Bank ‘warning’ on e-mail fraud

Bank ‘warning’ on e-mail fraud
KUWAIT CITY, Jan 14: A bogus email notice fraudulently credited to Ahli United Bank is floating around informing customers that the bank has installed a new security verification system for 2013.

“Your account is disabled for verification,” the email states, requesting customers to activate their account by clicking on a link provided in the mail,

Bank denied sending out such a mail and warned customers never to reply to the mail.

This is the latest in a series of phishing scams where the email sender employs various ruses to extract bank account details from unsuspecting victims to misappropriate funds.

IT experts say the fraudsters operate from distant places, imitating websites of bona fide companies to convince naÔve customers.

Once they enter the bogus site, the customers will be asked to divulge their account details under a variety of pretexts. The facility to send millions of emails for free encourages these fraudsters as even a single positive response makes the venture worthwhile.
Source: Arabtimes