Indian Frontliners (IFL) 21st MAY book release Fn a grand success.

Indian Frontliners (IFL) Annual Function - Book Release and National Integration Cultural Show held on 21st May 2015 at SIMS, Salmiya
Indian Frontliners celebrated its Annual function on May 21, 2015 evening at SIMS Hall - Salmiya, Kuwait. An enthusiastic crowd attended the function and enjoyed the show.
The function started with the traditional lighting of kuthuvilakku followed by the National Integration cultural feast with variety of dance programs by young children covering dances with welcome, semi classical, various language mix, sequences, medley, theme song, cinematic etc., and many more adding traditional flavor to the show. These were presented by Indian Central School team, Mrs. Rathi Vijayan Dance School, Nandanam School of dance, Style dance institute and Rock N Roll dance troupe of Kuwait.
The formal function commenced by inviting the Chief Guest Mr. K. Bhagyaraj and Guest of Honor Mrs. Poornima Bhagyaraj on to the dais along with honourable Kuwaitis Mr.-Hamza Habib Marafie, Chairman, M8 General trading & contracting co. and Mr. Nasar Abdullah  Khalifa Sarthy, TVS Travel & Cargo services dignitaries.
IFL President Mr. Singaravelu presented the welcome address with brief about the Indian Frontliners Services rendered to the community.
Mrs. Shantha Mariam James, Ex-President introduced the Chief Guest Evergreen Film director, actor, writer and producerMr. K. Bhagyaraj to the audience followed by the felicitation to him by honoring with traditional long flower garland and memento.
Mrs. Ananthi Natarajan introduced the Guest of Honor Mrs. Poornima Bhagyaraj followed by the felicitation.
Chief Guest Mr. K. Bhagyaraj released the “Indian Achievers Globally” Part 19 book and Mrs. Poornima Bhagyaraj released the Indian Frontliners Souvenir for the year 2015. Copies of the book and souvenir were received by the sponsors and other eminent supporters.
Special Address was delivered by the Guest of honor Mrs. Poornima Bhagyaraj, which attracted the crowd with overwhelming and excited response.
Mementoes were distributed to the sponsors as a token of acknowledgement, love and honor for their all time support.
Special Mementos were honored to the "community service personnel” Mr. Hyder Ali, TVS Travels Cargo Services Co & Mr. Indra Kumar Raju, Burugan Express Co. in recognisation of the services rendered by them to the community.
Then IFLteam conducted an “on the spot” live musical “Kalakalam vaanga show” with various hit song sequence from the films of K. Bhagyaraj and Poornima Bhagyaraj. Music of the song was played and the lyrics were sung extemporarily by the volunteered persons from the audience. All the volunteered persons proved themselves as the talented singers and the chief guests commented that they really felt as if they were in Kodambakam, Chennai area.  
Chief Guest Mr. K. Bhagyaraj addressed the gathering with all his 40 years of Film Industry experience.
Later a special book titled “Shakthi Kavasam” written by Mrs. Chitra Arumugam was released by the Chief Guest. Certificates and gifts were distributed to all the children and choreographers of the cultural show. A raffle draw was conducted on the stage and on the spot prizes were distributed to the winners by the Chief Guest.
Mr. Hameed Rafeek, Mrs. Priya Ambalavanan, Mrs. Vijaya Priya Ramanan, Mr. Shahul, Mrs. Saleeka Shahul & Mrs. Maria compeered the show professionally.
Vote of thanks was proposed by the Founder of IFL – writer Mr. N.C Mohandoss and the program was concluded with a question and answer session with the Chief Guest.
Kudos to Indian Frontliners team…for their community services!

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