Frontliners Books and Functions


 Indian Frontliners Books and Functions


FRONTLINERS Kuwait a non-profit social organization registered with Embassy of India, Kuwait has been in existence since 1997. It helps needy and less privileged people and participates in various voluntary works.

In the past 17 years of our existance inKuwait, many prominent personalities has presided over our Frontliners Functions as "Guest of honor", such as Mr. P Chidhambaram, Mr. T N Seshan, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, Mr. Arun Shourie, Mr. Shatrughan Sinha, Mrs. Kiran bedi …...etc. We are proud to state that fund mobilisedduring these functions has been donated 1 crore 30 lakhs  rupees  for various calamities funds, education for the poor, orphanage, Hospitals, NGO in our homeland as well as helping the disturbed and helpless workers in Kuwait.

The need to highlight the successes of Indians, to enumerate their efforts, the pitfalls and challenges met by them, their untiring effort to beat all odds and succeed, to encourage the upcoming generation … these and to help the needy people with the proceeds, prompted  to start the FRONTLINERS  book. We are proud to say that so far, 17 volumes of Frontliners have been released.


Frontliners  books  were released by-


Part-1               Mr.P.Chidambaram                                                                 ---           05-11-1998

Part-2               Sri. T.N.Seshan                                                                           ---           12-12-1998

Part-3               Actor Sarath Kumar                                                                   ---           21-07-1999

Part-4               Padmashree  K. Balachandar                                                    ---          30-03-2000

Part-5               Director Mr. Vishu                                                                       ---          08-02-2001

Part-6               Sri. Thirunaukarasar                                                                    ---          21-02-2002

Part-7               Mrs.Menaka Gandhi                                                                      ---         11-09-2003

Part-8               Director Bharathiraja                                                                      ---         29-04-2004

Part-9               Actor Vikram                                                                                       ---         10-02-2005

Part-10             Music Director M.S. Viswanathan                                                  ---         27-04-2006

Part-11             India Tourism - Mr. Arun shourie MP.and Karti Chidambaram.     ---    04-05-2007

Part- 12            Mr. Shatrughan Sinha ( Former  central minister)                               ---    11-04-2008

Part-13             Kiranbedi IPS                                                                                               ---    10-04-2009

Part-14             Mr.Joginder Singh IPS (former CBI Director) & Ramesh Prabha         ---    30-04-2010

Part - 15           Mr.D.R.Karthikeyan IPS (Former CBI Director )                                     ---    27.05.2011

Part; 16         Mr.Gopalsamy (former chief election commissioner)& Mr.V.Ponraj       - -04-05-12


Part:17  Justice Dr.A.R.Lakshmanan & Drseetharaman –CEO Doha bank  -03-05-2013