Strict action on pharmacies selling medical supplies at prices higher than set by Commerce Ministry



Minister of Commerce and Industry Khaled Al-Roudhan issued a Ministerial Decision on Monday setting prices of medical face masks. The ministry said in a statement that the minister issued the decision on basis of a letter from the Ministry of Health, recommending that masks’ prices be set between 100 fils and KD 1.320. It warned violators of the set rates would be punished according to relevant laws.The ministry added in its statement that the department of commercial supervision and consumer protection had devised a plan to monitor prices of medical utensils at pharmacies and medical centers to ensure adherence to the standard criteria and regulations..

Special teams have been assigned to inspect prices of the medical products in the local market, it said, urging citizens and residents to call on the phone Hotline 135 to report about any irregularities in this respect.Ministry of Trade and Commerce represented by the Consumer Protection and Commercial Supervision sector closed 5 pharmacies in various governorates of Kuwait after it raised the prices of some medical supplies, taking advantage of the consumers’ after MOH annouce infected cases of corona virus epidemic in Kuwait.

Any pharmacy or point of sale for medical protective supplies that exploits in the name of corona virus and raise prices will be closed immediately and referred to the commercial prosecution.Pharmacies should adhere to prices, and not to take advantage of such conditions to make money at the expense of consumer needs.- KUNA