Glasses with headphones is the latest methods of cheating in exams



The train of scientific and technical progress does not stop, and human kind has mostly worked to benefit from this progress positively in the service of people and their livelihoods. But there are stations in the course of this train where passive users of modern technology stand, where their behaviors negatively affect society and lead to the spread of injustice and the absence of equal opportunities.

Perhaps this is exactly what applies to students who resort to the use of advanced methods for cheating in exams and leaking test questions. Despite the efforts made by the Ministry of Education to reduce the phenomenon of cheating, some students did not stop them all so they searched for multiple methods and one goal: "success through Cheating".In this context, educational sources revealed  that the latest findings of the students were to use a pair of cheating glasses sold in a store for 50 dinars, confirming that one of the students had glasses and had a headset in which he could call a friend and obtain the answer.The sources added that a record of cheating was recorded for the student and depriving him of the rest of the tests, pointing out that despite warnings and tightening in monitoring and the application of the cheat list, some students continue in this way.-AlAnba