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Nandavanam Family Association Tamil Teaching classes in Kuwait

Nandavanam Family Association

Tamil Teaching classes in Kuwait

nanParents always feel that their children must know their mother Tongue to read and write. In reality it is difficult for them to teach the mother tongue systematically for the kids due to various reasons. Indian Schools in Kuwait teaches only English, Hindi & Arabic. Tamil speaking community in Kuwait are always hunting for Tamil tutors to teach Tamil for their children.

In view of this Nandavanam Family Association – Kuwait has started the Tamil teaching classes to the Children in Mangaf, Abbasiya&Salmiya Areas last year and doing this as a service to the community.  Nandavanam is committed to teaching Tamil language and culture in a supportive, safe and caring environment.  Students feel happy coming to the classes and they are engaged, they enjoy learning, and as a result, they develop positive social skills for the rest of their lives.

Teachers are volunteers have a genuine passion and love for teaching our Tamil language and culture to our children. One hour of Tamil learning during the weekend is very productive for the children.

Nandavanam Tamil Class provides a caring environment that encourages all children to value and respect themselves and others. It is a great opportunity for the Children belongs to Tamil community to learn their mother tongue especially in Kuwait.

We must really appreciate the patience and dedication of the teaching staff in imparting the Tamil knowledge to the children who is unable to read/write Tamil properly.

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