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Sewage water makes life miserable for Jleeb dwellers

Sewage water makes life miserable for Jleeb dwellers
KUWAIT: The residents living in the vicinity of Al-Mukhtar Street (No. 125), Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh woke up to a nasty and nauseating surprise on Monday morning with a long stretch of road and adjoining parking area submerged with foul smelling sewage water.

The stench was so overpowering that many resident could not get close to take out their parked cars to go to work. Many vehicles were retrieved from the filthy mess using towing cars. For the school-going children it was tough ordeal as many of them walk to their schools.

Abbassiya in general has been enduring the sewage related problems since many years even as municipality motors (which pump out the water from one drainage to other) provide temporary solution at some of the problem prone spots. However, a long term plan to tackle this potential health hazard is yet to come from the concerned authorities.
Source: Arabtimes
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