Frontliners team meets H.E. Satish C.Mehta - New Ambassador to Kuwait

Writer N.C.Mohandoss the Founder, secratry -K.Mathi and Jayabalan met the new Indian Ambassador to welcome him and to convey the hearty greetings and best wishes of FRONTLINERS and the Indian Community in Kuwait. H.E. appreciated the social and workers welfare activities being undertaken by the FRONTLINERS team.

Patriotism, service-attitude and kindness seems to have been traits inherited by H.E. Mehta. He feels that every Indian can do something for the betterment of their nation and Kuwait.

H.E.Mr.Satish C Mehta assures with all humbleness and sincerity “ I feel that I have been given this position so that I could approach people's problem with necessary compassion and to redress it in the shortest possible time. I am here to serve, in every sense, our community”.

We can consider ourselves as truly fortunate to have him as our Ambassador.