Wonderful Interactive Session on parenting ....To Understand Our Child Better

AOL workshop On Parenting:
Dear All,
Warm Greetings!
Do you reel around these questions in your mind?
- Why is my son/daughter not listening to me?
- Why is she jumping around and breaking things?
- Not eating at all properly?
- They are always in front of the TV!
 Know Your Child is a two hour interactive seminar from the Art of Living which helps parents deal with several such issues by finding the root cause behind them.
= It gives them an insight into how children think and thus a better understanding of their behaviour.
= It points out small things that adults tend to overlook that may have a deep impact on children.
Several hundred such workshops have been conducted benefitting many thousands of parents making their relationships with their children much more harmonious.
Every parent intention is to bring up child in better way , but way we convey sometimes  builds gap this workshop will help you to bridge the gap.
We are arranging for a workshop in Kuwait on this 27th January 2013 at 7:00 to 9:00 pm.
Please find attached the workshop details! Call the contact numbers (area-wise) to register yourself.
With Love
AOL  Volunteers