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Kuwait NRI Shri S K Wadhawan conferred with prestigious award by Jamia Hamdard University

Kuwait NRI Shri S K Wadhawan conferred with prestigious award by Jamia Hamdard University

SKW0Prominent and senior NRI from Kuwait S K Wadhawan has been conferred with the prestigious “3rd Abdul Mueed Leadership Excellence Oration Award” instituted by the renowned Jamia Hamdard University in New Delhi in recognition of his multifaceted contribution to the society and achievement in life.

Mr Wadhawan is the third recipient of this prestigious award, the earlier being Prof A V Rama Rao, Chairman AVRA Labs Hyderabad and Dr Nasir Munjee Chairman, National Committee of Aga Khan Foundation. He is the first NRI to receive the award.

The award which includes a citation, a plaque, a robe of honour as well as an honorarium was given by Jamia Hamdard Vice Chancellor and India’s well known scientist Prof (Dr) Seyed Ehtesham Hasnain amidst the presence of leading academic elites and leading personalities of Delhi.

While accepting the award, Mr Wadhawan told a packed audience it was a rare honour for him to receive the prestigious award and he accepted it with all his humility. “That a great academician and such an eminent scientists of Indian life Prof Hasnain bestowing him the honour has made me so humbled today. I thank Dr Hasnain for his gesture”

SKW1Speaking on “My journey from nowhere to somewhere” Mr Wadhawan recalled his journey that began from a small area in undivided India to becoming a refugee and then his journey to Kuwait in late 50’s, “ I had no money, not a great educational background as the school I studied in Delhi was in a tent”

Paying glowing tributes to Kuwait leadership and its people, Wadhawan told the audience that whatever he could achieve in life was due to opportunity that Kuwait gave him. “If I could achieve what I dreamt in life was due to Kuwait which was my karma bhoomi (place of work) and its loving people who helped, cared and motivated me”

Stating emphatically fortune does not only favour the brave, Wadhawan told the large student community who had assembled to hear him “it is your honesty, determination and hard work that ultimately guides your destiny. When I set up my business enterprise in Kuwait, I had very little capital but my goal was in front of me and determination full to the brim.” He narrated the growth story of his business venture


Wadhawan said that he hopes that Jamia Hamdard would play a crucial role in the academic exchanges between the two countries and would usher a new era of cooperation.

In his address Vice Chancellor Prof Hasnain said it was a great honour for him to welcome Mr Wadhawan whose success story is not only amazing but inspirational. “People like Mr Wadhawan sets up benchmark for our future generation to seek inspiration and emulate their achievement”. Prof Hasnain said he hopes to work in close association with Mr Wadhawan in future.




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*K-Tic's WhatsApp request to Kuwait Ministry - Action done within 24 hours...*



*K-Tic's WhatsApp request to Kuwait Ministry - Action done within 24 hours...*


*K-Tic's WhatsApp request to Kuwait Ministry - Action done within 24 hours...*This is reference to our kind request to Kuwait Ministry to clear the huge grown trees, which was great hindrance to public for walking on pave near Salmiya Fire Station (Fourth Ring Road).

The request was sent thru WhatsApp on yesterday (15 May 2019 - Wednesday) @ 2:45pm and same was handed over to officially at 4:06pm.

Within a span of less than 20 hours, Today (16 May 2019 - Thursday) @ 8:00am, concerned officials get into action and the hindrances are being cleared.

During Ramadhan this prompt action is highly appreciated. 

Now that area is convenient for people to walk (all related images are attached).

Furthermore, the *General Directorate of Traffic* sent to *K-Tic*, the following message and few photos after clearing the hindrances, 

_"We would like to inform you that your complaint regarding trees that obscured the vision has been dealt with in coordination with the General Authority for Agriculture. Thank you for your interest._

_With regards, General Directorate of Traffic"._

On behalf of Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic), the General Secretary A.B. Khaleel Ahmed Baaqavi and the public thanked the Kuwait Ministry & concerned Department for taking prompt action.

- *Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic)*


+965 *9787 2482*

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First smart hospital in Kuwait will be opened within a few months



The first smart hospital in Kuwait will be opened within a few months. Director of the Infectious Diseases Hospital Dr Jamal Al-Duaij revealed about the endeavor and a plan to equip the new building of Infectious Diseases Hospital in order for it to become the first smart hospital of its kind in Kuwait. In a press statement, he said, “We hope the ministry will help us in this regard, so that the hospital will be the first of its kind and completely free of paperwork, which is in line with the ministry’s plan of action.”

Dr Al-Duaij explained that the hospital building contains 224 rooms that have been designed in accordance with the latest international systems for combating infection, especially since people suffering from infectious diseases need to be isolated. Even though the building is equipped with 224 beds, it has the capacity to accommodate double this number. In case of emergency in the future, one room can accommodates two beds, such that the number of beds will be doubled to nearly 500.

He affirmed that the capacity will be sufficient to cover Kuwait in full, insisting that the hospital is equipped with all the services that were insufficient in the old hospital which was equipped with 150 beds. Dr Al-Duaij indicated that the opening of the hospital will be in a few months, and will be used by the current number of medical teams, the nursing staff and the current staff members without any increase. He said there will be a need to increase the workforce in the future but it is not urgent at the moment. In the event of any emergency, doctors and medical staff from other hospitals will provide support until the emergency situation is handled after which they will return to their usual work places.-A.T.


3 member gang of forgers arrested for forging civil IDs & commercial licenses



A three member gang of forgers has been busted by the security authorities and referred to the Public Prosecution.The gang members were arrested after the Directorate General of Investigation of Residence receiving a tip-off that a printing house in Fahaheel was falsifying identification cards and commercial licenses.

The men, who are expected to be put behind bars for not less than three to seven years, were allegedly selling forged Civil ID cards to residence law violators for money ranging between 20 and 30 dinars and commercial licenses from KD 50 to KD 100.Security sources said the forged documents were prepared in a semi-precise technical manner. The sources said the three expatriates working in the office have admitted to forging documents and selling them to the expatriates in exchange for money.-A.T.


Ban on work from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in open areas from middle of May



The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) is currently studying to set a date to ban work from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in open areas which fall directly under sunlight. The proposal is to start the implementation of the work ban in the middle of May instead of the fixed annual date which is from June 1 to end of August.The decision will be taken from purely humanitarian point of view by officials of the Civil Service Commission given the month of fasting and taking into account the hardships of fasting people working directly under sunlight due to the significant rise in temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius.

The above decision came in line with the provisions of Article 64 of Law No. 6 of 2010 on the work in the private sector, which authorizes the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor to issue a decision to reduce working hours which may cause exhausting or are harmful to health and in the event of harsh conditions.The text of the article did not specify a fixed date for the implementation of the decision, which gives the authority the right to exclude the application for the current year in view of the holy month.-A.T.


UAE driving classes will be made available in centres across India



Getting a UAE driving licence has become easier and cheaper for thousands of Indian jobseekers as per a new agreement signed between India's National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and the Emirates Driving Institute (EDI). UAE driving classes will be made available in centres across India, which will qualify participants to take driving tests when they arrive in the UAE.

"We are trying to create a system where driving institutes will be established across India that will allow jobseekers to finish the mandatory training hours in India itself. Once the training and preparations are done here, they will obtain a certificate with which they can undergo a tailor-made programme at EDI campuses in the UAE and appear for the driving test," said Dr Manish Kumar, MD and CEO of NSDC. "This will save time and reduce cost for aspiring jobseekers who want to go to the Middle East."

Getting a driving licence is an expensive affair in the UAE and many jobseekers cannot afford the cost that ranges between Dh5,000 and Dh7,000, or even more, depending on the number of tests they may need to take.Kumar said the plan is to roll out 10 to 15 driving institutes in collaboration with the EDI across India with a special focus on "migrant pockets" like Kerala, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, etc. "Initially, we will start by upgrading a couple of existing driving institutes that can offer left-hand driving skills. After creating a successful working model, we have plans to extend it to other GCC countries like Saudi Arabia."

The NSDC hopes the new initiative will help fast-track the employment prospects of thousands of Indians who wish to work in the UAE and other parts of the Middle East but miss out on opportunities because they don't have a driving licence.

"Joining hands with EDI-UAE will skill drivers in India and create job opportunities for thousands of young Indians who wish to migrate to the UAE and the Middle East for employment. This collaboration will create an eco-system of partnerships between relevant stakeholders and fast-track employment prospects," said Kumar.

The NSDC will facilitate collaboration with the necessary stakeholders, including state governments, training partners and sector skill councils to operationalise the driving institutes in India. In addition, the training shall focus on developing basic soft skills, cultural sensitivities and making the candidates comfortable in speaking English.


Huge crowds at PACI office-people face difficulties either to renew the cards or correct the names



In contrast to the desired objective of the decision to cancel the residence sticker on the passport which was implemented March 10, 2019, it appears the decision has failed to eliminate bureaucracy and this is evidenced by the huge crowds of people making a beeline to the Public Authority for Civil Information in South Surrah.The severe congestion is seen on a daily basis as people face difficulties either to renew the cards or correct the names in either Arabic or Latin at a time when the concerned authorities are unable to resolve the issue it is the expatriates who have to stand in long queues for long hours pay the price. To add insult to injury the residence departments in the six governorates charge the fees twice for the errors committed by the employees.-A.T.


World-first .driverless e-truck starts deliveries in Sweden



Resembling the helmet of a Star Wars stormtrooper, a driverless electric truck began daily freight deliveries on a public road in Sweden on Wednesday, in what developer Einride and logistics customer DB Schenker described as a world-first.

Robert Falck, the CEO of Swedish startup Einride, said the company was in partnership talks with major suppliers to help scale production and deliver orders, and the firm did not rule out future tie-ups with large truckmakers.

"This public road permit is a major milestone... and it is a step to commercialising autonomous technology on roads," the former Volvo executive told Reuters.

"Since we're a software- and operational-first company, a partnership with a manufacturing company is something that we see as a core moving forward," he said, adding he hoped to seal a deal by next year.

Falck said Einride is also courting investors for an ongoing Series A fundraising, often a company's first sizeable one. It previously raised $10 million.

Einride's T-Pod is 26 tonnes when full and does not have a driver cabin, which it estimates reduces road freight operating costs by around 60 per cent versus a diesel truck with a driver.

Besides Schenker, Einride has orders from German grocer Lidl, Swedish delivery company Svenska Retursystem and five Fortune 500 retail companies, underpinning its ambition to have 200 vehicles in operation by the end of 2020.

Freight operators are under pressure to reduce delivery times, cut emissions and face a growing shortage of drivers.

Schenker picked Einride over established truckmakers as the T-Pod straddles the two biggest sector transformations: digitisation and electrification, CEO Jochen Thewes said.

"We believe that Einride is the best concept out there for now," he said.

The T-Pod is level 4 autonomous, the second highest category, and uses a Nvidia Drive platform to process visual data in real time. An operator, sitting miles away, can supervise and control up to 10 vehicles at once.

Thewes said the rollout of 5G technology, vital for electrification, was lagging. For Schenker's pilot with Einride, Ericsson and Telia had to construct two new towers.

The T-Pod has permission to make short trips - between a warehouse and a terminal - on a public road in an industrial area in Jonkoping, central Sweden, at up to 5 km/hr, documents from the transport authority show.

Falck said Einride would apply next year for more public route permits and was planning to expand in the United States.

"Ground zero for autonomous vehicles is the United States. I think it will be the first market to scale when it comes to autonomous vehicles," he said.


DGCA has designated 800 extra employees to handle summer rush



The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has designated 800 employees from DGCA, Interior Ministry and Customs Department for the implementation of its plan for summer in order to facilitate travel procedures for citizens and expatriates.DGCA prepared its summer plan in coordination with other entities working at the airport. The above mentioned employees will begin their work after Ramadan until the Hajj season, indicating the plan consists of four phases – summer holiday, Hajj. Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha.-A.T.



Kuwaiti lost KD 2,000 as he responds to SMS from a local mobile phone



A Kuwaiti lost KD 2,000 after receiving a message from a local mobile phone to update his bank statements. The Kuwaiti said, the message read, “Dear customer, the ATM card has been blocked due to failure to update the information. Please contact this number to update your information.”The person who identified himself as an employee of the bank where the victim has the account, asked the victim to provide his card details including the four digit pin code and the card expiry date.After the Kuwaiti obliged, he received a message saying KD 2,000 has been deducted from his account. The Kuwaiti immediately contacted the bank but the money could not be recovered. The case has been handed over to the e-crimes department of the Ministry of Interior.-A.T.


Most fire incidents in houses during Ramadan are due to mishaps in the kitchen



Director of Public Relations and Media Department at Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) Brigadier Khalil Al-Ameer says most of the fire incidents that occur in houses especially during Ramadan are due to mishaps in the kitchen either because of quick cooking, or food items are left forgotten on lit stove, or lack of care for the electrical equipment used in kitchens.In a press release, he said the main reason behind the launch of fire prevention awareness campaigns for Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates and the insistence for their cooperation with firefighters in implementing fire safety conditions in the houses is to prevent fire incidents during Ramadan.

Brigadier Al-Ameer insisted on the department’s keenness to spread awareness about these aspects, affirming that the concerned authorities send messages with instructions to families and insist that they follow these instructions in order to prevent fire incidents in their houses.He revealed that recent statistics indicate eight percent reduction in fire incidents in residential areas during the year 2018. Brigadier Al-Ameer also stressed the need to be alert of the possibility of fire incidents to occur in houses at any time. He wished safety and prosperity for all during the holy month of Ramadan.-A.T.


Indian dies on Milan flight-Emergency landing in UAE



An Indian died on Alitalia's New Delhi-Milan flight on Monday (May 13), which led to an emergency landing at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Indian Embassy officials said on Tuesday (May 14).52-year-old Kailash Chandra Saini, hails from Jhunjhunun district of Indian state of Rajasthan. Saini was accompanied by his 26-year-old son Heera Lal, who is now at the airport.

"The flight made an emergency landing on Monday. The body was taken to Mafraq Hospital. The formalities have been completed. The death certificate has been issued today (Tuesday). The body will be repatriated on an Etihad flight by Wednesday (May 15) morning," Embassy Counsellor M. Rajamurugan said."It is painful to see a son wait for his father's mortal remains. This is an extremely unfortunate incident, but all the officials are working to see that the man's body is repatriated at the earliest," social worker M.M. Nasar Kanhangad said.


Egyptian doctor & her three children cancel travel because she had ‘lost’ her passport



Egyptian doctor, who was on her way to Cairo with her three children, was forced to cancel her travel because after boarding the plane, she discovered she had ‘lost’ her passport.Later the woman remembered leaving the passport at the airport clinic which she visited after completing the formalities. A security source said “the doctor informed the crew of the plane that she had lost her passport which forced the crew to get her down and inform the security authorities.Airport officials confirmed that the doctor had stamped her passport and that before boarding the plane she went to the clinic and accompanied by the security officers to the clinic and found the passport, however she missed the flight and had to make another reservation.-A.T.


Jaber Causeway artificial islands put up for investment for touristic and entertainment purposes



Upon instructions from His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah to put up the two artificial islands attached to the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway for investment for touristic and entertainment purposes, the Cabinet formed a ministerial team including representatives of the concerned bodies to accelerate the procedures for developing the two islands.

The Cabinet also reviewed the recommendation of the Public Services Committee concerning the request of the Ministry of Public Works from the General Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries to utilize the water produced by the new Al-Wafra and Al-Khairan water treatment plants and the treated waters of Sabah Al-Ahmad and Al-Naseem residential areas for floriculture purposes.
During its weekly meeting on Monday, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah briefed the Cabinet on the results of the recent visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq Dr Mohammad Al-Hakim and his accompanying delegation to attend the seventh session of the Kuwaiti-Iraqi Joint Committee.-KUNA


Public be cautious-bank never asks its customers for the four digit PIN



It seems the thieves are always one step ahead in planning to rob unsuspecting people. First it was a hoax. The trick was to lure a bank customer with a money prize sometimes of up to KD 20,000 and after convincing the victim, the caller would ask for the bank card number, four digit secret code number and secret number and in just a few seconds the victim would discover that the entire bank balance has been wiped out through a quick online process.

Although the general public was warned in several languages not to communicate with such people many are said to have fallen prey. The thieves are now adopting a new modus operandi. The caller at the other end claims to be an employee of the bank and tells the victim that his/her bank account will be closed if it is not updated immediately.

In one such incident, a caller believed to be Asian but speaking fluent Arabic called a woman, born in 1957, and introduced himself as bank employee. He asked the woman to update her account and offered to help her. When the woman agreed and adhered to the caller’s request and gave her card number and the four-digit secret and in just a few seconds her balance of KD 1,303 fell to just KD 2. The daily added, many people have been robbed in this manner.

The authorities have called on the people to be vigilant because the bank employee never asks its customers for the four digit code number. According to news reports dozens of other people have been robbed in this manner.  -A.T.


Six Sri Lankan transit passengers taken into custody for possessing 12 forged passports



Six Sri Lankans – three men and three women – who were in transit at the Kuwait International Airport on their way to the UK have been taken into custody for possessing 12 forged passports. The Sri Lankans reportedly came to Kuwait via India. However, the security authorities were waiting for the suspects after receiving a tip-off from secret sources.They were seized in the transit hall and subjected to inspection and police found on each of them three passports (including the one which they traveled on) – the original passport, one fake Indian passport and a Malaysian passport stamped with a forged visa to Britain. A security source said the six persons confessed they were on their way to Britain using Malaysian passports. They also said they had forged the passports in Sri Lanka. -A.T.


Companies must appoint Kuwaiti auditors effective Jan 1, 2020



The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) issued a decision mandating all insurance companies, insurance brokers, companies practicing real estate brokerage, real estate offices dealing with gold and precious metals and money exchange companies to appoint Kuwait auditors effective Jan 1, 2020 to fight money laundering. The move is expected to generate nearly 16,000 job opportunities for Kuwaiti jobseekers in the private sector.-K.T.


Kuwaitis remember Father Amir who passed away 11 years ago



The Kuwaiti people will always remember their Father Amir Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, who passed away 11 years ago, for his uncontested patriotism and relentless affirmation that “Kuwait is always first.” On May 13, 2008, Kuwaitis lost their Father Amir who dedicated his life for the service of his country, as well as security and stability of his homeland in a unique fashion. “Kuwait is always first” was the phrase the Father Amir uttered at the inauguration of the 9th Legislative Session of the National Assembly to underline a firm fact that Kuwait would always remain above everyone.

Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah, the 14th ruler of the State of Kuwait, was named Amir on January 15, 2006. The Father Amir is the Fourth Amir since the Constitution was enacted by his father, then Amir Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, on November 11, 1962. Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah contributed to the establishment of the constitution as a member in the drafting committee. In January 1978, then Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah nominated Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah as Crown Prince. In February of the same year, Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah was appointed Prime Minister to form the 10th Government in Kuwait’s history since independence. Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah kept the two posts until 2003, when the Prime Minister’s post was separated from the Crown Prince thus paving way for appointment of current Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah as Prime Minister, who formed the country’s 21st government.

Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah occupied senior posts even before becoming a Crown Prince in 1978, especially in the security field. He was deputy police chief in 1945-49. He became Interior Minister in 1962 and a Defense Minister in 1964, making him the architect of Kuwait’s modern security policy. However, Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah, a security officer himself, paid a great attention to the development of the military and security institutions. He established the Police School in 1956 and kept on developing the police force and established, for example, the Criminal Evidence Department in 1961. The Supreme Defense Council was established in 1963 and contributed to the development of the defense policy.

Liberation Hero
Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah was a true statesman who was also known as the ‘Liberation Hero’ because he masterminded the liberation of State of Kuwait from the Iraqi occupation in 1990-91. The Father Amir, at the early hours of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990, insisted that then Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah leave Kuwait to maintain legitimacy of the country. During Iraq’s seven-month occupation, Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah embarked on several international tours to explain Kuwait’s just causes. He also supervised conditions of the Kuwaiti people inside Kuwait, as well as supported the Kuwaiti resistance in every means possible. Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah was the first senior government official to return to Kuwait following the liberation and declared martial laws in order to restore security and stability in Kuwait.

Then Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad appointed in April 1991 Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah as Prime Minister of a government tasked with rebuilding the country. Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah was up to the task. He worked relentlessly to rebuilding the country and its institutions, restored order and dealt with the largest environmental disaster, the gigantic fire and oil leak caused when Iraqi forces torched over 700 oil wells just before leaving the country.
Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah organized parliamentary elections in 1992, and the first post-liberation National Assembly was in place on October 20 the same year. The Father Amir also paid a special attention to the Kuwaiti missing and prisoners of war. He was named Amir on January 15, 2006 following the demise of Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad. However, due to his health condition, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad became Amir on January 29, 2006 through constitutional measures. The Father Amir passed away at his residence in Al-Shaab Palace the morning of May 13, 2008 and an official mourning was declared, ending a life full of achievements that every Kuwaiti would always remember. – KUNA


Govt is seeking innovative solutions to attract Kuwaitis to work in the private sector



The government is seeking innovative solutions to attract Kuwaitis to work in the private sector.The state in the near and long term needs to increase the number of those wishing to work in this sector, noting that among the innovative solutions that “we will announce in July, is the creation of a system that provides for the standardization of financial and in-kind work environment for employees in the private sector with employees in the government sectors.-A.T.


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