Decline in the sale of e-stamps by 22 percent in two years



A report issued by the Audit Bureau shows there is a decline in the sale of e-stamps by 22 percent between Jan 1, 2017 and Dec 30, 2018, which opens the door for the concerned authorities to look for loopholes in the system to ensure there is no manipulation in the absence of supervision.The Bureau report pointed out the Ministry of Finance lacks the tools to discover manipulations in the system. The report affirmed that the final account of the state’s financial administration showed the proceeds of the sale of the revenue stamps over the last year was 5.3 million dinars, although the before the application of e-stamps the revenue was more than 80 million dinars.The report made a number of observations including negligence of government institutions and Ministry of Health and Foreign Affairs continuing to use paper stamps and add to this the laziness of some employees.-A.T.