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High quality legal services at an affordable rate in Kuwait

Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law firm provides high quality legal services at an affordable rate for potential companies and maintains a good clientele with established companies. Mr. Dhaidan Al Ajmi has years of experience in Constitutional and Appellate Courts and in private practice. The Legal firm is very competent for providing companies a permanent legal base for their complete operations.
The law firm’s competitive edge is the customer service experience and good natured approach to all clients that is evident and highly appreciated.


    Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm is established by Kuwait Lawyer Mr. Dhaidan Al Ajmi who is the Lawyer before Appeal and other Constitutional Courts. According to accelerated sustainable development in Kuwait Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm meant to compose its team work of the most experienced and well learned International Lawyers with educated skilled employees. In order to provide Unique and high quality Legal Services Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm depends on open mentality of Law. In response of Globalization and its social and economic aspects Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law firm adopt the methodology of multi-national Law experts. Then it employed specialized consultants in different fields of Law. The Law Firm has both Local and International division.

    Dhaidan Al Ajmi established this firm meant to have significant impact on Law, economic and social development of the country. Our Law Firm provides professional consultancies in Damages, Civil Law, Family Law, Copyrights, Intellectual Property Laws, Real Estate, Establishing, Merger, Liquidation and Dissolution of companies, as well as Arbitration in different types of disputes which may emerge in courses of contract Implementation with more focus on Investment Arbitration.

    Kuwait as one of the most developed Gulf Country which provides foreign investors with the chances to an easy access to the Gulf Market area hence it becomes a fast growing market with a large number of investments. No doubt this mass investment contracts leads to a huge number of Investment disputes.

    Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm follows most tangible manner for litigation and recovering debts through its well learned experienced Legal Consultants who pursue the case from Initial Amicable step to Litigation proceedings with the aim of speedy Justice to the clients. The firm providing legal assistance to Banking as well as other Investment companies with Counsels specialized in Banking Law. Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm is the Law Firm in the Middle East offering complete range of End -to -End Legal Services and solutions in all commercial and financial matters.
 Our Law firm provides Legal Assistance to Companies, Individuals and Residents of Kuwait and GCC Countries. Our mission is to promote Justice by providing High quality and holistic legal advocacy according to the needs and wants of the clients .


With experience and well-honed expertise in all those fields of the law most pertinent to you, Our Legal Counsel firm stands ready to protect you and help you overcome legal battles of all kinds.


o    Civil Law                                                               
o    Criminal Law                                                      
o    Cyber Law                                                            
o    Contract Law                                                       
o    Commercial Law                                                 
o    Electronics Crime                                                
o    Intellectual Property Law                                
o    Patent Law                                                             
o    Trade Mark Issues                                             
o    Copy right Act                                                        
o    Administrative Issues
o    Maritime Law & Marine  
o    Rent & Real Estate Law
o    Transfer of property Law
o    Taxation Law
o    Labor Law
o    Urgent Issues
o    Family Law               
o    Press Offences
Besides all these we are offering excellent legal services on the following matters:

Incorporate Your Company

Protect Your Business Ideas & Assets

Enter Into or Dissolve a Partnership

Notary services

Investment and Anti money laundering law and Negotiable Instrument Issues

Contract Management in Oil and Gas field and EPC projects

Arbitration & Mediation services

 Securities fraud Issues

All types of Legal Documentation Services


Mr.Dhaidan Al Ajmi Attorney at Hon’ble Constitutional /Appellate
Court of Kuwait Head of the Law Firm

Mr. Yousuff  Lawyer from Egypt legal counsel at International Department
Mr.Ahammad Alanz Lawyer at Local Legal Department
Mr. Mohammad Barkat Lawyer from Egypt in the International  Department
Anjana. M. Lawyer from India at International Department
Smitha Manojkumar Lawyer from India at International Department (Specialist in Administrative Law)
Pursuer issues Abdulaziz Aldhafri
Pursuer issues:   Saad Algrdi                                                
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Website:         www.dhaidanlaw.com