Curb on human trafficking--websites instructed not to place domestic workers “for sale”.



Director of Domestic Labor Recruitment in PAM said they keep a tab on suspicious websites and PAM even contacted some websites to instruct them not to place domestic workers “for sale”.The owners of the websites that have commercial advertisements on selling domestic workers were summoned and made to sign pledges to remove such advertisements and never post them again. PAM coordinates with Ministry of Interior and General Department of Cybercrimes in order to set in place a mechanism for arresting those who post advertisements of this kind, adding that a number of people responsible for such advertisements on social media have been referred to the General Department for Criminal Investigations.

The General Department for Criminal Investigations, in coordination with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, exerts huge efforts to improve the image of Kuwait in terms of human rights and confronting human trafficking.Ministry of Interior said 150 expatriates, most of them Asians, were arrested after confirming they had formed gangs for trafficking domestic maids into the country during the period from January to August 2019 and all members of the gangs have been deported and their names have been placed in the blacklist to prevent their entry into Kuwait in the future, adding that the domestic workers who were sheltered by the gangs have also been deported because they violated the laws when they agreed to abscond.

The concerned authorities managed to arrest 1,800 individuals for their involvement in human trafficking over a period of three years. In 2018, 420 people were arrested for manipulating the domestic labor law, 520 were arrested in 2017 and 860 in 2016. All these individuals were deported.-A.T.