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Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz Postponed

Postponement of Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz 2018-19

This is in continuation to the Press Release of 10th September 2018 on Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz 2018-19. This is to inform that the cut-off date for registration is hereby extended till 15  November, 2018 (local time).

However, the 1st round of the Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz, will be open for the contestants from 16 October to 15 November, 2018 (local time), which means from 16 October to 15 November, one can register and participate in the Quiz process. All other terms and conditions of the quiz will remain same.

All eligible overseas Indian youth as well as foreign citizens residing in Kuwait are invited to register and take part in the Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz.


Indian Embassy issues new guidelines for Associations

Indian Embassy issues new guidelines for Associations

Over the past six months more than 200 Indian associations previously registered with the Embassy of India in Kuwait have been delisted, The Times Kuwait has learnt.

At its peak early this year, almost 275 Indian associations comprising of cultural, regional, alumni, educational, professional, sport promotion, social and business associations operated in the country with the endorsement of the Indian embassy. The present number stands at 69.

Several of the delisted associations are alleged to have violated the guidelines set by the embassy, but that they continued to function all these years points to embassy having ‘turned a blind-eye’ to their operations in the past.

Though the embassy guidelines for registering associations stipulate that they should not be commercial in nature and require a constitution and byelaws for their operation, as well as hold annual general body meetings to elect office bearers, most of the associations did not comply with these rules.

The mushrooming of associations led to many complaints, including infighting and conflict of interest issues that cropped up frequently and necessitated intervention by the embassy.

een issued, which supersedes the previous requirements for registration of associations. The embassy advisory now requires all Indian associations to respect and comply with the relevant rules and regulations of Kuwait’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

The embassy also reiterated that the registration of associations by the Embassy of India was only an acknowledgement of their presence and functioning, and was not an assumption of any responsibility by the embassy for their activities. The responsibility lies entirely with the office-bearers of the associations, embassy noted.

The embassy claimed that it had to maintain a reasonable balance between the essence and spirit behind an association, and the number of association registered with it at any given point of time, taking into consideration, the sensitivities of the host government and the trust and confidence it has reposed in the community, solidarity and cohesion of the community, the nature/purpose of each association and avoidance of duplication/overlap.

The embassy also pointed out that the main objective and rationale of the registered associations was to provide a platform for the members and their families to be able to come together as cohesive groups for cultural/professional and sports purposes.

The embassy further noted that it would be reviewing various associations from time to time and that this was an ongoing process. In its latest review, the embassy said, it found that in the case of a majority of associations, either the validity of their registration had expired and they had become defunct, while some had no meaningful activities, few remaining ones had been deviating from the terms of the registration, including by indulging in commercial activities, misrepresentation of membership details etc. The embassy also clarified that associations removed from the list were free to contact the embassy for renewing and reviving their registration.

No matter what these associations did or did not do in the past, obviously the embassy has now decided to enforce the last clause in its set of criteria of registering associations, namely its right to de-register an association at its sole discretion.

Farewell to the many associations that will not be sorely missed.


Ambassador's Message on Gandhi Jayanthi

Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birthday Celebration

Brief Address by Ambassador of India to Kuwait H.E. Jeeva Sagar

Mahatma Gandhiindamb jeevasagarGood morning distinguished guests, thank you for joining me at the embassy early in the morning on a working day, to be part of the celebration of this important day - the one-fiftieth Birth Day of Mahatma Gandhi, which is also the UN-declared International Day of Non-violence. On behalf of my colleagues and my own behalf, I extend a very warm welcome to all of you.

Last evening, as I sat down and was trying to collect my thoughts to prepare my brief remarks for this morning, I expected that it would be an easy task. After all, Gandhi is a household name in India. Every child, after learning how to utter ‘mommy and daddy’, ‘Gandhi’ is the first proper noun he/she is taught. So I thought it would probably take an hour or two to get my thoughts organized. But very quickly I realized it’s going to be a giant of a challenge!  Thus went my dilemma -

How can I grasp the personality of a man into linguistic idioms and phrases, whose Silent Resistance spoke more eloquently than the ripping sounds of thousands of guns and cannons!

Should I   call him the greatest leader that India has produced?

Then I remembered how one of my foreign Ambassador friends exhorted me in my previous posting, ‘Jeeva, how can you reduce a global leader into the territorial confines of India alone?’

Should I say he is one of the ‘Finest Statesmen’ of our times?

Surely he is, but a statesman may not necessarily be a mass-leader. Gandhiji has effortlessly combined statesmanship with massive popularity, not just in India but beyond its borders!

Shall I then call him the ‘Darling of the Masses’?

Certainly he is! But what about the adoration and accolades he received from the world leaders!

May be I should restrict myself to calling him a ‘Man of Peace and Messenger of Non-violence’.

Indeed he is!

But would peace and non-violence explain Gandhi’s power of Truth and Ferocity of Courage against injustice and exploitation? No, I don’t think so.

Here is a 5 foot 5 inch tall man, or shall I say short man, with a skinny frame, who told a mighty army, looking straight into their eyes:  ‘You can have my dead body but you can’t have my obedience nor my spirit’. 

So, this man of peace and nonviolence is indeed a Man of Steel!

If so, how do I describe Gandhi?  What Metaphors or Adjectives can I use for him?

Shall I repeat the words – ‘Half-naked Fakir ‘?  But how can this phrase express the pain and agony of millions of the Indian poor whose poverty Gandhi wanted to share, and hence rendered himself naked?

Okay then, let me describe him just as India’s ‘Father of the Nation’, who gave his life to win freedom for his country!

Yes, surely he did give his life for his country, but by then India had already won its freedom.  He died in the process of making and building a new India! A robust and proud India that you see today!

Finally I realized that all my efforts to squeeze a phenomenon called Gandhi into literary terms, is a futile exercise. 

After all, even the great Albert Einstein could only exclaim and marvel at Gandhi saying:  “Has such a man ever existed in flesh and blood?” because, he felt that words would be inadequate and would fall much short in capturing Mahatma Gandhi’s personality, values, courage and deeds!  

So, what is the befitting homage that we can pay to this Great Soul?

There is no doubt that in today’s fractured and bleeding world we need Gandhi again, to steer our destinies. Since it is beyond us to bring him back to life, the best tribute we are capable of is:

To invoke his spirit and blessings, asking him to give us the strength and humanity to try and follow his values and ideals to the best of our ability and collective conscience.

Thank you.


11th World Hindi Conference in Mauritius from 18-20 August 2018

11th World Hindi Conference in Mauritius from 18-20 August 2018

1. The Government of India is organizing 11th World Hindi Conference in Mauritius from 18-20 August 2018. Shrimati Sushma Swaraj, Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs, will lead the Indian delegation to the Conference.

2. The Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi is expecting wide participation from foreign countries at this international conference.

3. Hindi scholars and writers in Kuwait are requested to register themselves for maximum participation in the 11th World Hindi Conference. Detailed information and instructions regarding registration for participation etc. are given at the website:


Nominations for Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awards

Nominations for Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awards, 2019

Bharatko Janiye Quiz 2018-19


With an aim to motivate  overseas Indian youth to develop interest to know and understand India, the Ministry of External Affairs of India is organizing the second edition of

“Bharat Ko Janiye” Quiz . The Online Quiz is open for overseas Indian youth between the age of 15 and 35 as on 1st January 2019(Born not before 1stJanuary 1984 and

not after 1st January 2004). The Quiz will be held for two distinct categories of participants – Non –Resident Indians(NRI) and Person of Indian Origin (PIO). Online

registration for all the contestants participating in the online or offline Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz is  mandatory.


Advisory for OCI Card Holders - Avoiding Difficulty in Immigration Clearance


  1. All those having OCI Cards are required to carry both their OCI Card and passport to travel to India so that they do not face any difficulty in immigration clearance.
  1. From October 2018, ICAO will accept only machine readable travel documents, hence, existing PIO Cards, which are handwritten will therefore, become invalid. Thus it will be necessary upon PIO Cardholders to obtain machine readable OCI Cards in lieu of existing hand written PIO Cards before October, 2018 to avoid any inconvenience.


Study in India campaign to provide online access to the international students.

Study in India Campaign

            On 18th April, 2018, Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs of India, Smt. Sushma Swaraj, launched the Study in India campaign to provide online access to the international students who want to study in Indian institutions.   Under this scheme, premier educational institutions in India are offering more than 15,000 seats to eligible foreign students in various courses.  All details are available at

2.         Under the Study in India campaign, w.e.f. 26th April, 2018, a centralized admission portal will be operational through which any foreign student can apply at any of 83 participating premier educational institutions as per his choice, without paying any fee.  A merit list will be prepared and seats will be allocated based on the rank and choice of foreign student.  Provision has also been made to offer freeships ranging from 100% to 25% to more than 50% foreign students, depending on their merit. 

3.         The Study in India campaign will last from 1st May, 2018 to 15th June, 2018.  Interested foreign students are requested to visit campaign website at detailed information.


Ban on Use of Thuraya / Irridium Satellite Phones in India

The use of Thuraya / Irridium Satellite Phones is banned in India.  It is for the information of all those visiting India to not carry the Thuraya / Irridium Satellite Phones with them.  Those caught with these phones will be punished as per the local laws in India.

Guidelines to Indian Community Violators of Residency Rules.

Second Press Release on Amnesty

This is in continuation to Embassy’s earlier Press Release dated 30th January 2018,  conveying guidelines to Indian community regarding directives of  Ministry of Interior, Kuwait, that violators of ‘Residency Rules’ can leave the country without paying fine/penalty(in eligible cases).         All eligible Indian expatriates without valid Visa/Residency are once again requested to avail of this opportunity to return to India without any financial liability.

2.      Indian distressed workers (Visa Article 18), with “expired/invalid Residency” are also requested to make their travel arrangements urgently in coordination with Indian Embassy. Those workers who are still waiting for return of their passports from the Sponsor/Company shall apply for issuance of Emergency Certificate immediately so that all official formalities for their travel can be completed within the stipulated period (till 22nd Feb. 2018).



Indian Embassy Kuwait, Celebrated 69th Republic Day

Indian Embassy celebrated 69th Republic Day of India

The 69th Republic Day of India was celebrated in Embassy premises on Friday, 26 January 2018 with the hoisting of Indian tri-colour at 9 AM by the Ambassador. Almost 8,000 Indian nationals participated with great joy and enthusiasm.
After singing of National Anthem and the reading out the message of the Hon’ble Rashtrarpatiji by Ambassador, several patriotic songs were sung on this joyous occasion by more than 150 school children. All of the people were then served refreshments, water, fruits juice and breakfast items arranged by Mission with the help and courtesy of the Indian restaurants and Indian companies operating in Kuwait.

DSC_4805.jpg DSC_4850.jpg DSC_4971.jpg DSC_5419.jpg


69th Republic Day of India celebration in Embassy

The 69th Republic Day of India will be celebrated in Embassy premises on Friday, 26 January 2018 with the hoisting of Indian Tri-colour at 9 AM by the Ambassador. This will be followed by the reading of President’s Message to the Nation, patriotic songs by school children and an Open House Reception.


All Indian nationals and friends of India in Kuwait are most cordially invited to attend the function. 


Procedure for re-verification of mobile connections for NRIs

Procedure for re-verification of mobile connections for NRIs

            A large number of overseas Indians have been making representations about facing difficulty in operating their mobile connections procured in India as the telecom operators are insisting on linking Aadhaar number with the mobile number.  As most of them do not possess Aadhaar Card, they are unable to link their Indian mobile number with the Aadhaar number.  The matter was taken up with the Department of Telecom (DoT) for exempting overseas Indians from linking Aadhaar with their Indian mobile connections and issuing suitable advisory to telecom service providers (TSPs).  The DoT has issued alternate procedure and format attached herewith as Annexures.  The Annexures cover the following categories:

1.    Subscribers of Foreign Nationality and not having Aadhaar.

2.    NRI Subscribers not having Aadhaar or having mobile number not linked to his/her Aadhaar and therefore not registered with UIDAI.

All members of the Indian community in Kuwait and any foreign nationals in possession of Indian mobile connections are requested to download the information as applicable to them.

For any queries/clarifications, please contact Embassy of India’s PIC Wing personally or telephonically at 22550171 and 97229915 on any working day between 0900 to 1700 hours.

Procedure for Re Verification of Subscriber of Foreign Nationality not having Aadhaar.

Procerure for NRI Subscribers not having Aadhaar or having mobile number not linked to his/her Aadhaar and therefore not registered with UIDAI.




Scholarship For One Indian Student

Scholarship For One Indian Student


Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Kuwait has offered one scholarship to an Indian student at Kuwait University for the Second academic session of the scholastic year 2017-18.

            Students who have passed their 12th Grade Board Examinations and are interested in availing this offer of scholarship programme may obtain application form from Kuwait University and submit the completed application to the Education Wing of the Embassy of India latest by 28th December 2017.  In case of more than one application, the student with the highest marks obtained in 12th Grade will be recommended by the Embassy to the concerned Kuwaiti authorities.  The academic eligibility test of the scholarship student will be held by the Kuwait University on Monday, 29 January 2018.

            For further enquiries, interested students may please contact ShriSanjeevSaklani, Attaché (Education/Consular) at Office Telephone No. 22522215 and Mobile No. 97295728.

Indian Embassy's clarification on Aadhaar number and NRI

In the recent past several Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) and Overseas Citizen of India (OCIs) have been asked to submit or link their Aadhaar number to avail the services/benefits/schemes such as an operation of bank account, etc.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has clarified that: 

(i)Aadhaar number as an identity document may be sought only from the ‘residents’ of India. Section 2(v) of the Aadhaar Act defines ‘resident’ as an individual who has resided in India for a period of one hundred and eighty-two days or more.
(ii)Most of the NRIs/PIOs/OCIs may not be eligible for Aadhaar enrolment as per Aadhaar Act, 2016.
(iii)Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act, inter-alia, provides that “if an Aadhaar number is not assigned to an individual, the individual shall be offered alternate and viable means of identification for delivery of subsidy, benefits or service”.

An illustrative list of services that are directly or indirectly connected with NRIs and/or NRI Pensioners is below:

1)Linking PAN and Bank Accounts with Aadhaar
2)Linking Service Pension with Aadhaar
3)Aadhaar based e-KYC
4)Applying for new mobile phone connections in India
5)Maintaining the existing NRE 86 NRO bank accounts in India
6)Registering with Jeevan Pramaan/ Digital Life Certificate for pension
7)Registering with Kendriya Sainik Board Secretariat (for retired Defence personnel)
8)Maintaining Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS)
9)Various Scholarships introduced for children of Ex-Servicemen
10)Applying for Defence Canteen Smart Card
11)Applying for LPG connection
12)Registering with e-District service for obtaining various services from State Governments
13)Issuance of fresh or rentwal of driving license
14)Appearing by students in different entrance examinations in India
15)Issuance of certificates by Universities/Boards to students under different public examinations
16)Applying for registration of property, etc.


ID-E-MILAD Holiday Notice

The Embassy of India shall remain closed on THURSDAY, 30th NOVEMBER, 2017 on the occasion of ID-E-MILAD (BIRTHDAY OF PROPHET MOHAMMED). However, emergency consular services will be available. 

Indian Embassy Press Release On Ramayana Stamps

Indian Embassy Press Release On Ramayana Stamps
On Tuesday 10 October 2017 at 16.30hrs, Indian Embassy will release for sale the Ramayana stamps to the members of our community.
 All interested are welcome.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration at Embassy

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration at Embassy

Gandhi Jayanti will be celebrated in Indian Embassy on Monday, 2nd October 2017, with one-hour cultural programme from 0900 – 1000 hrs.  Favourite Gandhi Bhajans will be sung on this auspicious occasion.

2.       All Indian nationals are cordially invited to participate.  Please arrive by 0845 hrs.

3.       Light snacks, tea/coffee will be served to all.     


100th Birth Anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya

 The Embassy is celebrating the 100th Birth Anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya on Monday, 25 September 2017 at the Embassy Auditorium at 5 p.m.  All members of the Indian community in Kuwait are welcome to attend the function.  An eminent academician from India will be the guest of honour who will address the gathering on Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya’s groundbreaking economic vision and his work for “Antyodaya” meaning “poverty alleviation” and its relevance in present socio-economic environment.
All concerned may please arrive at the Embassy Auditorium by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, 25 September 2017.

Aaj Ki Shaam Desh Ke Naam A Celebratory Concert

Raghavendra Matriculation School