The Indian Business & Professional Council (IBPC), Kuwait

Honors Mr. Hamad Abdulla S. Al-Ateeqi, Chairman

 of Kuwait India International Exchange

indianAt the 13th anniversary function of the Indian Business & Professional Council (IBPC), Kuwait, held at The Regency Hotel, Rumaithiya, Kuwait on Thursday, May 19, 2016, Mr. Hamad Abdulla S. Al-Ateeqi,  Chairman of Kuwait India International Exchange Company, was bestowed a singular honor.

IBPC, a non-profit, non-commercial Association of Indian Businessmen and Professionals residing in Kuwait, aims to develop and promote Business, Commercial and Cultural relations between the peoples of Kuwait and India. IBPC has identified Mr. Hamad A.S. Al Ateeqi as an individual for his dedicated service to enhance this cause. Stating that Mr. Ateeqi has made the society proud, IBPC as an acknowledgment of the Mr. Ateeqi’s outstanding services, decided to honor him.

The honor was in recognition of the yeoman services rendered, over the decades, to promote and strengthen ties between Kuwait and India, among others, through his Group’s flagship company: Kuwait India International Exchange Co. (est. 1978) and The Carmel Higher Secondary School, managed by the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel (under sponsorship since 1977).


A brief write-up on Mr. Hamad A.S.Al Ateeqi and his Group of Companies can be found at this link:

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