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Interior owed KD48 million in traffic fines

Interior owed KD48 million in traffic fines
KUWAIT: Several state departments were targeted in a fresh criticism by the State Audit Bureau (SAB) which, as per recent reports published recently by a local newspaper, said violators owed the Interior Ministry a whopping KD48 million in traffic fines only. The report which was made available to Al-Qabas newspaper contained a subtle criticism of the ministry when it indicated that some of the uncollected fines pertain to violations that go back to the year 2000. In a stinging piece of criticism, the SAB accused the ministry of sending citizens on paid trips for treatment “despite (the cases) failing to meet the necessary conditions,” in addition to “wasting public funds” and “failure to execute planned projects.” The report mentioned examples such as “spending at least KD1.5 million on unnecessary food meals,” as well as “inaccuracy in assessing the cost for projects pertaining to security departments.”
Meanwhile, the SAB also accused the Kuwait Municipality of failing to take effective measures in order to collect its debts “which reached KD47 million,” as well as costing the public fund “KD9 million added to the actual cost for public cleaning tenders.” The report also showed that the parliament still owed the government KD25,000 “in fees that have not been collected in years,” while accusing the Capital Markets Authority of “violating its own law” and “failure to sort things out at the Kuwait Stock Exchange.”
Source: Kuwait Times
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