New post office system implemented
The director of mail traffic at the post office sector of Communications Ministry, Khalid Al-Qabas, said the ministry has begun implementing the new post office system (IPS) which would help track the posts and ensure faster mail flow. He said the ministry applied this system at the sorting and parcels department at Kuwait Airport under the supervision of an international expert who also trained several employees.

According to Kuwait Times daily, the ministry was waiting for a response from the company supervising the study of privatization of the postal sector during next April. Khalid Al-Qabas said the shift towards privatization would be gradual and would continue under the government’s supervision till it was fully privatized.

Al-Qabas said Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorate would be the first one to implement the IPS system as it has smaller post offices. The various pros and cons of the new system would be studied before implementing it across the country.