Municipality campaign to ensure food quality

Municipality campaign to ensure food quality
KUWAIT: Launching a major campaign to ensure that only good quality food stuff is sold to consumers, the Kuwait Municipality today expanded its campaign to record samples of food from factories and food stores in areas from where food stuff is mainly distributed to central markets and food outlets. The campaign began at Mubarak Al Kabeer governorate to ensure that sellers abide by municipality regulations and only goods fit for human consumption are sold.
Sources at the Municipality said the drive will cover the key areas of Al Rai, Al Shuwaikh and Al Ardiya industrial area. The campaign which started at 9 am and lasted until noon was led by food supervisor Daidhan Al Adwani in cooperation with the public relations department of the Municipality.
Random samples were recorded for meat, pastries, juice and water. All the samples were securely kept in an ice box and were sent to the health laboratories for tests. Al Adwani said in a press release that the results will be available in less than a week, and based on these, necessary steps will be taken. He added that surprise and random sampling will be done periodically to ensure that products meet the specifications set by Kuwaiti authorities. Earlier samples were found acceptable and some observations were taken into consideration by factories and store owners.
Al Adwani said that a total of 1055 samples were sent to laboratories in the month of December while field campaigns resulted in 67 citations for working either without obtaining health certificates or possessing expired certificates. He underlined the importance of keeping valid health papers while dealing in food materials.
Source: Kuwait Times