Global Indian International Schools UAE And Heartfulness MENA Host Special On Demand Session – COVID: Friend Or Foe?

Global Indian International Schools UAE And Heartfulness MENA Host Special On Demand Session – COVID: Friend Or Foe?

WhatsApp Image 2021 07 28 at 3.40.26 PMAn going 7-week summer camp, ‘Confluence Heart-Mind Connect Summer Camp’ will be launching the first of its two “exclusive” ON DEMAND sessions on Saturday, 31 July. The program hosted by Heartfulness MENA and GIIS UAE brings together 3 experts in education and child psychology with children aged 6-12 years as they interact with each other on how their lives have changed in the last 15 months, “COVID-19 : Friend and Foe.”

Dr. Alka Kalra, leading international psychologist & professional counsellor, Showkat Ahmad Ganaie, Head of Inclusion-cum-Rehabilitation & Well-being and a child psychologist, and Antony Koshy, Principal at GIIS Dubai will come together for a live session on Zoom to discuss the many positive and negative outcomes for children that the pandemic has brought with it.

For children everywhere, their homes, the four walls have become their world; every other form of life as they knew it, they are experiencing through their devices. Negativity, anxiety, frustration, loneliness, all a recipe for mental health issues, have taken a foothold in their lives. Continuing lockdowns or some level of restrictions on movement and social distancing practices have ensured minimum human contact. Simple communication is lacking. Development and growth of social and emotional skills for children have gone for a toss. These scenarios have become the biggest gap in their search for some level of the ‘old’ normalcy in their lives. 

On the other side of the coin, they are learning life skills at home that are vital, but often got ignored in what used to be their busy school and after-school activity schedules. They are spending more time with family members and getting in touch with their roots. They have adopted personal hygiene practices to keep themselves squeaky clean that they otherwise wouldn’t have cared for or bothered about.

This live ON DEMAND session will explore the complications of life today for children at the physical, mental, social & emotional level – living under the same roof as Covid-19, as seen through their eyes and experienced by them. It will also be an opportunity for parents to  understand better what is going on in their children’s minds.

This is a great opportunity for children and parents from different countries to come together and allow their hearts and minds to meet and let the learning, as also some necessary unlearning to happen. Heartfulness MENA and GIIS UAE aim to enable children to grow up into balanced, confident, kind, compassionate, empowered individuals; young adults with a strong sense of purpose and equipped with the necessary skills to manage themselves, their careers, their connections.  This invaluable session will be transmitted live on Saturday, 31st July 2021 17:00-18:15 Hrs (GST). Children can register on  Interested parents can join the program on FB live :