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10 % increase in the number of cases of kidney failure in Kuwait



There has been a ten percent increase in the number of cases of kidney failure in Kuwait, the Minister of Health Dr Sheikh Basel Al-Sabah revealed.In a press statement released Tuesday, after opening Al Rawdah Dialysis Centre, Al-Sabah asserted that the ministry plans to expand the establishment of kidney dialysis centres.

According to the official news agency KUNA, Dr Sheikh Basel Al-Sabah clarified that Al-Rawdah is considered an addition to the existing four kidney dialysis centres in the country. Kuwait on Tuesday inaugurated the first primary healthcare clinic, which is restricted to the expatriate communities.The centre has 20 clinics covering family medicine, pediatrics, preventive services, health education, consultation, acute and chronic diseases, dental services, digital x-ray, ultrasound and laboratory and pharmaceutical services. (Middle East Monitor)-KUNA


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