Robot joins Jahra Hospital to help improve services – First in Kuwait history

Robot joins Jahra Hospital to help improve services – First in Kuwait history
KUWAIT: The latest member to join staff at Jahra Hospital is, in the first such development in Kuwait, actually a robot. The new addition is to join ‘scrubs’ at the pediatrics department at the hospital, department director Fahad Al-Enizi said. “The robot would help improve daily operations and monitoring at the department, and would enable diagnosis of many conditions for which there are no specialist departments and doctors at the facility,” he said. “Heads of departments can use it to better direct doctors on duty at odd-hours, monitor staff hours, and get a connection to many health facilities around the world as part of the continuous learning and training policy. “If a patient suffers from a digestive tract ailment, for example, and even with absence of specialists in that area in our hospital, the case is put to the robot, which in turn forwards it to specialists elsewhere for counsel.
“In some cases, it enables us to forward sonar imaging data to specialists abroad to determine whether a patient needs medication outside Kuwait, which would cut down cost from present levels. Huge sums are presently involved in the taking of tests and seeking accurate diagnosis and assessment once the patient is already abroad, with the state footing the bill,” he compared.
The doctor said the robot would be on a trial period at his department, and an official request for purchase would only be made and presented to the Ministry of Health after feasibility and reliability are verified by the hospital. Jahra Hospital had been the scene for another unique development last month. A new system is now receiving children with chronic conditions who are admitted to hospital often, and the child is directly put in a smart hospital room with special equipment without the need for the red-tape and routine route of going to the ER first.
The rooms were prepared entirely through the donation of the doctors of the department.