Learn a foreign language within days through these 9 online courses



People who know a foreign language have more scope of getting an international travel opportunity at work. For students aspiring to study in Europe, China, Germany etc knowing their native language is a requirement for many courses. Knowing a foreign language not only makes one more creative and intelligent but also more employable. Thanks to technology, several foreign language experts and teachers are available on a click, through online courses. Here are some handpicked courses for you –

Complete Russian Language course for Beginners A1: This course is created by Siaso Academy and offered by Udemy. It teaches Russian language from the very basics and gives one insight into Russian culture. It is taught in the form of video lectures and PDF files. The duration of is a few weeks long and students can self-pace the course. On completion of the course, the learner will also get 4.5 hours of downloadable video content, reading articles, and PDFs, hence you can learn this course in about a few weeks. Udemy claims that after learning this course you will speak Russian confidently. This a paid course at Rs 700 with a certificate of completion.

Basic Spanish 1 getting started: This course is from UPValenciaX institution and is available at edX. It is a seven-week long beginner level course in which students will study the basics of Spanish language. As per edX, after completing this course students will be able to introduce themselves in Spanish, frame common sentences, use common words, and can understand the language. It is a free of cost course with an optional paid certificate.

Learn Mandarin Chinese specialisation: It is offered by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and is available at Coursera. This is a six-months long programme in which there are four courses with different instructors. It starts from the beginner level with no prerequisites needed. After completing the courses in continuation one will learn level one of the language. It is a free of cost course with a certificate of completion awarded in the end.

Complete Spanish course: It is created by AbcEdu online and available at Udemy. It is a popular course in which teachers learn reading, writing, and speaking in Spanish language. It includes various tests to measure students’ performance levels. Als,o the course provides downloadable material after every lesson so that students can practice offline too. Students will get downloadable video lectures of 14.5 hours duration along with PDF files and quizzes. It is available at a fee of Rs 740. The course is self-paced and a certificate of completion will be provided on completion.

On-ramp to AP French language and culture: It is offered by WestonHS and presented by edX. This is a three-week-long, advance level course. Students will gain knowledge about French tenses and verbs which will brush up their pre gained knowledge of the subject. It focuses more on writing part of the language as it is created to help you with your future French classes. It is a non paid course with the option of acquiring a paid certificate.

Learn to speak Korean 1- This course is offered by Yonsei University and available at Coursera. It helps one learn communication skills in the Korean language. The course aims to make the learner able to interact in Korean. It also teaches you about Korean culture and familiarises you with the daily life activities of Koreans. It is a 22-hours-long course which can be finished at convenience. This is free of cost course. Certification will also be provided after completing the course. As it is a beginner level course no prior knowledge of the language is required.

German for you A1/A2- This course is created by Esther Hartwig and presented to you by Udemy. This course provides in-depth knowledge of the German language in which learners will study basics sentence formation, grammar, vocabulary etc, as per Udemy. Every lesson contains lots of examples from daily life and explanation is in the English language which makes learning easier also it is a self-paced course so one can learn according to his/her learning capacity. You can be interactive and ask questions if any doubt arises. No prerequisites are needed for this paid course. You can enroll now at Rs740. This course also provides a certificate of completion. The duration of this course is 17 hours of video lectures along with articles and reading material is also provided.

Japanese for beginner 1– Offered by Saint Petersburg State University and available at Coursera, this course is of beginner level which teaches basics of the language including pronunciation, grammar, simple sentences, writing hiragana letters, etc. It is a free course which provides a certificate on completion. The duration of the course is approximately 20 hours, also the course can be self-paced. After completion of beginner 1, students can opt for Japanese for beginner 2 courses as well.

There minute French– This course is create by Kieran Ball and is available at Udemy. It is a paid course which mainly focuses on how to speak French in real-life daily situations. It helps learners in pronunciations and gives one insiders’ point of view of French customs and culture. It helps learners form a strong base of French vocabulary and strengthens French communication skills. Students will get 4.5 hours of downloadable video lessons along with reading material and articles are provided. Students can enroll by paying a fee of Rs 740.