Expats registered under fake companies face deportation

Expats registered under fake companies face deportation
KUWAIT: The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor will soon deport expatriate workers registered under fake companies proven to have no actual business activity or permanent headquarters, says Assistant Undersecretary for Labor Affairs Jamal Al-Dosari.

Al-Dosari will launch a series of surprise inspection campaigns in all governorates to track down visa traders and those who have been manipulating files of laborers. He explained the ministry uses eight codes in dealing with companies which violate the law. He said the expatriates working for fake companies under code 71 will be deported and those under code 72 include companies proven to have violated the law and the rights of their employees, leading to the suspension of the processing of their transactions. He went on to say files of erring companies can be removed from these codes only if they take the necessary procedures, such as deporting expatriates found to be working for other sponsors.

According to Al-Dosari, workers of companies under code 73 are allowed to transfer their residence permit or cancel it to return to their home countries for good. He said those under code 74 include companies banned from hiring new workers for violating the regulations for the recruitment of employees from abroad.

He added companies under codes 32 and 34 are punished through the suspension of procedures for finalizing their transactions without the need to cancel the residence permits of their workers or deport them; while the workers of those under code 33 are allowed to transfer to another company or cancel their residence permits and leave the country and those under code 31 are punished through the suspension of all procedures, including the renewal and transfer of their workers’ residence permits.
Source: Arabtimes