No shortage in agricultural supplies in Kuwait



 Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Mohammed Al-Jabri stressed that agricultural supplies are abundant and denied any shortages. Speaking to the press during a tour of Andalus vegetable market on Sunday, Jabri hailed the role played by the Kuwait Farmers Union in protecting national food security at all times, especially during the current circumstances.

He added that the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) had prepared a special study to support the animal husbandry and agricultural sector and that the study will be soon submitted to the Cabinet pending implementation.

Meanwhile, chairman of the farmers’ union Abdullah Al-Dammak stressed that the union stopped all auctions of agricultural products and prioritized direct sale to co-ops. “Interested co-ops can call and make their orders of fruits and vegetables and receive them at 9 pm the same day,” he underlined, pointing out that the union has stopped price manipulation and urged farmers to increase their produce.

Free meals
In collaboration with the Awqaf Secretariat General, Kuwait Food Bank announced providing meals free of charge to all state employees and the public undergoing COVID-19 tests at Kuwait International Fairgrounds in Mishref. Speaking during a visit he made to the site, the food bank’s manager Salem Al-Hamar hailed the efforts exerted by health and interior ministries, adding that the bank’s efforts come as part of its social responsibility activities and within the framework of national efforts to fight the coronavirus.

“The food bank volunteers are working side by side with health ministry staff at Misref international fairgrounds,” Hamar said, stressing that the bank will spare no efforts in fighting the spread of the virus and safeguarding both citizens and residents. Hamar called for combining all efforts, avoiding rumors, following instructions regarding staying at home, avoiding crowds, avoiding hoarding foodstuff and not taking the issue lightly.