After facemasks hysteria, hand sanitizers have become a new craze



After the facemask hysteria that spread in Kuwait following the announcement of the first coronavirus cases that led to all pharmacies running out of stock due to high demand, hand sanitizers have become a new craze. Awareness campaigns have encouraged people to take increased care of hygiene through systematically washing their hands or using sanitizers, which is easier when on the go. The campaigns also advise people regarding facemasks – that they should be mostly used by sick people or people in contact with sick people – focusing instead on keeping hands clean all the time.

So people got obsessed with cleaning hands and rushed to buy sanitizers, which led to the disappearance of these products from the local market. Inspectors of the ministry of commerce are inspecting various pharmacies to check for any increase in prices of goods, especially those related to the novel coronavirus, including facemasks and sanitizers. Many pharmacies have been shuttered for such violations. Some reopened after a few days, but their case is in court and they will be fined.-K.T.