Mobile Collector’ launched by MEW to help elderly, disabled

Mobile Collector’ launched by MEW to help elderly, disabled
KUWAIT: The Ministry of Electricity and Water yesterday launched its ‘Mobile Collector’ service meant to facilitate the elderly and disabled people in paying their electricity and water bills. People can call at telephone number 152 to avail of the service. “A collector from the Ministry will go to the house of the debtor belonging to this category to collect the bill after receiving a call on the Ministry’s line on 152.
The collector will give the debtor a receipt generated by the mobile paying machine in lieu of the payment,” Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim, the Minister of Electricity and Water, said launching the facility yesterday. The service comes courtesy the Consumers Affairs Department at the Ministry for the citizens and expatriates. “This service provides a simple way to pay as apart from virtually opening all offices to the consumers irrespective of the areas as they can pay through the internet. The service is in addition to other services,” he added.
According to him, the Ministry is following the instructions of His Highness the Amir in providing the service to all consumers. “The owners of farms and stables should pay their bills as soon as possible, as the Ministry will start, beginning next week, to collect the debts of this category of consumers and to continue debt collection from all consumers,” said Ibrahim. “The Ministry is keen to always provide its services to everyone and also to enable them to pay their bills in the easiest way possible. I would like to remind the consumers to rationally consume the electricity and water, especially since the current networks are in the process for regular maintenance in view of the upcoming summer. The rational use of these two services will ensure proper maintenance work,” he further said.
The government is subsidizing the electricity to the tune of 95 percent of its real cost. “The difference between the real cost of the electricity and water and what is paid by the consumers is borne by the government,” he pointed out. Since the beginning of the debt collection campaign, the Ministry succeeded in collecting KD 148 million out of KD 303 millions. “This campaign started from major consumers such as the companies, hotels, schools, clubs, private institutions, unions, NGOs, ministries and other consumers. A total of KD 1,200000 was collected from the officers in leading positions who were late in paying their bills. This campaign will continue in collecting the debts from the consumers according to law no. 48/2005.
Also, I have to mention that the Ministry does not cut the electricity supply of the consumer unless he is too late in paying and accumulated huge debts that may reach tens of thousands of KD, as there are some consumers who have not paid for more than ten years,” explained Ibrahim. Regarding the delay on the part of the Ministry in delivering the bills to some consumers, he said that the Ministry is keen on delivering these to the consumers as soon as possible. “The previous contract regarding this had expired and a new contract will be signed soon with other companies,” he noted. Ibrahim also called upon the consumers who are paying their bills whether through the internet or the consumers affairs offices to provide the Ministry with their data, telephone numbers and emails so that they can be contacted regarding their bills via email or SMS.
Source: Kuwait Times