Deportees should be taken finger prints and deported only through deportation center



In a move to prevent deportees from re-entering Kuwait, the Ministry of Interior issued strict instruction at end of last week stipulating to refer deportees to deportation center and should take finger prints before deporting them back to their country from where they came.The decision has several objectives, the most important of which is the electronic fingerprinting of the deportees to ensure that they do not enter the country again, pointing out that the electronic fingerprint is available in deportation center, and not available in the General Directorate of Residency Affairs, which handles the expatriates, especially those from Asian countries.

Some of the deportees were able to re-enter the country again by changing their names and issuing new passports for them, which was discovered during the procedures for obtaining residence during their fingerprinting in the forensic evidence, despite entering the country without being detected because they have not been fingerprinted before being deported.The General Directorate of Investigation of Residency Affairs was using a fingerprint which uses ink and documented on paper and not electronic fingerprint with expatriates expelled over the past years.-A.T.