Strict measures against rumors and publishers of false news-23 social media accounts face legal action



The Attorney General, Advisor Dharar Al-Asousi, confirmed that the Public Prosecution took the utmost actions, decisions and no tolerance against anyone who publishes false news and rumors on websites or social media networks or through written, visual or audio media regarding the emerging Corona virus. The legal accountability will also extend to anyone who publishes data and false news about the measures taken by government agencies to confront this disease, as well as publishing or broadcasting everything that raises fear among people, panic and fear in society or weakens the state’s prestige or prejudice. 

Al-Asousi revealed that the Public Prosecution has received several communications from the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Information against some people and websites on this matter and that it will investigate them in accordance with the provisions of the law. The counselor Al-Asousi called on the media men, the owners of websites and accounts on social media to investigate the accuracy and take the information from its  official sources before publishing for fear of being subject to legal accountability.

Since coronavirus emerged in Kuwait, a total 23 accounts on social media have been taken to the Public Prosecution for posting misinformation and panicking people, said Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Jabri. Earlier on Monday, the Minister of Information had sent the admins of 14 websites to the public prosecution for breaking e-media law. Speaking to Kuwait TV tonight, Al-Jabri, who doubles as Minister of State for Youth Affairs, warned that his ministry would resolutely face these accounts for stirring public panic and tensions.