 10th June 2014, at EdCIL.  Applications received after 10th June 2014 shall not be considered and shall be summarily rejected.

Utilisation of Indian Embassy ICWF fund during the quarter January-March 2014

Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF)

              For the welfare of Indian Community residing in Kuwait, the Indian Embassy has been providing financial assistance to distressed Indian Workers from the Indian Community Welfare Fund. During the period January- March 2014, the Embassy has incurred expenditure of KD 7,302.970 plus US $ 10,000/- for providing assistance to Indian nationals.

2.         The Embassy has been providing the following services in most demanding cases:

i.        Boarding and lodging for distressed Indian Workers in domestic sectors (Article 20 visa);
ii. Extending emergency medical care to the Overseas Indians;
iii.  Providing air passage to stranded and distressed Overseas Indians; and
iv.      Expenditure on incidentals and for airlifting the mortal remains to India of the deceased Overseas Indians in cases where the sponsor is unable or unwilling to do so as per the contract and the family is also unable to meet the cost.

3.     The number of cases during the period January-March 2014 in which Embassy provided air ticket, medical care and contingency travel expenses to the distressed Indian Workers are as under :

                                               (Period January –March 2014)


No. of workers received assistances

Amount (in KD)

Amount (in US$)

Air-tickets provided to destitute workers accommodated in Embassy shelters(male/female)


KD 3,395/-


No. of Indian nationals provided contingency/ travel expenses


KD 1573.870

US $ 10,000/-

Airlifting of hospitalized Indians + Escorts

1 + 2

KD 834/-


Airlifting of mortal remains to India


KD 1,315/-


Basic amenities to female jail inmates


KD 65/-


Miscellaneous expenses (Photos for Emergency Certificate) etc. 


KD 120.100




KD 7,302.970

US $ 10,000/-


New Features of Embassy's Website

New Features of Embassy's Website

          TheEmbassy has added a number of new features on its Website ( in recent months, so as to keep it up-to-date and user friendly for the viewers. Some of the new features that have been added are as under:-

(1)          Facebook and Twitter have been introduced.

(2)          Replies, to the reactions and queries of Indian Community on Facebook and Twitter, are regularly being given by the Embassy.

(3)          Contact telephone numbers of all officers have been given on the Website so that one can reach them on 24/7 basis. 

(4)          Helpline number, useful India and Kuwait links (which are user-friendly) are given on the Home Page.

(5)          Arabic translation of the relevant portion, pertaining to Consular and Visa matters, has been included by giving a link on the Blue Bar. (Language ICON)

(6)          The facility of Mobile application permitting downloading of MEA forms such as  Passport can be done on ANDRIOD or iPHONE applications.

(7)           Quick links and India Tourism links have been given on the Home Page.

(8)          The video link for the National Anthem of both countries has been given on the top right hand corner of the Website.

(9)           Air India, Jet Airways and Kuwait Airways links have been put up at an appropriate place for the benefit of Indian expatriates.

(10)       Embassy’s Auditorium has been hosting events of different Indian Associations regularly from January 2014 and photographs of these events can be seen at the bottom of Home Page.

(11)       Weekly Economic Bulletin, icons of Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and BLS site links are available on the Embassy’s Website. 

(12)       One can easily view official functions by clicking on the video (Arrow mark), which is below the black bar of India Tourism & Quick links.

(13)       Information about NRIs in the Gulf & LIC is given as a link at the bottom of the Home Page, besides the Community Portal of Indians in Kuwait.

            The Embassy invites suggestions for improvements on its Website. The Embassy shall welcome all shades of opinion and it will be its endeavour to accommodate your suggestions. The objective is to make the Embassy’s Website  more user-friendly, helpful and informative to the viewers.

All suggestions in this regard may please be posted on the Embassy’s  Facebook and Twitter or sent by E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


Indian Embassy's clarification on Attestation

Indian Embassy's clarification on Attestation 

While welcoming constructive criticism, suggestions, opinions etc. from our community in Kuwait, the Embassy offers clarifications on the two issues given below:

ISSUE 1: Why attestation certificates are only of 6-month validity ?

Response: It is the practice of Kuwait government that the certificate should have been made within 6 months. The Embassy does not ask for renewal of a certificate after 6-month period. However, as per Kuwait government requirement, any certificate older than 6-month period is treated as invalid.

ISSUE 2: High charges in the Embassy for filling-up forms (KD 0.500-2.500) and photocopying (KD 0.050).

Response: The charges are market-driven. It is not mandatory for any applicant to use the services of typing or photocopying of the “Facilitation Centre” in the Embassy. All applicants are welcome to get their job done from outside or inside the Embassy.  


Indian Embassy announces -Beware of Fake website

Indian Embassy announces -Beware of Fake website
It has come to our notice that a fake website ( was in circulation for applying the Indian Visa for online visa seekers. Following points may be noted down:

1.     It is compulsory to fill the visa application online. The proper website address is the online application is filled, the printout is taken for submitting to the outsource visa centre at BLS International Sharq and Fahaheel. In case of Special and diplomatic passports, the application has to be submitted to Embassy of India, Kuwait.

2.     There is no provision of online payment of visa fee. So any website asking for visa fee by credit/debit card is fake website. The visa fee is actually deposited as cash in the outsourcing centre at BLS International Sharq and Fahaheel with the copy of online filled application.

3.     Any such instances of fake website should be brought to the immediate notice of the Embassy of India by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or mobile to Mr. A.K. Srivastava (mob number 97229914).  

Indian Embassy's clarification

There has been some criticism on the Embassy charging KD 0.500 on passport and attestation services towards the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) w.e.f. 27 January 2014. The criticism relates to the intentions behind charging this fee, its accounting procedure, the manner of its collection and the criteria for its utilization. In this regard, the Embassy of India would like to clarify that these concerns are unfounded. While the Embassy welcomes constructive criticism from our community, the following clarifications are given on the subject for the benefit of all. 


(i)      Background

There is a large expatriate Indian community in the Gulf region, majority of them belonging to the low income group, i.e., domestic workers and unskilled labour. There are often circumstances when our low income group Indians come under tremendous distress and are not able to meet their expenses or their sponsors refuse to pay these expenses. There was genuine need for the urgent Government of India intervention in these cases out of humanitarian considerations. The expatriate Indian community had in fact demanded setting up of a welfare fund to help such group of people.


(ii)     Objectives

To help destitute Indians abroad under distress through the ICWF by providing financial assistance to such individuals in cases like airlifting the mortal remains, airlifting critical medical cases, initial legal assistance, and providing financial assistance to stranded Indians in Kuwait.


Government of India established fund

a)       The Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) has been approved by the Government of India (GOI) and was established as per the orders of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA), India w.e.f. 01 December 2008 for meeting the expenses like lifting of mortal remains, airlifting to India in extreme medical transfer, initial legal assistance, etc to the distressed and destitute Indians specially those in domestic and unskilled sectors. The details are available under emigration services on MOIA website.


b)       The MOIA, based on strength of Indian expatriate community, started the ICWF in all Indian Embassies in the Gulf region with an initial grant Rs 15 lakhs each.  After three years, this fund was to be self-sustained by the Mission by collecting a nominal fee towards ICWF on various types of consular, labour, and attestation services provided by the Mission.


c)       The rates for this nominal fee was also fixed by the GOI i.e. Rs. 100/- per document, which comes out to be KD 0.500 (rounded off to nearest hundred Kuwaiti fills.)


d)       The GOI guidelines do not provide any category of individuals who can be exempted from this nominal fee. Hence, it is charged across the board.


(iii)    Accounts

1.       There is a proper bank account for handling the ICWF in the Embassy. The daily collection is deposited in the concerned bank account on next working day. Being the Government of India fund, it is properly audited and annual reports are sent to concern Ministries.


2.       There is proper arrangement in the software which provides for the amount collected under this head and it is mentioned in the receipt. The same is given to the applicant while accepting any service in consular and labour section.


(iv)    Expenditure

1.       The amount collected under ICWF is meant for helping the low income group expatriate Indian community who are under distress. Almost a decade now the Embassy has been helping destitute Indians. In the year 2013, Embassy incurred an expenditure of KD 35,899/- under following mentioned details:




Amount in KD

Air ticket to Destitute workers



·        Incidental money (for shelter inmates)

·        Incidental money (some deportation inmates)





·        Airlifting hospitalized Indian to India

·        Escort Duty (for above patients)





Airlifting mortal remains to India



Basic amenities to female jail inmates



Miscellaneous Expenses



Grand Total





(v)     Contribution

It was envisaged that Indian community in Kuwait would contribute voluntarily to augment the fund which is helping low income group Indians. But there has been no voluntary contribution so far from individuals or community/social organization while expectation from the ICWF has increased. The expenditure is increasing with each passing year and it is likely to be KD 50,000/- for the current year 2014.


(vi)    Conclusion

There is a need for sustaining the ICWF funds so that all distressed destitute Indians could be helped. Hence, as per the GOI guidelines, the nominal fee of KD 0.500 is charged on all consular & labour services.


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