500 complaints against police in 2012

500 complaints against police in 2012
KUWAIT: Around 500 complaints were filed against police officers last year, a rise of 20 percent compared to 2011, according to a newspaper report published yesterday quoting sources with knowledge of the official statistics. Meanwhile, the sources who spoke to Al-Qabas on the condition of anonymity said that disciplinary measures were taken against at least 65 officers after they were found guilty during investigations.
Fifteen of these officers spent time in jail for abusing power, said the sources who also noted that the majority of complaints were made against traffic police officers and detectives.
While indicating that some cases are still awaiting further investigations, the sources pointed out that a number of complaints were dismissed due to lack of evidence. In the meantime, the sources revealed that at least 1250 Ministry of Interior employees, including police officers and desk job staff members, were reported absent from work in 2012. Of these, 50 had reportedly ‘fled’ their offices after initially checking in, the source added.
Meanwhile, the sources said that the Control and Inspection Department plans to carry out inspection tours at migration and traffic departments around Kuwait to inspect the process of work.
This was being mulled after complaints about employees leaving their offices around 1:00 pm everyday, which is one and a half hours before the official working day comes to a close. The sources noted that the department conducted more than 3,500 similar checks last year.
- Kuwait Times