Displaying price list in a prominent place is a must for private healthcare institutions



The prices for medical services in private healthcare institutions are approved by the Department of Health Licenses, and may not be increased until after one year from the date of the issuance of the list, and that if any change in the price the institutions must apply for amendment, provided that the new price do not apply until after the former periods ends.The prices of counseling and other medical services in the private sector, although they differ from one institution to another, should be specific to what is contained in the list of approved prices provided by each party to the Health Licensing Department, stressing that noncompliance is a punishable offense.

Each private health institution is obliged to provide a list of prices of services to the licensing department for approval before operation, and there are specialized inspection committees to follow-up, and any complaints in this regard are investigated and ascertain their application, and once confirmed, the necessary legal action is taken.Each party is obliged to put the price list in a prominent place, so that the visitors can see and if he/ she wishes to do so, and if a person sees any violation a complaint can be filed with the Licensing Department.-A.T.