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Lawmaker wants priority for Kuwaitis at clinics, hospitals

Lawmaker wants priority for Kuwaitis at clinics, hospitals
KUWAIT: In a surprising proposal, independent MP Nawaf Al-Fuzai yesterday submitted a proposal calling on the health ministry to give the priority to Kuwaiti patients to see doctors at public clinics and hospitals ahead of expatriates except for emergency cases. Fuzai, a lawyer by profession, said he made the proposal because Kuwaiti patients normally wait for a long time before they are examined by public doctors to the extent that sometimes they arrive at medical facilities very early in the morning and even before employees come to work in order to be able to see doctors quickly.
The lawmaker said that expatriates in emergency conditions should be exempted from the proposal. Medical services are totally free of charge for Kuwaitis but expatriates are obliged to pay an annual health insurance fee of KD 50 per person regardless of age and on top of that pay for many other services like x-rays and other radiology services, hospital stays and others.
Source: Kuwait Times
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