Unlock your child’s learning potential

Ask yourself “What are cognitive skills?” and “Why are they now the main focus of the scientific community worldwide?” The answer is simple and one which affects your own household.

Over the past number of decades, scientists have tried to understand the brain and its performance. Why? Every day we are bombarded with information: TV, computers, cellphones, education and much more! So what do we do with that information? We have to process it, store it and respond to it. So, can the brain that you have perform and function better? The answer is a definite YES! How? Consider something you are good at. Did it come easy? Most likely not. You had to work hard at it, and with constant consistent repetition it became easier. The brain is no different. Clinical psychologists have now found a way to improve the brain’s ability to learn, to think, to process and to increase memory. It’s called GENIUSBRAIN and it’s here in Kuwait.

In 1975 two brothers, KeithGibson, a clinical psychologist and Ken Gibson a visual specialist asked a simple question: “How can we make learning easier and faster?” For 25 years the brothers with the assistance of professionals in the fields of neuropsychology, clinical and cognitive psychology, occupational therapy, special education and learning disabilities reviewed the existing research on brain and memory function and learning theory and created and developed the program that is now delivered at GeniusBrain called BrainRx, which after its launch in 2000 became the leading cognitive training program in the United States. The BrainRx program is now run throughout 84 centers in the US and in over 38 international centers.

Brain training is a simple but powerful way to enhance our core ability to learn faster, easier, and better. The brain processes information, input from our five senses through a complex network of neurological pathways. These information pathways are constantly transferring and processing via a host of over 100 billion neurons ultimately controlled by the seven key underlying cognitive skills. These cognitive skills or cognitive abilities, short and long term memory, processing speed, attention, sensory processing, and reasoning can have increased performance with proper training. This increases immediate and future brain function, and produces more accurate recall, quicker processing, and easier learning across a wide range of learning challenges. The model below illustrates how learning takes place. Brain training strengthens each of the “wheels” (cognitive skills) that makes the learning process run more smoothly and efficiently and increase learning potential.

The Learning Model
The key is being able to accurately identify and exercise the correct brain mechanism. Brain training unlocks the brains potential for improved cognitive functioning by engaging a student in specially designed exercises to promote rapid strengthening and growth of these information or neurological pathways. If required skills are weak, learning (that is based on that particular skill) will be hindered. The power of brain training is found in its ability to identify, target, and then strengthen individual cognitive skills.

Here’s how it works. The GeniusBrain Program is split into two parts. The first is the screening or testing of the essential cognitive skills performance on a specific range of information for any individual over the age of six. The resulting report outlines current cognitive abilities and allows the team at GeniusBrain to tailor an individual 72hour brain exercise program delivered over a nine-week schedule that enhances, defines and strengthens these underlying cognitive skills. Personal one on one certified brain-trainers deliver individual brain training exercises that build specific skill strengths, resulting in faster, easier learning. The beauty of this program is that it is measured. A final screening test outlines the positive changes made throughout the course of the program which is essential for a new and positive process for improved learning for life.

Geniusbrain is located in Discovery Mall situated in downtown Kuwait City. Why this location? The owners of GeniusBrain wanted a center for education and improvement of children’s life skills and Discovery Mall was the ideal place. Future developments from the Management of GeniusBrain at the Discovery Center will see that the future for children in Kuwait is more than a shopping trip and the latest restaurant. It’s about enriching one’s life for learning.
*** Alan Wilkie is Center Manager GeniusBrain.