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Shri Narendra Modi dedicated Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Power project to the Nation

Solar energy will be a medium of energy needs of the 21st century because solar power is sure, pure and secure: PM

The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi dedicated to the Nation the Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Power project to the Nation via video conference today. It is Asia's largest power project. 

Speaking on the occasion the Prime Minister said the Rewa project will make the entire region a major hub for pure and clean energy in this decade. The Prime Minister praised the effort in that it will also supply power to the Delhi Metro, along with the entire region surrounding Rewa. 

He said very soon Madhya Pradesh would be the main centre of Solar Energy in India, as such major projects are in progress in Neemuch, Shajapur, Chattarpur and Omkareshwar. 

The biggest beneficiaries of this would be the poor, the middle class, the tribals, the farmers of Madhya Pradesh, he said. 

Prime Minister said Solar Energy would be a major medium for providing the energy needs of an aspirational India in the 21st Century. 

He described Solar Energy as one which is ‘Sure, Pure &Secure’. Sure because of the continuous supply of Energy from the Sun, Pure as it is environment friendly and Secure because it is a secure source for our energy needs. 

Prime Minister termed such Solar Energy projects are a true representation of Aatmanirbhar Bharat (Self- Reliant India). 

He said the economy is an important aspect of self-reliance and progress. Referring to the regular dilemma whether to focus on Economy or Ecology, Prime Minister said India resolved such dilemmas by focussing on Solar Energy Projects and other environment friendly measures. Shri modi said Economy and Ecology are not contradictory but complementary to each other. 

He said in all the programs of the government, priority is being given to environmental protection as well as Ease of Living. He referred to programmes like Swachch Bharat, supply of LPG cylinders to the poor households, the development of CNG networks as one which focussed on Ease of Living and improving the lives of the poor and the middle class. 

The Prime Minister said that the protection of the environment is not limited to just a few projects, but it is the Way of Life. 

PM said it is ensured that the determination towards clean energy is seen in every aspect of life, when launching large projects of renewable energy. Government is making sure that its benefits reach every corner of the country, every section of society, every citizen. He elaborated this with an example of how the introduction of LED bulbs has reduced the electricity bill. Nearly 40 million tons of carbon dioxide is prevented from going into the environment, due to the LED bulb. He said this also reduced the Electricity 

Usage by 6 Billion Units and accrued a saving of Rs 24,000 Crore to the exchequer. 

He said that the Government is working towards making our environment, our air, our water also to remain pure and this thinking is also reflected in the policy and strategy on solar energy. 

Shri Modi said India’s exemplary progress in the field of Solar Energy would be a major source of interest to the World. He said owing to such major steps, India is being considered as the most attractive market of clean energy. 

The Prime Minister said that the International Solar Alliance (ISA) was launched with the motive to unite the entire World in terms of solar energy. He said the spirit behind was One World, One Sun, One Grid. 

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that Madhya Pradesh's farmers will also make use of the Government’s KUSUM Program and will instal Solar Energy plants in their lands as an additional source of income. 

He expressed the hope that very soon India will be a major exporter of power. 

Prime Minister said India is also focussing reducing its dependence on imports of various hardware needed for solar plants, like Photovoltaic Cells, Battery and Storage. 

He said the work is progressing rapidly in this direction and the Government is encouraging the Industry, the youth, MSMEs and StartUps to not miss this opportunity and work for production and betterment of all the inputs required for Solar Energy. 

Referring to the ongoing crisis owing to the pandemic COVID-19, the Prime Minister said for either the Government or the society, compassion and vigilance are the greatest motivators to tackle this difficult challenge. He said right from the beginning of the Lockdown the Government ensured that the poor and needy are assured of supply of food and fuel. He said with the same spirit, the Government decided to continue the free supply of food and LPG till November this year, even during the phase of unlockdown. 

Not only this, the government is also giving full contribution to the EPF account of millions of private sector employees. Similarly, through the PM-Swanidhi scheme, those who have the least access to the system get benefitted. 

He added that when people are moving out of their home to make Madhya Pradesh great, they should follow these rules - maintaining a distance of two yards, wearing a mask on the face and washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.



PM’s speech in India Inc. Global Week 2020


 PM’s speech in India Inc. Global Week 2020

Distinguished guests from all walks of life, Namaste! Greetings from India. I appreciate India Inc Group for organizing this event. The present event is a part of the excellent work that India Inc has done over the past years. Your events have helped bring the opportunities in India to a global audience. You have helped making the links between India and UK stronger. I am happy that this year's event has expanded its reach to other partners also. Congratulations again! Hopefully next year, you will also get the opportunity to be on the Centre Court and enjoy Wimbledon.

Friends, In these times, it is natural to talk about revival. It is equally natural to link global revival and India. There is faith that the story of global revival will have India playing a leading role. I see this closely linked with two factors. The first is- Indian talent. World over, you have seen the contribution of India’s talent-force. This includes Indian professionals, doctors, nurses, bankers, lawyers, scientists, professors, our hard-working labour. Who can forget the Indian tech industry and tech professionals. They have been showing the way for decades. India is a power-house of talent that is: Eager to contribute. And ever ready to learn. There is two-way synergy that is greatly beneficial.

Friends, The second factor is India's ability to reform and rejuvenate. Indians are natural reformers! History has shown that India has overcome every challenge, be it social or economical. India has done so with a spirit of reform and rejuvenation. The same sprit continues now.

Friends, On one hand India is fighting a strong battle against the global pandemic. With an increased focus on people's health, we are equally focussed on the health of the economy. When India talks of revival it is:
Revival with care, Revival with compassion, Revival which is sustainable- both for the environment and the economy. We in India belong to the culture where Mother Nature is worshipped by everyone. It is believed in India that the Earth is our Mother and we are her children.

Friends, During the last six years, India has made great gains in areas such as: Total financial inclusion. Record housing and infra construction. Ease of Doing Business. Bold tax reforms including the GST. Roll out of the world's largest health care initiative - Ayushman Bharat. These gains have set the foundations for the next round of development initiatives.
friends, Indians have the spirit to achieve what is believed to be impossible. No wonder that in India, we are already seeing greenshoots when it comes to economic recovery. In this time of a pandemic, we have provided relief to our citizens and undertaken deep structural reforms. We are making the economy: More Productive, Investment friendly and Competitive.

Our relief package has been smart and targeted to provide the most poor with the most help. Thanks to technology, every penny has reached the beneficiaries directly. The relief includes: providing free cooking gas, cash in the bank accounts, free food grains to millions of people and many other things. As soon as we unlocked, we have launched one of the world's largest public works program to provide employment to millions of workers. This will not only re-energise the rural economy, but also help in creation of durable infrastructure in the rural areas.

Friends, India remains one of the most open economies in the world. We are laying a red carpet for all global companies to come and establish their presence in India. Very few countries will offer the kind of opportunities India does today. There are many possibilities and opportunities in various sunrise sectors in India. Our reforms in agriculture provide a very attractive investment opportunity to invest in storage and logistics. We are opening the doors to investors to come and invest directly in the hard-work of our farmers.

Friends, We have brought reforms in the MSME sector. A booming MSME sector will also complement big industry. There are investment opportunities in the defence sector. With relaxed FDI norms, one of the world's biggest militaries invites you to come and make products for it! Now, there are more opportunities for private investment in space sector. This will mean greater access to commercial use of space tech for the benefit of people. India's tech and start-up sector is vibrant. There is a market of millions of digitally empowered, aspirational people! Imagine the kind of products you can make for them.

Friends, The pandemic has once again shown that India's Pharma industry is an asset not just for India but for the entire world. It has played a leading role in reducing the cost of medicines especially for developing countries. Vaccines made in India are responsible for twothirds of the vaccination needs of the world's children. Today also, our companies are active in the international efforts for development and production of COVID-19 vaccine. I am certain that India will have an important role in developing and in scaling-up production of the vaccine once it is discovered.

Friends, 130 crore Indians have given the call for an आत्मनिरभर भारत. A self reliant India. आत्मनिरभर भारत merges domestic production and consumption with global supply chains. आत्मनिरभर भारत is not about being self-contained or being closed to the world. It is about being selfsustaining and self-generating. We will pursue policies that promote efficiency, equity and resilience.

Friends, I am happy to note that this Forum is also marking the 100th birth anniversary of Pandit Ravi Shankar. He took the beauty of Indian classical music to the world. You would also have seen how Namaste has gone global as a form of greeting. The pandemic has also seen the increasing appeal of Yoga, Ayurveda and traditional medicines world over. India's ancient culture, India's universal, peaceful ethos, is our strength.

Friends, India is ready to do whatever it can to further global good and prosperity. This is an India that is reforming, performing and transforming. This is an India that offers new economic opportunities. This is an India that is adopting a human-centric and inclusive approach to development.

India awaits you all!

Namaste! Thank you very much.


Appreciation by ICSG to Indian Frontliners


IFL  Indians in Kuwait



Machines inside the malls for collecting the driving licenses are now open



Ministry of Interior informed that the machines inside the malls for collecting the driving licenses are now open and the public can receive their renewed driving licenses from these machines. The machines are located inside various malls, including Avenues, and Al Kout malls which were closed due to the corona pandemic. These machines are now open, and citizen and expatriates can now visit these malls to collect their renewed driving licenses.-IIK


Mask parottas served by Madurai restaurant have taken the internet by storm



Photographs of mask-shaped parottas have taken the internet by storm with netizens having mixed feelings about the fried staple. The parottas, images of which are circulating widely across social media platforms, including Twitter and WhastApp, have been traced to a restaurant in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai.

The eatery said it came up with the creative idea to raise awareness about the safety protocols regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. The parotta was introduced by Temple city hotel in Madurai about 1.2 km away from Maattuthavani bus terminus and is priced at Rs 50 each. The move comes at a time when the district saw a steep rise in the number of cases in the last few days.

The restaurant has more than just masks are on its coronavirus-themed menu. There are other food items like corona dosa and vada inspired by the shape of the virus on the offer.



5 things you need to do to stay safe if Covid-19 might just be in the air



Enough to compel 239 scientists from 32 countries, across the globe, to urgently write to the World Health Organisation, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, to revise their guidelines and declare COVID-19 an airborne disease.

Even WHO is coming around the “emerging evidence” that suggests covid-19 might be airborne. Here are some preventive measures you need to take to ensure your safety.

We have to be even more vigilant while stepping out. Because it is no longer just about touching a contaminated surface, because the virus might just be in the air we breathe. 

First, let’s understand how airborne diseases work
Basically, airborne diseases are those that can be spread when people with certain infections cough, sneeze, or talk—spewing nasal and throat secretions into the air. Some viruses or bacteria stay in the air and/or land on other people, and when they get inhaled infections happen. 

The most problematic thing in such diseases is that the virus can stay suspended in the air for hours. You will have to live with the fact that you need to wear a mask for at least a year. And not just any mask, but an N95 mask or surgical triple-layer mask. You need to cover your nose and mouth properly.

5 things you need to be more cautious when it come to covid-19 prevention

1. Wearing a mask
Well, we have been wearing masks for months now but we need to make our peace with keeping our masks on.

2. Social distancing is still key

Airborne viruses are less than 5 microns. Even if someone infected is breathing next to you and you inhale the same air, you can catch the virus.

3. No air conditioning

Visiting places that have air-conditioning and no ventilation, and are publicly accessible is a complete no-no.. So forget about going to the mall or your favourite restaurant anytime soon.

4. Stay in a well-ventilated room

Staying in a well-ventilated room is a must so that fresh air can take up some room. This way the virus won’t keep circulating in the same space.

5. Face shields are a good option

Especially if you are in a public dealing job or business then you must wear a face shield as that ensures you keep your hands off your face and is a good way to stay away from an airborne disease. While hand hygiene is a preventive measure for droplet infections, we need to add some precautions to our list because airborne diseases spread like wildfire.


Conversation between Special Representatives of India and China

Conversation between Special Representatives of India and China on recent developments on the India-China border areas

New Delhi

July 06, 2020

1. The Special Representatives of India and China on the Boundary Question - Shri Ajit Doval, National Security Advisor of India and H.E. Mr. Wang Yi, State Councillor and Minister of Foreign Affairs of China had a telephone conversation on 5th July 2020. The two Special Representatives had a frank and in-depth exchange of views on the recent developments in the Western Sector of the India-China border areas.

2. The two Special Representatives agreed that both sides should take guidance from the consensus of the leaders that maintenance of peace and tranquillity in the India-China border areas was essential for the further development of our bilateral relations and that two sides should not allow differences to become disputes. Therefore, they agreed that it was necessary to ensure at the earliest complete disengagement of the troops along the LAC and de-escalation from India-China border areas for full restoration of peace and tranquillity. In this regard they further agreed that both sides should complete the ongoing disengagement process along the LAC expeditiously. The two sides should also ensure a phased and stepwise de-escalation in the India-China border areas. They re-affirmed that both sides should strictly respect and observe the line of actual control and should not take any unilateral action to alter the status quo and work together to avoid any incident in the future that could disturb peace and tranquillity in border areas.

3. The two Special Representatives agreed that the diplomatic and military officials of the two sides should continue their discussions, including under the framework of the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on India-China border affairs (WMCC), and implement the understandings reached in a timely manner to achieve the above outcomes. It was also agreed that the two Special Representatives will continue their conversations to ensure full and enduring restoration of peace and tranquillity in the India-China border areas in accordance with the bilateral agreements and protocols.


World's first gold-plated Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel in Vietnam opened on July 2



The Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel boasts of 24-karat-cladded interiors and exteriors. The five-star hotel sits by Giang Vo Lake, in the centre of the Vietnamese capital.


The hotel, owned by Hoa Binh Group and managed by US-based Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, took 11 years to build and boasts about being the first property in the world to be clad in gold.


From the tiles, bathtub, coffee cups, to the gold-plated infinity pool on the roof, the hotel is plated in 24-carat metal. The hotel has 400-rooms across a 25-storeyed building. Talk about having too much gold!


The hotel is dripping with gold from floor to ceiling. It even has a gold-plated infinity pool on the roof. The infinity pool on the hotel's roof is clad in gold tiles.


Guest may well feel that everything they touch turns to gold. 


"At the moment, there is no other hotel like this in the world," said Nguyen Huu Duong, majority owner and chairman of Hoa Binh Group.


The gold theme even extends to the sinks, bathtubs and toilet bowls.


All this gold though comes at a price -- The price per night will start from $250 (Rs 19,000), according to Vietnam Insider. There are also a number of apartments to rent in the hotel, with costs starting from $6,500 (Rs 4.85 lakh) per square metre.


The hotel wants “ordinary people to the super rich to check-in” both physically and on social media, said Nguyen Huu Duong, chairman of Hoa Binh group that owns the hotel.


So, would you check in to this gold luxury or it's too much for you?

Photos courtesy Kham/Reuters


Friday prayers in mosques to start from July 17

Kuwait Government official spokesman Tariq Al-Muzram said that the Council of Ministers decided to instruct the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs to take the necessary measures to allow Friday prayers to be held in mosques.He said that starting from Friday, July 17, Friday prayers will be open with all health measures in place.On March 13, the Kuwaiti authorities suspended Friday sermons as well as Friday prayers in mosques as a precautionary measure to stem the spread of COVID-19 outbreak in the country.-IIK


World's first gold-plated hotel-- Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel opened its doors on July 2 in Vietnam



The Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel boasts of 24-karat-cladded interiors and exteriors. The five-star hotel sits by Giang Vo Lake, in the centre of the Vietnamese capital.


The hotel, owned by Hoa Binh Group and managed by US-based Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, took 11 years to build and boasts about being the first property in the world to be clad in gold.


From the tiles, bathtub, coffee cups, to the gold-plated infinity pool on the roof, the hotel is plated in 24-carat metal. The hotel has 400-rooms across a 25-storeyed building. Talk about having too much gold!


The hotel is dripping with gold from floor to ceiling. It even has a gold-plated infinity pool on the roof. The infinity pool on the hotel's roof is clad in gold tiles.


Guest may well feel that everything they touch turns to gold. 


"At the moment, there is no other hotel like this in the world," said Nguyen Huu Duong, majority owner and chairman of Hoa Binh Group.

The gold theme even extends to the sinks, bathtubs and toilet bowls.


All this gold though comes at a price -- The price per night will start from $250 (Rs 19,000), according to Vietnam Insider. There are also a number of apartments to rent in the hotel, with costs starting from $6,500 (Rs 4.85 lakh) per square metre..


The hotel wants “ordinary people to the super rich to check-in” both physically and on social media, said Nguyen Huu Duong, chairman of Hoa Binh group that owns the hotel.


So, would you check in to this gold luxury or it's too much for you?

Photos courtesy Kham/Reuters



July 7 World Chocolate Day--Know how chocolate was introduced to the world



World Chocolate Day celebrated on July 7 is all about celebrating perhaps the finest creation of humankind. If there ever was anything that everyone unanimously agreed upon, it would be about chocolate’s delicious taste. Chocolates, aside from being mouth-watering, also work as a perfect mood enhancer and has some surprising health benefits. Whether you prefer hot cocoa drinks, dark chocolate bars, gooey brownies or truffle cakes, chocolate provides something for everyone.

Chocolate originated in Mesoamerica and the first fermented chocolate beverage dates back to 450 BC. The origin of the word ‘chocolate’ is from the classical ‘Nahuatl’ word – Xocolātl. The Aztecs were of the belief that the cacao seeds were a gift from the God of wisdom and it steadily became so popular that it began being used as currency. Personally, we would not mind reverting to that tradition!

Chocolate, as we know it now, is made from cacao beans or seeds from the Theobroma cacao tree. The cacao plant produces a fruit similar to a pod in structure, with each pop containing 20-60 beans surrounded by sticky white pulp. In order to become the final product, it has to go throught various steps of processing which include fermentation, drying, roasting and grinding.

Chocolate was initially consumed only in drink form and was quite bitter to taste. A drink called ‘Chilate’ was made out of it, once mixed with spices and corn puree. It was believed to give the drinker strength and worked as a powerful aphrodisiac.

In 1519, the Aztec Emperor Montezuma served the drink called Xocolātl to the Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés. Cortés took the beverage back to Spain with him and infused it with sugar, vanilla and cinnamon to give it an extra flavour and the rest is (chocolatey) history. The beverage became exceedingly popular in France and England in the 1600s following its Spanish episode. It was only in the 1800s that people learnt to make edible chocolates.

Fun fact: Chocolate was considered an essential ration for the soldiers of the United States in the 20th century. World Chocolate Day has been celebrated globally on the June 7 since 2009 and some even believe that it commemorates the day chocolate was introduced to Europe in 1550. The only way to properly celebrate this holiday is to binge on all sorts of chocolate filled delights.


English rendering of PM’s address to Indian Armed Forces in Leh, India

Prime Minister's Office

English rendering of PM’s address to Indian Armed Forces in Leh, India

Bharat Mata ki Jai!

Bharat Mata ki Jai!

Friends, your courage, valour, and dedication to protect Mother India's honour are incomparable. Your spirit is unparallel in the world. The difficult conditions and the height in which you work as a shield to protect and serve the motherland, no one can beat that!

Your courage is greater than the heights where you are posted. Your determination is stronger than the valley you walk on daily. Your arms are as strong as the rocks around you. Your willpower is as strong as the surrounding mountains. I can feel it being present amidst you today. I can see it with my own eyes!


The responsibility of the country's safety and protection is in your hands and your strong determination, so there is an unwavering confidence. Not just me, the whole nation reposes an unwavering confidence and the country is reassured. Your presence on the border motivates every countryman to work day and night for the country. The resolve of self-reliant India becomes stronger because of you, your sacrifice and efforts. And now you and your friends with their bravery have given out the message to the whole world about India's strength.

Right now I can also see women soldiers in front of me. In the battlefield, this scene on the border in itself is a source of inspiration.

Friends, the national poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar ji wrote-

िजनके िसंहनाद सेसहमी। धरती रही अभी तक डोल।।

कलम, आज उनकी जय बोल। कलम आज उनकी जय बोल।।

So, today I salute you and hail you with my words! I once again pay tributes to my brave soldiers who were martyred in Galwan Valley. Heroes from every corner of the country i.e. from the east, the west, the north, and the south, have shown their valour. This land is still hailing them for their valour. Today every Indian is bowing down before you and saluting the brave soldiers of the country. Today, every Indian is proud of your bravery and valour.


This land has become auspicious due to the blessings of the Indus. This land has assimilated within it the stories of bravery and valour of the brave sons. From Leh-Ladakh to Kargil and Siachen, from the snowy peaks of Rezang La to the cold water stream of Galwan valley, every peak, every mountain, every corner, every pebble is a testimony to the might of the Indian soldiers. Everyone knows about the stories of valour of the 14 Corps. The world has seen your indomitable courage. Your heroic stories are echoing from house to house and the enemies of Mother India have seen your fire and your fury as well.


The entire Ladakh, the crown of India, is a symbol of respect for 130 crore Indians. This land is the land of the patriots who are always ready to sacrifice for India. This soil has produced great patriots like Kushok Bakula Rinponche. It was Rinponche ji who had mobilized the local people against the nefarious designs of the enemy. Every conspiracy to create secession here has been foiled by the patriotic people of Ladakh led by Rinpoche. As a result of his inspiring efforts, the country and the Indian Army were inspired to create an infantry regiment called Ladakh Scout. Today, the people of Ladakh are making wonderful contributions to strengthen the nation at every level - be it in the army or while performing the duties of ordinary citizens.


there is a saying

खड्गेन आ वंिदता आमण: पुिणया, वीर भो वसुंधरा

That is, a brave-heart protects the motherland with the power of his weapons. This land is for the brave. Our support, strength and resolve for its defence and security are as high as the Himalayas. I can see this ability and resolve in your eyes right now. It is clearly visible on your faces. You are the heroes of the same land that has repulsed the attacks and atrocities of many invaders for thousands of years. This is our identity. We are the people who worship Lord Krishna who plays flute. We are also the same people who follow Sudarshan Chakradhari Krishna as an ideal. With this inspiration, India has emerged stronger after every attack.


Everyone believes that peace and friendship are important for the progress of the nation, the world and humanity. But we also know that the weak can never bring peace. The weak cannot initiate peace. Bravery is the precondition for peace. If India is growing its power at all levels i.e. water, land, sky and space, then the goal behind it is human welfare. India is manufacturing modern weapons today and getting all modern technologies for the Indian Army; and this is the spirit behind it. If India is building modern infrastructure at a fast pace, then the message behind it is the same.

Whether it is a world war or a peace keeping effort - the world has seen the valour of our heroes and their efforts for world peace whenever needed. We have always worked for the protection of humanity. All of you are the leaders who have established this goal, tradition and this glorious culture of India.

Friends, the great Saint Thiruvalluvar Ji had said hundreds of years ago

मरमानम मांड विडेलव्तेटम येना नागेयेमम पडईु

That is, valour, honour, the tradition of dignified behaviour and credibility are the four qualities that are the reflections of an army of any country. Indian forces have always followed this path.

Friends, the era of colonial expansion is over; this is the era of evolution. Evolution is only relevant in rapidly changing times. It is an opportunity for development and development is also the basis for the future. In the previous centuries expansionism has done the greatest harm to humanity and has tried to destroy humanity. The obsession with expansion has always posed a threat to world peace.

And friends, let's not forget, history is a witness to the fact that such forces have been erased or have forced to relent. The world has always had this experience and on the basis of this experience, the whole world now has made up its mind against the policy of expansion. Today the world is devoted to development and is welcoming the open competition for development.

Friends, Whenever I think of a decision related to the defence of the nation, I first remember two mothers - firstly Mother India, and secondly those brave mothers who have given birth to mighty warriors like you. This is the criterion of my decision. Following this criterion, the nation gives the highest priority to your honour, the honour of your families and the safety of Mother India.

We have been paying a lot of attention to all the modern weapons for the armies or the equipment needed by you. Now the expenditure on border infrastructure in the country has been almost tripled. This has also led to the development of border area and construction of roads and bridges along the border at a rapid pace. One of the biggest benefits of this is that now the goods reach you in a short time.

Friends, For better coordination in the armed forces, which had long been expected - be it the formation of the post of Chief of Defence or the creation of the National War Memorial or the decision of One Rank One Pension or the continuous work for the right arrangements ranging from the care of your family to education, the country has been strengthening its forces and soldiers at every level today.

Friends, Lord Gautam Buddha has said

Courage is about commitment and conviction. Courage is compassion. Courage is what teaches us to stand boldly and steadfast for the truth. Courage is what gives us the strength to say and do what is right.

Friends, The indomitable courage shown by the valiant sons of the country in the Galwan valley is the depiction of utmost might. The country is proud of you. Along with you, our ITBP personnel, BSF partners, BRO and other organizations, engineers and other workers are working under difficult conditions. You all are doing an amazing job! Everyone together is dedicated to protecting and serving Mother India.

Today, the country is fighting many disasters simultaneously and with great persistence due to your hard work. Seeking inspiration from all of you, let us together keep conquering every challenge, the most difficult challenges. All of you are protecting the country at the borders. We will together build the India of our dreams. We will build the India of your dreams. I have come to assure you today that the 130 crore countrymen will not stay behind. We will create a strong and a self-reliant India and we will do so! And after getting inspired by you, the resolve of a self-reliant India becomes even more powerful.

I once again congratulate all of you from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much! Say aloud with me

Bharat Mata ki Jai!

Bharat Mata ki Jai!

Vande Mataram - Vande Mataram - Vande Mataram!!

Thank you!


ICMR to “launch” a Coronavirus vaccine for public use by August 15



The Indian Council of Medical Research has promised to “launch” a Coronavirus vaccine, which is still to undergo clinical trials, “for public health use latest by August 15”, a deadline that some medical experts called “totally unrealistic if not entirely impossible”.

In a letter to hospitals that have been selected for carrying out the clinical trials for a candidate vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech, the ICMR director general Balram Bhargava has said that “in view of public health emergency” and the “urgency to launch the vaccine”, all the stakeholders are being “strictly advised to fast track all approvals related to the initiation of the clinical trial, and ensure that the subject enrolment is initiated no later than July 7, 2020”.

“It is envisaged to launch the vaccine for public health use latest by August 15, 2020 after completion of all clinical trials,” the letter states.

The candidate vaccine, named Co-vaxine, developed by Bharat Biotech in association with Pune-based National Institute of Virology, has just been cleared for Phase-I and Phase-II trials by the Drug Controller General of India.

Usually, these trials take months, and have to be followed by phase-III trials which is when volunteers are actually given the vaccine shots and their immune response to the disease is tracked. The clinical trials have to be followed by data analysis and verification, which usually needs to be published in a peer-reviewed journal before the vaccine is cleared for public use.

Some of the steps in this process can be expedited, or even bypassed, but not all.

When asked about the August 15 reference, Lokesh Sharma, Scientist, ICMR, said: “It is not to be interpreted as a deadline. This is our aim, which depends on cooperation of institutes. If we are going to start work, we should do so with an aim and it should be of success. Our expectation and aim is that the trial will be complete. Anyway, the product is ready. Hence, we are going into trial. This is the DG’s personal concern. Hence, the letter.”


India suspends scheduled international flights till July 31



The aviation regulator DGCA said on Friday it was extending the suspension of scheduled international passenger flights in the country till July 31 but added that some international scheduled services on selected routes may be permitted on a case to case basis.

Scheduled international passenger flights were suspended in India on March 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Modifying its June 26 circular that stated that scheduled international passenger flights will remain suspended till July 15, 2020, the regulator stated on Friday it has decided to extend the deadline to July 31, 2020.

However, international scheduled flights may be allowed on selected routes by the competent authority on a case to case basis,” said the circular by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Air India and other private domestic airlines have been operating unscheduled international repatriation flights under the Vande Bharat Mission, which was started on May 6 by the Central government.

India resumed scheduled domestic passenger flights on May 25, after a gap of two months.



Boost your immunity with these homemade teas



Scientists are working day and night to find the cure for the CORONA virus. The deadly virus has claimed more than five lakhs lives all over the world. The virus is spreading at an aggressive speed. Keeping our immunity strong and tight is our best bet against the novel coronavirus. And we all know that nothing works better in boosting immunity than Ayurvedic herbs and other Ayurvedic ingredients.

To help you make your body more strong, here are five teas that you can easily make at home:

Ginger tea is very easy to make and is a good appetizer, helps relieve cold and cough and relieves other stomach issues.

How to make

Take ½ teaspoon of grated ginger. Boil it in one glass of water for five to six minutes. Strain and have it lukewarm.

Note: People who have hyperacidity or hypertension must consult their doctor before having it.

Cinnamon tea helps in weight loss, reduces your risk of heart disease, helps in maintaining the blood sugar and fights bacterial and fungal infection.

How to make

Take ½ inch cinnamon bark and boil it in one glass of water for five-seven minutes. Strain and have it lukewarm.

Tulsi leaves have not one but numerous medicinal properties. It helps boost your immunity, reduces stress level and helps balance the blood sugar levels.

How to make

Take four-five tulsi leaves and put them in pre-boiled water for 10 minutes. Do not forget to cover the lid of the pan.

Jeera tea aids digestion and helps you shed those extra kilos. To make this easy tea, you will need jeera, coriander seeds and methi seeds.

How to make

Take ½ teaspoon of jeera, ½ teaspoon of coriander seeds and ¼ teaspoon of methi dana. Add this all to a cup of water and boil it. Strain and have it lukewarm.

This tea is a great immunity booster and helps fight seasonal infections. To make this tea you will need tulsi leaves, black pepper and cloves.

How to make

Take three-four tulsi leaves, two black peppercorns and one clove. Now boil all these ingredients 2 glasses of water


NEET and JEE-Mains postponed to September



TheJEE (Main) and the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) have been delayed further by a month due to the unabated rise in COVID-19 cases.  The JEE Main, the gateway exam for admission to the NITs, will now be held over six days between September 1 and September 6. NEET, meant for undergraduate medical programmes, will be held on September 13. JEE (Advanced) will be held on September 27. HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal announced the fresh dates during a webinar Friday.

As many as 9 lakh candidates have registered to take JEE Main and approximately 16 lakh for NEET. According to sources in the National Testing Agency (NTA), JEE (Main) results would be announced mid-September and NEET results are expected in the first week of October.

Both entrance tests have been postponed for the second time since the COVID-19 lockdown was imposed. Originally, JEE Main was scheduled between April 7 and April 11, and NEET on May 3. On May 5, Pokhriyal announced a fresh schedule according to which JEE Main would have been held over five days between July 18 and July 23 and NEET on July 26.

However, with parents and students expressing concerns over record rise in COVID-19 cases on most days, the union government was forced to reconsider the dates yet again. India witnessed more than 22,000 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday. This was a record surge in a single day.

The new schedule announced Friday is based on the inputs of the four-member committee headed by NTA Director-General Vineet Joshi, said government sources. “The (public) support for further delay is overwhelming. Moreover, holding exams in July has become unfeasible since many of the test centres are falling in containment zones,” said a ministry official on the condition of anonymity.


Vande Bharath Mission Phase 4 - schedule of 101 flights from Kuwait to India

Vande Bharath Mission Phase 4 - schedule of 101 flights from Kuwait to India

The list of flight schedule from Kuwait to India as per the ongoing Vande Bharath Mission Phase 4 released by MEA is given below;

No. Receiving State / UT  Flight No.     Origin  Dep Date           Dep Time Destination   Arrv Date           Arrv Time   Capacity Flight
1 Gujarat G8 7400 Kuwait 8-Jul-20 10:25 Ahmedabad 8-Jul-20 16:45 GOAIR
2 Rajasthan 6E 8737 Kuwait 8-Jul-20 11:15 Jaipur 8-Jul-20 17:55 168 INDIGO
3 Rajasthan G8 7401 Kuwait 8-Jul-20 11:10 Jaipur 8-Jul-20 18:50 GOAIR
4 Karnataka 6E 8751 Kuwait 8-Jul-20 11:40 Bengaluru 8-Jul-20 19:05 168 INDIGO
5 Uttar Pradesh 6E 8739 Kuwait 8-Jul-20 22:05 Lucknow 9-Jul-20 5:05 168 INDIGO
6 Gujarat G8 7402 Kuwait 9-Jul-20 10:25 Ahmedabad 9-Jul-20 16:45 GOAIR
7 Maharashtra 6E 8748 Kuwait 9-Jul-20 9:55 Mumbai 9-Jul-20 16:45 213 INDIGO
8 Rajasthan G8 7403 Kuwait 9-Jul-20 11:10 Jaipur 9-Jul-20 18:50 GOAIR
9 Gujarat 6E 8744 Kuwait 10-Jul-20 10:45 Ahmedabad 10-Jul-20 17:05 168 INDIGO
10 Tamil Nadu 6E 8735 Kuwait 10-Jul-20 10:25 Chennai 10-Jul-20 18:05 213 INDIGO
11 Kerala 6E 8728 Kuwait 10-Jul-20 10:45 Trivandrum 10-Jul-20 18:15 168 INDIGO
12 Kerala 6E 8724 Kuwait 10-Jul-20 11:05 Kochi 10-Jul-20 18:35 168 INDIGO
13 Rajasthan G8 7405 Kuwait 10-Jul-20 11:10 Jaipur 10-Jul-20 18:50 GOAIR
14 Telangana 6E 8746 Kuwait 10-Jul-20 21:45 Hyderabad 11-Jul-20 4:55 168 INDIGO
15 Maharashtra 6E 8748 Kuwait 11-Jul-20 9:55 Mumbai 11-Jul-20 16:45 213 INDIGO
16 Rajasthan 6E 8737 Kuwait 11-Jul-20 11:15 Jaipur 11-Jul-20 17:55 168 INDIGO
17 Kerala 6E 8733 Kuwait 11-Jul-20 10:50 Kannur 11-Jul-20 18:10 168 INDIGO
18 Kerala 6E 8731 Kuwait 11-Jul-20 10:55 Kozhikode 11-Jul-20 18:20 168 INDIGO
19 Rajasthan G8 7407 Kuwait 11-Jul-20 11:10 Jaipur 11-Jul-20 18:50 GOAIR
20 Karnataka 6E 8751 Kuwait 11-Jul-20 11:40 Bengaluru 11-Jul-20 19:05 168 INDIGO
21 Uttar Pradesh 6E 8739 Kuwait 11-Jul-20 22:05 Lucknow 12-Jul-20 5:05 168 INDIGO
22 Gujarat 6E 8744 Kuwait 12-Jul-20 10:45 Ahmedabad 12-Jul-20 17:05 168 INDIGO
23 Tamil Nadu 6E 8735 Kuwait 12-Jul-20 10:25 Chennai 12-Jul-20 18:05 213 INDIGO
24 Kerala 6E 8728 Kuwait 12-Jul-20 10:45 Trivandrum 12-Jul-20 18:15 168 INDIGO
25 Kerala 6E 8724 Kuwait 12-Jul-20 11:05 Kochi 12-Jul-20 18:35 168 INDIGO
26 Rajasthan G8 7409 Kuwait 12-Jul-20 11:10 Jaipur 12-Jul-20 18:50 GOAIR
27 Telangana 6E 8746 Kuwait 12-Jul-20 21:45 Hyderabad 13-Jul-20 4:55 168 INDIGO
28 Odisha 6E 8753 Kuwait 13-Jul-20 9:55 Bhubaneshwar 13-Jul-20 17:45 168 INDIGO
29 Kerala 6E 8733 Kuwait 13-Jul-20 10:50 Kannur 13-Jul-20 18:10 168 INDIGO
30 Kerala 6E 8731 Kuwait 13-Jul-20 10:55 Kozhikode 13-Jul-20 18:20 168 INDIGO
31 Rajasthan G8 7411 Kuwait 13-Jul-20 11:10 Jaipur 13-Jul-20 18:50 GOAIR
32 Maharashtra 6E 8748 Kuwait 13-Jul-20 18:20 Mumbai 14-Jul-20 1:10 168 INDIGO
33 Gujarat 6E 8744 Kuwait 14-Jul-20 10:45 Ahmedabad 14-Jul-20 17:05 168 INDIGO
34 Rajasthan 6E 8737 Kuwait 14-Jul-20 11:15 Jaipur 14-Jul-20 17:55 168 INDIGO
35 Tamil Nadu 6E 8735 Kuwait 14-Jul-20 10:25 Chennai 14-Jul-20 18:05 213 INDIGO
36 Kerala 6E 8728 Kuwait 14-Jul-20 10:45 Trivandrum 14-Jul-20 18:15 168 INDIGO
37 Kerala 6E 8724 Kuwait 14-Jul-20 11:05 Kochi 14-Jul-20 18:35 168 INDIGO
38 Telangana 6E 8746 Kuwait 14-Jul-20 21:45 Hyderabad 15-Jul-20 4:55 168 INDIGO
39 Uttar Pradesh 6E 8739 Kuwait 14-Jul-20 22:05 Lucknow 15-Jul-20 5:05 168 INDIGO
40 Odisha 6E 8753 Kuwait 15-Jul-20 9:55 Bhubaneshwar 15-Jul-20 17:45 168 INDIGO
41 Kerala 6E 8733 Kuwait 15-Jul-20 10:50 Kannur 15-Jul-20 18:10 168 INDIGO
42 Kerala 6E 8731 Kuwait 15-Jul-20 10:55 Kozhikode 15-Jul-20 18:20 168 INDIGO
43 Maharashtra 6E 8748 Kuwait 15-Jul-20 18:20 Mumbai 16-Jul-20 1:10 168 INDIGO
44 Tamil Nadu 6E 8735 Kuwait 16-Jul-20 10:25 Chennai 16-Jul-20 18:05 213 INDIGO
45 Kerala 6E 8728 Kuwait 16-Jul-20 10:45 Trivandrum 16-Jul-20 18:15 168 INDIGO
46 Kerala 6E 8724 Kuwait 16-Jul-20 11:05 Kochi 16-Jul-20 18:35 168 INDIGO
47 Rajasthan 6E 8737 Kuwait 17-Jul-20 11:15 Jaipur 17-Jul-20 17:55 168 INDIGO
48 Kerala 6E 8733 Kuwait 17-Jul-20 10:50 Kannur 17-Jul-20 18:10 168 INDIGO
49 Kerala 6E 8731 Kuwait 17-Jul-20 10:55 Kozhikode 17-Jul-20 18:20 168 INDIGO
50 Uttar Pradesh 6E 8739 Kuwait 17-Jul-20 22:05 Lucknow 18-Jul-20 5:05 168 INDIGO
51 Tamil Nadu 6E 8735 Kuwait 18-Jul-20 10:25 Chennai 18-Jul-20 18:05 213 INDIGO
52 Kerala 6E 8728 Kuwait 18-Jul-20 10:45 Trivandrum 18-Jul-20 18:15 168 INDIGO
53 Kerala 6E 8724 Kuwait 18-Jul-20 11:05 Kochi 18-Jul-20 18:35 168 INDIGO
54 Karnataka G8 7421 Kuwait 18-Jul-20 12:05 Bangalore 18-Jul-20 19:45 GOAIR
55 Kerala 6E 8733 Kuwait 19-Jul-20 10:50 Kannur 19-Jul-20 18:10 168 INDIGO
56 Kerala 6E 8731 Kuwait 19-Jul-20 10:55 Kozhikode 19-Jul-20 18:20 168 INDIGO
57 Kerala G8 7422 Kuwait 19-Jul-20 11:05 Kannur 19-Jul-20 18:40 GOAIR
58 Kerala G8 7423 Kuwait 19-Jul-20 12:05 Kochi 19-Jul-20 19:45 GOAIR
59 Rajasthan 6E 8737 Kuwait 20-Jul-20 11:15 Jaipur 20-Jul-20 17:55 168 INDIGO
60 Tamil Nadu 6E 8735 Kuwait 20-Jul-20 10:25 Chennai 20-Jul-20 18:05 213 INDIGO
61 Kerala 6E 8728 Kuwait 20-Jul-20 10:45 Trivandrum 20-Jul-20 18:15 168 INDIGO
62 Kerala 6E 8724 Kuwait 20-Jul-20 11:05 Kochi 20-Jul-20 18:35 168 INDIGO
63 Kerala G8 7424 Kuwait 20-Jul-20 11:05 Kannur 20-Jul-20 18:40 GOAIR
64 Kerala G8 7425 Kuwait 20-Jul-20 12:05 Kochi 20-Jul-20 19:45 GOAIR
65 Uttar Pradesh 6E 8739 Kuwait 20-Jul-20 22:05 Lucknow 21-Jul-20 5:05 168 INDIGO
66 Kerala 6E 8733 Kuwait 21-Jul-20 10:50 Kannur 21-Jul-20 18:10 168 INDIGO
67 Kerala 6E 8731 Kuwait 21-Jul-20 10:55 Kozhikode 21-Jul-20 18:20 168 INDIGO
68 Kerala G8 7426 Kuwait 21-Jul-20 11:05 Kannur 21-Jul-20 18:40 GOAIR
69 Kerala G8 7427 Kuwait 21-Jul-20 12:05 Kochi 21-Jul-20 19:45 GOAIR
70 Kerala 6E 8728 Kuwait 22-Jul-20 10:45 Trivandrum 22-Jul-20 18:15 168 INDIGO
71 Kerala 6E 8724 Kuwait 22-Jul-20 11:05 Kochi 22-Jul-20 18:35 168 INDIGO
72 Kerala G8 7428 Kuwait 22-Jul-20 11:05 Kannur 22-Jul-20 18:40 GOAIR
73 Kerala G8 7429 Kuwait 22-Jul-20 12:05 Kochi 22-Jul-20 19:45 GOAIR
74 Rajasthan 6E 8737 Kuwait 23-Jul-20 11:15 Jaipur 23-Jul-20 17:55 168 INDIGO
75 Kerala G8 7430 Kuwait 23-Jul-20 11:05 Kannur 23-Jul-20 18:40 GOAIR
76 Kerala G8 7431 Kuwait 23-Jul-20 12:05 Kochi 23-Jul-20 19:45 GOAIR
77 Uttar Pradesh 6E 8739 Kuwait 23-Jul-20 22:05 Lucknow 24-Jul-20 5:05 168 INDIGO
78 Kerala 6E 8728 Kuwait 24-Jul-20 10:45 Trivandrum 24-Jul-20 18:15 168 INDIGO
79 Kerala 6E 8724 Kuwait 24-Jul-20 11:05 Kochi 24-Jul-20 18:35 168 INDIGO
80 Kerala G8 7434 Kuwait 24-Jul-20 11:05 Kochi 24-Jul-20 18:45 GOAIR
81 Kerala G8 7435 Kuwait 25-Jul-20 11:05 Kochi 25-Jul-20 18:45 GOAIR
82 Odisha G8 7440 Kuwait 28-Jul-20 10:25 Bhubaneswar 28-Jul-20 18:25 GOAIR
83 Uttar Pradesh G8 7443 Kuwait 29-Jul-20 11:10 Lucknow 29-Jul-20 18:40 GOAIR
84 West Bengal G8 7442 Kuwait 29-Jul-20 12:00 Kolkata 29-Jul-20 19:40 GOAIR
85 Uttar Pradesh G8 7445 Kuwait 30-Jul-20 11:10 Lucknow 30-Jul-20 18:40 GOAIR
86 West Bengal G8 7444 Kuwait 30-Jul-20 12:00 Kolkata 30-Jul-20 19:40 GOAIR
87 Uttar Pradesh G8 7447 Kuwait 31-Jul-20 11:10 Lucknow 31-Jul-20 18:40 GOAIR
88 West Bengal G8 7446 Kuwait 31-Jul-20 12:00 Kolkata 31-Jul-20 19:40 GOAIR
89 Uttar Pradesh G8 7449 Kuwait 1-Aug-20 11:10 Lucknow 1-Aug-20 18:40 GOAIR
90 West Bengal G8 7448 Kuwait 1-Aug-20 12:00 Kolkata 1-Aug-20 19:40 GOAIR
91 West Bengal G8 7450 Kuwait 2-Aug-20 12:00 Kolkata 2-Aug-20 19:40 GOAIR
92 West Bengal G8 7452 Kuwait 3-Aug-20 12:00 Kolkata 3-Aug-20 19:40 GOAIR
93 West Bengal G8 7454 Kuwait 4-Aug-20 12:00 Kolkata 4-Aug-20 19:40 GOAIR
94 West Bengal G8 7456 Kuwait 5-Aug-20 12:00 Kolkata 5-Aug-20 19:40 GOAIR
95 Telangana G8 7459 Kuwait 6-Aug-20 10:40 Hyderabad 6-Aug-20 18:20 GOAIR
96 Goa G8 7463 Kuwait 8-Aug-20 10:25 Goa 8-Aug-20 17:20 GOAIR
97 Maharashtra G8 7467 Kuwait 10-Aug-20 10:25 Mumbai 10-Aug-20 17:30 GOAIR
98 Tamil Nadu G8 7468 Kuwait 11-Aug-20 11:15 Chennai 11-Aug-20 19:00 GOAIR
99 Tamil Nadu G8 7470 Kuwait 12-Aug-20 11:15 Chennai 12-Aug-20 19:00 GOAIR
100 Tamil Nadu G8 7471 Kuwait 13-Aug-20 11:15 Chennai 13-Aug-20 19:00 GOAIR
101 Tamil Nadu G8 7472 Kuwait 14-Aug-20 11:15 Chennai 14-Aug-20 19:00 GOAIR


TikTok goes completely offline in India



TikTok has now completely stopped working in India. After the Indian government imposed a ban on TikTok last night, the app was delisted from Google Play and App Store both soon after. However, it continued to work for those who had it already installed on their phone. Now, the TikTok app has completely stopped working on all devices, including the desktop website, and a user notice is displayed inside the app to inform users about the ban. Alongside, TikTok, 58 other Chinese apps have also been banned in the country.

The TikTok app now shows a network error alongside a notice that reads, “Dear users, we are in the process of complying with the Government of India's directive to block 59 apps. Ensuring the privacy and security of all our users in India remains our utmost priority.” The app now does not load new recommended videos, and instead shows a network error. The block seems to be done proactively by the company, to comply with the government directives, as a very similar notice on the Tiktok website has been signed off as TikTok India Team. The same notification was also sent to app users as a push notification.

The website has a message informing users of the ban, and notes that the developers are ‘working with the government to better understand the issue and explore a course of action.' At the time of writing, both the app and the website were completely down.

Apart from TikTok, the Indian government has also banned other Chinese apps including ShareIt, UC Browser, Shein, Club Factory, Clash of Kings, Helo, Mi Community, CamScanner, ES File Explorer, VMate, and more. The government claims that these apps are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state, and public order.


Charter flight to Hyderabad carried 322 passengers



Charter flight to Hyderabad carried 322 stranded Indians from Kuwait yesterday. The Kuwait Airways flight KU 1689 left Kuwait International Airport at 12:40 in the afternoon with people from Telangana state. The flight was organised by Al Tayer group together with Luxury travels. Majority of passengers are stranded Indian who lost their job due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

For any emergency contact for Al Tayer group's Mumbai and Delhi, flights can reach Bobby 99696764 and Murtaza 68882000    -IIK



Groom dies 2 days after wedding, 111 test Covid +ve in Bihar



A wedding in Bihar has turned into a tragic virus spreader with the bridegroom dead and more than 100 guests positive for COVID-19. Samples from the groom, who died a day after the June 15 wedding, could not be tested. 

Over 350 guests attended the wedding of a man from Paliganj in state capital Patna. The groom, an engineer based in Gurgaon, drove down for his big day. He was reportedly unwell and his condition deteriorated during the wedding. He was treated at a Patna hospital for diarrhoea - a COVID-19 symptom - but his family reportedly forced him to take medicines and go ahead with the rituals.

The case was brought to the administration's notice when an anonymous call was made to Patna's District Magistrate Sri Kumar Ravi. No COVID-19 test could be conducted after the groom died as the family had already performed the last rites.

Subsequently some of his relatives developed symptoms associated with the novel coronavirus. Their samples returned positive for the virus.

When the number of infected reached 15, a special camp was organised between June 24 and 26 to test, identify and isolate more potential cases from the nearly 400 people who attended either the wedding or the groom's funeral. Of these, 86 samples returned positive; all of them have now been isolated.

The district magistrate has ordered an investigation into more than 50 people attending the wedding in violation of virus restrictions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called on Indians to strictly follow precautions against COVID-19, including face masks and social distance.

The government's directives, applicable to all regions of the country, state that weddings cannot have more than 50 guests. Those for funerals are restricted to 20.

Bihar has 9,744 confirmed COVID-19 cases so far, with 62 deaths linked to the virus. The number of people to have recovered so far is 7,544. However, per million testing in the state remains among the lowest in the country. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has set his government a target of 15,000 tests per day.