Family alleges ragging as city boy ends life in Germany

Family alleges ragging as city boy ends life in Germany
altYoung Likhit Shashidhara left for Germany four months ago to get a postgraduate engineering degree but what his shattered parents got was his body in a coffin on a Thai Airways flight early on Friday.
The parents were told that their 24-year-old son had committed suicide in his rented house on January 8 with the cable of a cellphone charger.
Likhit, who was studying mechatronics in Kreuztal town near Siegen city in Germany, was the son of S.V. Shashidhara, a land dealer, and Siddalingamma, a librarian in a private college here. The couple lives in Hanumagiri Extension in Chikkalasandra here.
Suresh, his cousin, said the parents were told of the tragedy on January 9. Subsequently they were in touch with the German police who finally told them the body was sent to Bengaluru International Airport on January 10.
“The body arrived at the airport around 11.50 p.m.,” said Mr. Suresh.
Likhit’s family argue the Seigen University student could have been pushed to take the extreme step due to ragging. He had often complained to his parents that he was being harassed by his seniors.
His heartbroken father, Mr. Shashidhara, said: “We asked him to return to India if he is not able to study. He had said he would return soon.”
An aunt said she got eight mails saying a group of boys were tormenting him and the family decided to bring him back here even at the risk of his quitting studies midway.
Meanwhile, Subramanyapura police inspector Bale Gowda said they had not received any complaint from the family. “If there is, we will get in touch with the German police and extend necessary help.”
Tara, a family friend, said Likhit was sharing his accommodation with two friends — a Bangalorean from Yelahanka and another from Mysore. He had funded his German education through a bank loan.
Likhit, a B.E. in mechanical engineering, worked for two years before deciding to pursue a postgraduate degree. He is survived by a sister, also an engineering student here.