Rare surgery, first of its kind in the Middle East performed in Adan hospital



Head of Orthopedic Surgery Department at Adan Hospital Dr Meshal Al-Hadhoud successfully performed a rare surgery through a new innovation, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East, on a woman who broke her foot.In a press release, Dr Al-Hadhoud disclosed that the surgery involved stabilizing a tarsal bone using a precision stick to avert the complications witnessed in the conventional method, which resulted in opening the huge sore before putting slices and corns. He said diabetic patients are the major beneficiaries of this method, adding that the patient can walk 48 hours after the surgery.

Dr Al-Hadhoud affirmed that this method is different from the conventional method whereby patients require six weeks of rehabilitation before they can walk, because of the gypsum on the foot. He praised Kuwait for the achievements of its citizens, stressing that the government sponsors the education of its citizens abroad, and the citizens must replicate this with good deeds.-A.T.